Dumbest Things To Say In A Text Message

The Top Ten Dumbest Things To Say In A Text Message

1 Someone asks you what sucks and you say vacuums


2 Someone tells you you're being an idiot and you say, "I'm not an idiot, you're an idiot."
3 You confess you're a criminal

Seriously? You know if you confess this then you'll be in jail FOREVER.

4 Eminems are better than skittles

It's dumb because they're not better - ParasN2000

5 You went to the Linkin Park

I’ve been there (Lincoln Park),that is. - MrCoolC

6 You're getting messages from low battery
7 Someone says you have no brain and you say, "Where's my brain?!!"

Learn how to take a joke.

8 Someone jinxes you and says you owe them a soda and you say, "But we don't have any sodas at home."
9 You ask your friend if you can borrow their car and they say yes, then after 2 days, you say you didn't see their car.
10 Hey chick-sugar, are you the Milky Way? 'cos I think you're my gal...

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11 Someone tells you to watch your language and you say, "How can I watch language?"
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