Best Disney Movies of the 20th Century


The Top Ten

1 The Lion King

This list is innacurate,the lion king is he only good movie in this list - Nateawesomeness

That's not true, there's other good movies here too. One example is Bambi - PeeledBanana

This list is innacurate for 2 reasons,1,the lion king is the only good movie in this list from Disney,2.toy story doesn't count as Disney since its Pixar [and yes I like toy story] - Nateawesomeness

2 The Aristocats
3 The Fox and the Hound
4 Mary Poppins
5 Flight of the Navigator
6 Oliver & Company
7 The Little Mermaid
8 101 Dalmatians (1961)
9 Bambi
10 The Jungle Book

The Contenders

11 Beauty and the Beast
12 The Hunchback of Notre Dame
13 The Rescuers
14 Aladdin
15 Mulan
16 Lady and the Tramp
17 Dumbo
18 Toy Story
19 Hocus Pocus
20 Pocahontas
21 Toy Story 2
22 Peter Pan
23 Hercules


24 The Parent Trap
25 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
26 The Mighty Ducks
27 A Bug's Life

Not 20th century

28 Sleeping Beauty
29 Fantasia
30 Gordy
31 Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey
32 Pinocchio
33 The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh
34 Robin Hood
35 The Great Mouse Detective
36 The Sword In the Stone
37 The Rescuers Down Under
38 Cinderella
39 Tarzan
40 Fun and Fancy Free
41 Old Yeller
42 The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad
43 The Three Caballeros
44 Flubber
45 The Love Bug
46 Herbie Rides Again
47 Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo
48 Herbie Goes Bananas
49 Cool Runnings
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1. Toy Story 2
2. The Lion King
3. The Fox and the Hound
1. Toy Story
2. The Lion King
3. Aladdin
1. The Aristocats
2. The Rescuers
3. Oliver & Company

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