Top Ten Dumbest Ways to Die


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221 Attack a turkey in pain
222 Dying from the radiation from a TV
223 Falling in a trash can and getting crushed in the garbage truck

That would be funny!

224 Death by a Partas V 2 Comments
225 Killing Yourself by Failing Flappy Bird

Sounds like something that I'd do.

That game is hard...

226 Dancing in piranha filled water

That is wot the guy does in the game

Quite literally a Dumb Way To Die

227 Drinking gas while sing the campfire song at camp
228 Jokingly telling airport security that you have a bomb

Who would tell anyone that, and airport security is at it's highest now!

229 Eating food after starvation but getting food poisoning
230 Becoming a beekeeper and dying of a allergic reaction
231 Constipation
232 Trying to fly after jumping off the tallest building in the world with no wings or material V 1 Comment
233 Shooting yourself in the head

That's plain stupid and dumb. I mean, COME ON.

Aka suicide, which they do in the movies.

Someone did this cause of ideas and survived.Suprisingly the bullet took the ideas away

234 Trying to steal a tank from a military base, armed only with a dart gun.

Not a tranquilizer fast gun, a ' Nerf gun

That's plain old dumb.

This can work if done correctly.

... You could use the tank to attack them...

235 Looking in a mirror and dying of shock
236 Dying of thirst next to a fresh water waterfall
237 Eating staples

Come people that's just retarted if anyone would think about eating staples

238 Running into a cactus

Actually, I've stuck my hand on a cactus when I was 5 and it didn't do anything except sting for a bit. Unless you ran for about a mile then ran into it, it would give you some pain, not kill you.

Watch a video named "cactus body slam" by Children of Poseidon. It's painful.

239 Jump into a pool with no water and cracking your skull in half V 1 Comment
240 Smoking at a gas station and getting blown up

One reason people need to stop smoking

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