Top Ten Dumb Arguments Supporting the Animal Acts Circus


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1 They treat the animals with respect

Open your eyes, and look at reality. The reality is, they are abused. But the circus owners will lie to you, hoping you are stupid. Are you stupid? I hope not. - ToptenPizza

How do you respectfully hit elephants with whips? People these days...

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2 Animals shouldn't have rights

Why? Just. Why? The question of should we give animals rights is not can they understand, can they reason, but can they suffer? In which case they can. - ToptenPizza

3 Kids love animals

Well the kids could go to a sanctuary, or something like that. I'm sure no kids would want to go to the circus to see bears perform if they knew they were being abused. - ToptenPizza

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4 People would loose their jobs

No, it would help people get jobs. Have human acts replace the animal acts. We have so much unemployment but we kidnap animals then abuse them. Where's the logic in that? - ToptenPizza

5 Animals like performing

I doubt it. Tigers, elephants, bears, etc were meant to be free. Not trapped in a cage being beaten and forced to perform. It's like the gladiator battles at Rome, and slavery black people faced. Saying animals like performing is like saying "black people liked being slaves! " Go to slavery times and ask a slave if they like this, they will laugh in your face. - ToptenPizza

6 It's fun for the whole family!

Yeah, fun for everyone except the animals being abused and hurt and starved, and the families that died because tigers ate them. - ToptenPizza

Not only do you provide zero proof of your allegations, but your argument here (and elsewhere) is incoherent.Also, you don't spell very well.

7 The animals live better lives in the circus than the wild V 1 Comment
8 It's no different than owning a pet

(Sarcastic) of course, since you beat the $h! + out of your dog and put it in chains and cages for hours and drug your dog, and you also starve your dog and force it to perform for d! P$h! +$ who are blind to reality. Nope, you take care of your dog and care to his needs, and in return he shows you love. Pretty different to the circus, right? - ToptenPizza

9 People work, why not animals?

Why should animals have to help our society? Wolves don't help mockingbirds, because they are two different species and they shouldn't associate. Also, when people work, they get paid, and your boss doesn't chain you, put you in a cage and travel constantly, drug you, starve you, keep you 24/7, beat you, torture you, and sell you to other people when you retire.

Also, here is a pro-cap argument, I'd like someone help me understand what it is saying, "There are tens of documents that animals can not be used if they are abused." - ToptenPizza

10 Only in cases where the animal is abused should it not be allowed

So, we should get rid of all marine parks for starving animals (let's start with sea world! ), get rid of zoos for failing to provide good space, every circus for beating animals, everything! - ToptenPizza

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