Most Dramatic Ways For Fictional Characters To Die

It’s sad when fictional characters die, but it adds drama to the story...sometimes. Of course, how it’s done affects everything, and different situations call for different occurrences. Which tactic is the most dramatic overall, though?

The Top Ten Most Dramatic Ways For Fictional Characters To Die

1 Self-Sacrificed to Save Someone Or Promote the Cause

Those are always sad! In my opinion, anyway...

Has the added effect of plot development and may not be in vain. - romanempire249

2 Killed By Protagonist

Would make a great twist ending though if things were reversed; the protagonist was killed by the antagonist. The bad one actually wins for once. Just a thought... - Britgirl

Adds guilt for the protagonist, especially if it wasn’t even an accident. - romanempire249

3 Killed By The Protagonist’s Ally

Same as for the protagonist, but for a different character - redirected guilt is still guilt. If it’s on purpose, then the protagonist has some relationships to reconsider... - romanempire249

4 Killed By Main Antagonist

My dragon persona's brother... - Cyri

Anger, motivation - it’s important. If the hero’s going to risk death to take down this bad guy, then why? - romanempire249

5 Suicide

Even good characters can make bad choices like this. Especially sad because it implies more negative emotions before the event. Also easily relatable to some due to it unfortunately being far too commonly done and thought in real life. - romanempire249

6 Killed by Side Antagonist

One of my characters had the one person they loved killed in front of them in an arena. The arena belonging to the corrupt human king. - Cyri

Like a miniature version of the one about the main antagonist. - romanempire249

7 Disease

Painful and horrifying at times, diseases will torture characters a whole lot. - romanempire249

8 Killed By Wild Animals

When you want the character killed on the quest but in a less eventful way...but it’s still a method. - romanempire249

9 Killed By Neutral Character

It could give the protagonist a hatred of murderers or something...Like, stronger than normal. - romanempire249

10 Accident

Simple “Oops, tripped over this thing” or something... - romanempire249

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