Top 10 Disney Movies That Dealt With Tough Issues


The Top Ten

1 Coco (Mortality and memory)
2 Mary Poppins Returns (Grieving and moving on)
3 Inside Out (Mental health)
4 Finding Dory (Mental disabilities)
5 Toy Story 2 (Abandonment and watching those you love grow up)

Wasn’t that toy story 3?

6 Zootopia (Stereotyping and racism)
7 Toy Story (Moving on)
8 Cars 2 (Alternative Fuel)
9 Wall-E (Consumerism)
10 Up (Mourning and letting go)
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1. Coco (Mortality and memory)
2. Mary Poppins Returns (Grieving and moving on)
3. Zootopia (Stereotyping and racism)
1. Inside Out (Mental health)
2. Coco (Mortality and memory)
3. Finding Dory (Mental disabilities)


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