Top Ten Disney Fan Theories

You know, lots of people have theories about things from certain Disney movies or characters from Disney movies. Here, we list can theories that may or may not be true in Disney movies.

The Top Ten Disney Fan Theories

1 Cri-Kee (Mulan) was once a human

I know that this may sound ridiculous, but I believe that Cri-Kee was once a human for many reasons (no matter if it's a cartoon of not).

He has four limbs like humans, unlike normal crickets, which have six legs. He also has human-like eyes as opposed to insect eyes, and even a human-like mouth rather than an actual cricket mouth. He has been seen standing on his back legs like a human, which crickets aren't known for. He also seems to know what humans do such as bathing, rowing, etc, which has led me to believe that Cri-Kee was a normal person, but was cursed by an evil sorcerer/sorceress and turned him into a cricket. - DinoLover4242

2 Belle (Beauty and the Beast) and Jane (Tarzan) are related

I've seen lots of fan theories that suggests this is true, and I believe it could be accurate. - DinoLover4242

3 Gaston (Beauty and the Beast) shot down Bambi's mom (Bambi) Gaston is a fictional character who appears in Walt Disney Pictures' 30th animated feature film Beauty and the Beast.

This may sound sad, but it could be true since lots of people have speculated that Gaston shot down Bambi's mother, due to a deer resembling Bambi's mother, which may as well have been Bambi's mother, being shown in the beginning of Beauty and the Beast. - DinoLover4242

4 Bing Bong (Inside Out) works for Monsters Inc

This sounds weird, but Bing Bong looks like he could have come straight from the Monster World, despite not looking like a monster. Some fans pointed out that Bing Bong may have worked for Monsters Inc. - DinoLover4242

This is an understandable theory. - soulard

5 The fly (The Emperor's New Groove) was once a human

This sounds dark in my point of view, yet it may be true, since the fly was able to speak in proper English, leading people to believe that the fly was once one of Kuzco's (The worst Disney character in my opinion) guards, and Kuzco may have punished the guard for his action of some sort by turning him into a fly, which results him later being eaten by a spider in the jungle sequence. - DinoLover4242

6 Hercules (Hercules) and Ariel (The Little Mermaid) are related

Of all the proposed Disney family trees, this one has some of the strongest canonical evidence. One is the royal daughter of the King of the Sea, and one is the superpowered child of the Greek god of all gods. The Little Mermaid and Hercules are two movies separated by eight years in our time, and likely a few hundred at least in-universe time. This theory, popularized by YouTube's Film Theorists, claims that despite the big time difference, the mermaid who found her sea legs and the mortal hero who reclaimed his godhood are related. - DinoLover4242

Ariel is the daughter of triton.
Triton is the son of Neptune.
Neptune is the brother of Zeus.
Zeus is the father of Hercules.

Ariel and Hercules are 2nd cousins. - ReturnOfScorpio

7 Captain Hook (Peter Pan) hunted down Ariel's (The Little Mermaid) mother Captain James Hook is a fictional character, the antagonist of J. M. Barrie's play Peter Pan; or, the Boy Who Wouldn't Grow Up and its various adaptations, in which he is Peter Pan's archenemy.

The question of Ariel's mother has been a hot topic for years, partly because of the sheer number of sisters she has, and partly because of the fan-favorite idea that the manipulative sea witch, Ursula, could be King Triton's bitter ex-lover. The most likely answer is that Ariel's mom passed on, but if this is the case, then how? This theorist has an idea. The Little Mermaid is thought to take place near Denmark because of the nationality of the original fairy tale's author, Hans Christian Andersen, and the country is home a world-famous statue of the character. Peter Pan famously features mermaids that are extremely close in design to those in The Little Mermaid, including one with a green tail and red hair. Disney's Jake and the Neverland Pirates revealed her name to be Queen Coralie, but because of the clear family resemblance to Ariel, the theorist believes her real identity is Ariel's mother, Athena. Either way, King Triton and Queen Coralie? You can see why they'd be a match. ...more - DinoLover4242

8 Chip (Beauty and the Beast) is the Beast's (Beauty and the Beast) son

Just how old was the Prince when he was cursed? Why did only some of the enchanted objects in the castle have faces? And what's the deal with Chip? Chip, the little cracked teacup, is the youngest cursed member of the Beast's household and the apparent son of Mrs. Potts (and sibling to scores of unnamed other teacups, but that's a head-scratcher for another time.) It doesn't really matter to the story who Chip's absent father is... or does it? The film tells us that the Beast must find true love by the age of 21 to break the spell, a spell that Lumiere confirms has lasted for 10 years before Belle showed up. Due to his appearance in the backstory, fans reckon the Prince must have been 11 years-old when he was cursed (explaining why he was so bratty) but the portrait discovered by Belle shows a handsome ADULT. Cracked's Amanda Mannen has a scandalous explanation: the Enchantress was the Prince's mistress who bore his child and was sworn to secrecy. The scorned lover cursed him and his ...more - DinoLover4242

9 Wheezy (Toy Story 2) was secretly a villain

Wheezy the penguin, who Woody saves at the beginning of the movie, seems like a sweet guy, but is he really? According to one theory, Wheezy, forgotten on a shelf, probably became jealous watching Andy play with Woody, Buzz, and the gang all the time. So when it came time for the yard sale, Wheezy wasn't even trying to save himself, and knew Woody would attempt to rescue him, possibly getting sold in the process — which is exactly what happened. With Woody out of the picture, Wheezy would have a better chance of getting attention from Andy. Plus, remember how Wheezy didn't say anything when Woody fell off of Buster the dog? He did nothing to save his "friend" after his friend saved him. - DinoLover4242

Daang I never thought about it XD. - AwesomeJawson

10 Elsa and Anna (Frozen) are Rapunzel's (Tangled) cousins

This one's hard to argue with. Rapunzel and Eugene are clearly seen arriving at Elsa's coronation, and considering they don't live in Arendelle — Tangled is set in Germany — they must be on the VIP invite list. There are also a few family similarities. Both Rapunzel and Elsa are blonde, and both have powers that look pretty but are kind of weird. (Glowing magic hair? Snowmaker hands?) That would explain why the King was such a jerk about Elsa's powers — if his niece was kidnapped for her magic hair, it would make sense he'd want to conceal his own daughter's powers. In other words, maybe he's not the worst after all. - DinoLover4242

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11 Simba and Nala (The Lion King) are related

By real life lions, they are related. Mufasa is the father of every cub - UnofficialBlaine

12 Elsa, Anna and King Agnarr, Queen Iduna, Tarzan, Jane and Ariel are all related
13 Emily, Jessie’s former owner is Andy’s mom from Toy Story
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