Things to Do with a Happy Meal Toy

The Top Ten

1 Boil them

I will tell you the results in a blog sometime when I get the chance to do this. - moose4life19

I am seriously honestly going to do this - moose4life19

it would be an experiment - moose4life19

2 Blow them up
3 Snipe them

Time to go Call of Duty Style!

4 Take apart and then smash them
5 Freeze them in liquid nitrogen an then drop them
6 Put them in the guillotine
7 Tie them to a rock, throw them in the water, and come back tomorrow
8 Play baseball with them
9 Put them in the microwave for 20 minutes

lets just see how they turn out - moose4life19

You guys are cruel - Officialpen

10 Bury them and come back tommorow

I'm really going 2 do this!

see if the worms got them - moose4life19

The Contenders

11 Play with Them

Come on! That's what you're supposed to do, and sometimes it's really fun! I have a collection of action figures from McDonald's, Burger King, and toys I've bought! - bubbles1111

12 Beat them with a crowbar
13 Throw it against a brick wall

I have an all-brick house and I hit my toy against the wall because it was so ugly. Afterward I threw it in the creek behind my house. It made sound too! Lol

14 Flush it down the toilet
15 Bring it to school
16 Burn Them

Especially if they are Teen Titans Go! ones.

17 Scribble all over them
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