Top 10 DTG Printing Machines for Your Print Business

With the advancement of technology and need of detailed prints on t-shirts, the print industry has moved from the traditional screen printing and embroidery to more digital direct to garment printing.
Here are the 10 of the best DTG printing machines best suited for your print business:

The Top Ten

1 M&R M-Link-X

Price: $74,999

Although expensive, it produces phenomenal quality of image on t-shirt with a print area of 16 x 20 inch. It prints whites in 30-45 seconds and blacks in less than minute. It delivers industry’s lowest cost per print with ink-saving print modes and bulk ink supply. - sidwilkins

2 The Brother GT-782

Price: $60,000

It comes with dual platens, which means you can print two t-shirts side by side. This is an updated version from the GT-541, however unlike GT-541 it prints both CMYK and white ink. This is a very popular model in the printing industry. Known for its speed and durability the machine is a perfect fit for small t-shirt printing production businesses. - sidwilkins

3 Kornit Breeze

Price: $65,000

Kornit Breeze is designed for small to medium sized commercial digital t shirt printing businesses. It produces high quality image faster than most of its competitors. For fast production it provides one-pass white and CMYK printing. Businesses can print on multiple types of fabric and on both light and dark colored garments. It is primaril - sidwilkins

4 Brother GT-381

Price: $24,999

Brother GT-381 comes with great features and has a good reputation the printing industry. It comes with platens that can be used to print specific kind of shoes too. The print area is 16 x 18. It comes with 4 CMYK print heads and 4 white print heads. It is designed to increase print speed and durability. - sidwilkins

5 Col-Desi DTG M2

Price: $19,995

The model is well known for its ability to print two t-shirts side by side at a time. This makes the printing process faster, at the same time producing high quality images on the t-shirt. This is also helpful when you are printing two shirts of different size but with same design. The printing can easily scale up and down to accommodate various t-shirt sizes. - sidwilkins

6 Brother GT-541

Price: $19,995

Brother GT-541 is a popular DTG printer known for its durability. You are likely to find many positive review, some even saying that it is a tank. However, the only drawback it has is the fact that it only prints CMYK. Which means, you will not be able to print on dark tshirts with GT-541. That being said, it produces high quality prints on a printable surface of 35 x 40 cm. The printing operation is also as easy as using a desktop printer. - sidwilkins

7 Epson F2000

Price: $19,995

Epson currently has only one DTG printer, which is call the SureColor SC-F2000. The quality is amazing and now it can accommodate 25mm thick t-shirts too. However, it’s worth noting that the Epson UltraChrome DG ink is a bit on the expensive side. It offer optional print upto 16 x 20 inch with large platen. It comes with an easy-to-use garment creator software and is Oeko-Tex certified. That being said the maintenance of the printer is also on the expensive side. It is the perfect machine to be put on a as kiosk as it offer simple and efficient printing process. - sidwilkins

8 Anajet FP-125

Price: ~ $16,000

Now owned by RICOH It is one of the oldest DTG printers. This is the perfect printer to start with. They say it is an Epson based printer and basically it’s a transformation of Inkjet Epson R1800 printer and made to print on apparel. Hence, the printer is great for running small runs but not suitable if you print more than 100 shirts a day. The ink used are Dupont ink. If you are planning to start and t-shirt design company on a budget, this is the right printer for you - sidwilkins

9 The Anajet Sprint

Price: ~ $16,000

Based on the Epson R1900 ink jet printer, it produces high quality images efficiently faster. Much like its older version, it uses Dupont ink which much durable than its competitors. The max print area is around 12.5 x 16 and can print nearly 10-20 white t-shirts every hour and around 5-10 dark t-shirts per hour. It prints both white and CMYK ink - sidwilkins

10 Anajet Mp5i

Price: ~ $15,000

Today, it is one of the most common and compact printer. Since its merger with RICOH, it has had numerous upgrades. It prints faster than its competitors and not only does it print CMYK ink but also white ink for the convenience. Its maximum print area is 14 x 18 inches and weight just around 180 lbs. - sidwilkins

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