Top 10 Disney Reprise Songs


The Top Ten

1 Mother Knows Best (Reprise) - Tangled
2 Prince Ali (Reprise) - Aladdin
3 Part of Your World (Reprise) - The Little Mermaid
4 For the First Time in Forever (Reprise) - Frozen
5 When You Wish Upon a Star (Reprise) - Pinocchio
6 When I See an Elephant Fly (Reprise) - Dumbo
7 A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes (Reprise) - Cinderella
8 The Bare Necessities (Reprise) - The Jungle Book
9 Bella Notte (Reprise) - Lady and the Tramp
10 When Will My Life Begin (Reprise) - Tangled

The Contenders

11 Ev'rybody Wants to Be a Cat (Reprise) - The Aristocats

I wanna be a cat

12 Circle of Life (Reprise) - The Lion King
13 Beauty and the Beast (Reprise) - Beauty and the Beast

How is this not higher? I mean come on beauty and the beast is one of the most beautiful Disney songs. Beauty and the beast is by far the most beautiful Disney movie there is. It has the most beautiful ending when this choir starts playing. When belle and adam dance to when it fades out into the people glass window. This song is perfect for a perfect ending to a perfect movie

14 Why Should I Worry? (Reprise) - Oliver & Company
15 Love Is a Song (Reprise) - Bambi
16 Tomorrow Is Another Day (Reprise) - The Rescuers

Love this song

17 Someday My Prince Will Come (Reprise) - Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
18 You Can Fly! (Reprise) - Peter Pan
19 Once Upon a Dream (Reprise) - Sleeping Beauty
20 A Whole New World (Reprise) - Aladdin
21 The Bells of Notre Dame (Reprise) - The Hunchback of Notre Dame
22 Two Worlds (Reprise) - Tarzan
23 Great Spirits (Reprise) - Brother Bear
24 Little Patch of Heaven (Reprise) - Home On the Range
25 Friends On the Other Side (Reprise) - The Princess and the Frog
26 Down In New Orleans (Reprise) - The Princess and the Frog
27 Barking at the Moon (Reprise) - Bolt
28 Rescue Aid Society Reprise

Love how Bianca got Bernard to regain his faith in the society.

29 Once Upon a Time in New York City (End Title Reprise) - Oliver & Company
30 Goodbye May Seem Forever (End Title Reprise) - The Fox and the Hound
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1. Mother Knows Best (Reprise) - Tangled
2. Prince Ali (Reprise) - Aladdin
3. Part of Your World (Reprise) - The Little Mermaid


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