Top Ten Dangan Ronpa Character Designs


The Top Ten

1 Kiibo Kiibo

This is self explanatory

I love Kiibo

He's got the best character personality too

Kiibo is pure adorableness

2 Kyoko Kirigiri Kyoko Kirigiri

Purple - OrangeRin

Purple is the best color and Kyoko is the best girl - BestGrillIbuki

The purple paradise. - BZZZZZZZ

I think she's the prettiest DR1 girl - MLPFan

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3 Kokichi Ouma Kokichi Ouma

He is adorable and creepy at the same time!

He looks cool and I say this cause the purple - BestGrillIbuki

His design can deceive players. He's tiny, wears all white and seems cheerful a lot of times. But that checker board themed scarf and straight jacket are epic, and those too symbolize a lof ot what his character is: cunning and easy to become paranoid (due to trust issues)
His color scheme and hair are also fantastic.

I can't tell if it's a boy or a girl, but it's adorable! - TwilightKitsune

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4 Chiaki Nanami Chiaki Nanami
5 Gundham Tanaka Gundham Tanaka

His relation ship and personality is cool but his look is just... just too good. His hamsters are cute and he is interesting character.

The four dark devas make everything better

He looks like he belongs in Jojo's Bizarre Adventure...And I ' love it! - OPZoroark

There's nothing else to say except that he looks awesome. Even though I find his hair a bit silly. - BZZZZZZZ

6 Shuichi Saihara Shuichi Saihara

Best boyo ever.

He looks super cool. Like someone in a Persona type game.

7 Ibuki Mioda Ibuki Mioda

Her character design is just amazing! It's just so interesting and cool!

One of her free time events was about her looks and it was cool to see why she looks so great - BestGrillIbuki

I prefer her design in the SDR2 game - MLPFan

To be honest, I prefer her design from DR3 anime than her original SDR2 design. - BZZZZZZZ

8 Junko Enoshima Junko Enoshima

Such a complicated character, and on top of that she created the killing game

9 Celestia Ludenberg Celestia Ludenberg Celestia Ludenberg (セレスティア・ルーデンベルク Seresutia Rūdenberuku), also known as Celeste, is a student in Hope's Peak Academy's Class 78th, and a participant of the Killing School Life featured in Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc. Her title is the Ultimate Gambler.

Iconic she for sure has the best style in trigger happy havoc
her amazing poofy skirt making her look regal which is well her dream to be royalty but also her hair having her have twin drills was genius again showing her to have a certain regalness and her accents of red make her look even better

Lolita fashion is cool. Gothic lolita is cooler - BestGrillIbuki

She's prim and proper with an edge, enough said.

10 Ishimaru Kiyotaka Ishimaru Kiyotaka

This design is very much welcome in a school environment. - BZZZZZZZ

Dang it someone made the joke before me - sonicrosebeam

The Contenders

11 Korekiyo Shinguji Korekiyo Shinguji

That mask is cool - BestGrillIbuki

Like Saionji, great design but awful character. - BZZZZZZZ

12 Byakuya Togami Byakuya Togami
13 Miu Iruma Miu Iruma

Very detailed love the art

Her design literally gives you a brief glance into some of her character. Her “provocative” tendencies, obnoxious use of language, and question of sanity.

14 Angie Yonaga Angie Yonaga

Best girl! I would kill Korekiyo for killing her

She's so adorable and she should've survived. Her design is one of my favorites in all of dangan ronpa.

I love her design its adorable <3 tenko and angie didn't deserve to die! it was so unfair! poor himiko.. :(

15 Nagito Komaeda Nagito Komaeda Nagito Komaeda (狛枝 凪斗 Komaeda Nagito), is a student of Hope's Peak Academy's Class 77-B, and a participant of the Killing School Trip featured in Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair. His title is Ultimate Lucky Student.
16 Nekomaru Nidai Nekomaru Nidai
17 Rantaro Amami Rantaro Amami

Why is he so low-

Hot - BestGrillIbuki

I added this because it was missing so... (I call him Rattatouille and I'm hoping for more funny names for him, like I found avocado.

18 Himiko Yumeno Himiko Yumeno
19 Monokuma Monokuma

Yeah, Monokuma's like the mascot of Danganronpa

20 Jataro Kemuri Jataro Kemuri

Learherface called, he wants his mask back - xandermartin98

21 Hiyoko Saionji Hiyoko Saionji

As much as I hate this brat, I must admit that her design is very nice. - BZZZZZZZ

22 Seiko Kimura Seiko Kimura

Reminds me of Tim Burton. - BZZZZZZZ

23 Koichi Kizakura Koichi Kizakura
24 Maki Harukawa Maki Harukawa

She looks a bit like Kamiki Izumo from Blue Exorcist for some reason. Maybe because of the hair cut and how they both have red eyes? If Maki were to have polkabrows, I wouldn't hesitate to call her as 'Izumo's twin' - MLPFan

25 Peko Pekoyama Peko Pekoyama
26 Kazuichi Soda Kazuichi Soda
27 Mukuro Ikusaba Mukuro Ikusaba
28 Izuru Kamukura
29 Kaito Momota Kaito Momota

He would be hot if he shaved the goatee - BestGrillIbuki

30 Yasuhiro Hagakure Yasuhiro Hagakure
31 Fujasiki
32 Akane Owari
33 Sonia Nevermind Sonia Nevermind
34 Fujisaki Chihiro


35 Kaede Akamatsu Kaede Akamatsu

I love her design you can tell that she is a pianist

Hot - BestGrillIbuki

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