Dumbest Things Electric Universers Believe

Where I learned about this theory and got these listings from: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T9q-v4lBGuw
The Top Ten
1 Gravity doesn't exist.

(only some Electric Universers believe this though) - scienceLover10

2 Our model of gravity is flawed.
3 Craters on the moon are formed by lightning bolts.
4 Stars and planets aren't formed by gravity, they're formed by an electromagnetic force.
5 Galaxies are an electric phenomenon, and all stars in a galaxy are electrically connected to one another.
6 Electromagnetism plays a part in pulling objects to Earth, not just gravity.
7 The huge canyon on Mars was caused by an interplanetary lightning bolt.
8 Stars aren't powered by fusion.
9 There is no evidence for the Big Bang.
10 Venus used to be a comet.
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