Dirtiest Hockey Players

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1 Sean Avery Sean Avery

He frikin kills every flipping hockey player every single game he ever played, espesialy against the Penguins, AND ESPESIALY MARIO LEMIEUX!

God I hate Sean Avery. Why can't he just leave Martin Brodeur alone?! What did he ever do to you, Sean Avery? LEAVE HIM ALONE!

I wish Sean Avery wasn't allowed to play hockey.
He is a true jerk. - Ajkloth

Guys a douche bag loser

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2 Claude Lemieux

He's the worst player ever

3 Tie Domi
4 Todd Bertuzzi

The hit on Dominic Moore's brother is unforgivable... Also, why isn't Scott Stevens on here?

Don't even consider him a player.
He's a criminal and should be in prison.
Do you believe this douche bag had the balls to cry about how hard life was for him after he violently attacked Moore?! Humanity feels really bad for you.

One of the few dirty players I hate along with Chris simon - PinkLemonade

Never considered him dirty.

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5 Sidney Crosby Sidney Crosby Sidney Patrick Crosby, ONS is a Canadian professional ice hockey player who serves as captain of the Pittsburgh Penguins of the National Hockey League.

No stats to back up being a dirty player because of special treatment by the NHL. He definitely deserves to be high on this list, with the bad behavior more prevalent when is team is getting blown out.

I don't understand Crosby being on this list. Haven't seen him going after people. Hating him doesn't make him a dirty player.

Why is Crosby here

He is a stupid little punk. He is the king of slashing yet cries when he gets touched. He is a dirty player he is just a stupid idiot. I would swear but that's not allowed on the toptens. She is just a stupid little 💩

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6 Mike Ribeiro
7 Milan Lucic

He is an all around jerk!

Cheapshot goons typical spoilers

Everybody sees him as the next cam neely, but he can't even carry neely's hockey bag. As a habs fan I respected Neely because he was a hard hitter, but a clean hockey player. Lucic is a an embarrasment to the bruins orginization. Picks his fights, cheap shots, besides the fact that he's playing with their top center. Overrated and dirty!

His girlfriend mcdiver is a bitch

8 Brian Marchment

Has anyone ever watched his highlight reels on YouTube? He is the cheapest player on this list. How is Rebiero on here? Makes no sense at all to me!

9 Wayne Simmonds

A top notch thug who fits in well with the dirtiest team in the NHL. He sells tickets because the ignorant philly fan base hungers for this garbage. No question that he is the dirtiest in the league with obvious intent to injure the real athletes.

How did your 2016 season end Wayne? Flushed it down the toilet, didn't you? That's too bad. Oh well, there's always next year. In the mean time, sit back, relax and watch the clean, athletic playoff teams. Funny how that worked out, huh?

Hey Wayne, why not just sit in the stands and throw beer bottles at the players you can't out play?

Blah blah blah... He sucks, flyers suck, philly fans suck.

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10 Darcy Tucker


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11 Marty Mcsorley
12 Dale Hunter

The fact he's not in the top 3 tells you how horrible this list really is.

13 Sergei Kostitsyn
14 Chris Simon

So many suspensions... The NHL just gave up on him. He has to play in the russian KHL - VADERtheIMPALER

15 Scott Stevens

People hail him as a hard hitter, but look carefully and you'll see that many of his victims never saw him coming. Where I come from that's a cheap shot, cowards hit when your not looking. Dirty cheap shot artist. Period.

Nothing but elbows to heads. That hit he put on Lindros would've gotten 25-50 games suspension today. Dirties player of all time and people actually act like he believe he belongs in the hall of fame. Bs.

Hits to the head. That's dirty. Period.

100% agree

16 Derek Boogaard
17 Scott Hartnell

A hole deluxe

18 Craig Berube
19 David Williams
20 Bob Probert
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