Top 10 Cute But Strong Pokemon

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21 Phione Phione

Child/Parent of the Prince of the sea.

22 Espeon Espeon

It's my favorite and strong and cute and everyones favorite

Fave eeveelution! It is ADORABLE!

Espeon is pink, how comes shes so powerful? I mean, espeon is like, with umbreon

23 Herdier

Again with the dogs

24 Victini Victini

Its very cute! Its also a Legendary

It's just so happy looking!

25 Stoutland Stoutland
26 Gyrados

So CUTE AND FLUFFY! He may not be very strong, but his cuteness makes up for it! Don't those rough and deadly teeth make you gasp with love and admiration? Those rough scales? DRAGON RAGE MAKES ME "AWW"

I love the beautiful cute little menacing spikes on their back

27 Growlithe Growlithe

I saw someone's comment and I agree, Growlithe is quite cute

28 Pancham Pancham

He knows stone edge dark pulse arm thrust comfort and bad invuants evolution and stronger than Pikachu

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29 Pachirisu Pachirisu

Did you guys see the 2014 Pokemon World Championships? Sejun Park destroyed the competition using Pachirisu. While maybe not the strongest, Pachirisu is super adorable, and can be a great support in Double Battles, making it incredibly helpful.

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30 Totodile Totodile

The cutest crocodile you will ever cross if you want a cute crocodile stick with totodile but if you want a beast Pokemon let him evolve

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31 Lillipup Lillipup

TTEE (Means So Cute)

32 Diglett Diglett

When 100 of these are put together this pokemon is as strong as many legendary pokemon

33 Clefairy Clefairy

ADORABLE! Look at it's movepool, look at that undeniably cuteness! And to top it off it's pink, isn't that amazing, what's even better is the fact that it evolves form cleffa and into clefable, now that's amazing!

Looka t this cute thing that uses,metronome I love LOVE LOVE metronome

34 Jynx Jynx

how comes?

35 Banette Banette

How is there not a ghost type!? But- it's adorable. It has a sad story to boot- I just wish to hug it and make all it's pain go away.

36 Pichu Pichu V 2 Comments
37 Chimchar Chimchar
38 Meloetta Meloetta V 1 Comment
39 Tornadus Ex

I think tornados is really strong! he might not be as cute as the others but he's one of my favorite pokemon!

Where tf is keldeo?

40 Arceus Arceus Arceus is a legendary Pokémon from the Pókemon series. He first appeared in the 18th Pokémon movie alongside other Legendary Pokémon.

You have to admit that this god of all Pokemon is a pretty cute son of a gun. But his power... OH MAN! It really takes your breath away doesn't it? - aeromaxx777

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