Top Ten Dragon Elements

Basically, elemental powers that would be cool to be seen on a dragon. To avoid having a really short list, there's more than the base four "elements".

The Top Ten

1 Ice

I would be able to turn my orange juice into a popsicle. - KKwing

Relatable. Anyway, because it is, by a small stretch, related, are you a Wings of Fire fan? Your name and profile pic... - Cyri

Me. Just imagine being able to freeze things if you want just by breathing. - Cyri

I love ice. I love dragons. Just look at my profile picture. - MaxAurelius

Thoughts change over time, pal, especially illusional ones. I hated Jeff less now and I was illusional before about the "cured of autism" thing..- Kevinsidis

2 Earth

Stone scales. Need I say more? - Cyri

Definitely my pick - darthvadern

3 Fire

Your average one, or even more! - Cyri

4 Lightning/Electricity
5 Water

Even the fish aren't safe now. - Cyri

6 Darkness

Again, if they can't see you... - Cyri

7 Cloud/Mist

(Insert shameless self-promotion here) If your prey or enemies can't see you... - Cyri

8 Wind

Blow air with the force of hurricanes (sorry for the timing) - Cyri

9 Death

Almost immortal. - Cyri

10 Light

Blind them momentarily. It'll be a good tactic for hunting and combat. - Cyri

The Contenders

11 Chaos

Added for a reason. *Looks around nervously* - Cyri

12 Poison

Fun with toxins! - Cyri

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