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61 Tripping over a rice grain

That is so stumped how can u die from that

LOL. This needs to be higher. This is so funny!

Boy:La la la la la.
*trips on a grain of rice*
Boy: *falling off a cliff* AAHH! *lands on the ground in 15 mph and dies*

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62 You turn up the music so loud on your MP3 player that your head explodes

I wish this would happen to the kids at my school, damn them...

I love music, and I always turn my headphones full volume, so... - Pony

Mother of mp3 killer...


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63 Chuck Norris poking your balls

I disagree with the guy who said this is funny. It is gross.

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64 Eat some big rocks then explode while trying to poop them

Honestly this happened to Chelsea price

What a stupid world we live in... Science Teacher: don't EAT ROCKS KIDS!

Teacher: Let's learn about rocks! Just... don't eat them!

Stupid kid: Why?

Teacher: Would you like to demonstrate what happens when you eat rocks?

SK: Okay!

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65 Playing My Little Pony too Much

I hate My Little Pony. This needs to be under Listening to Justin Bieber for too Long!

Try to play smile. Exe it will give you die

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66 Feed a wild snake a taco V 2 Comments
67 Take your helmet off in outer space

Use your clothes dryer as a hiding place

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68 Getting beat up by your imaginary friends

That is just... Wow

No way. has this happend to you too?

No... just no


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69 Swallowing too much helium

Helium inhalation can kill you, it's density is less than that of air and it can replace the oxygen in your lungs. Once that happens nervous system shuts down and you go to sleep. Forever. Times infinity.

I'm glad I never did helium because back then I didn't know it was a drug and when I found out I was happy I never swallowed any from a helium balloon. - booklover1

It isn't a drug

At least you can say your last words in a squeaky voice. Totaly worth it if you got it on tape.

70 Suffocation by too many farts

Almost happened to me once. Me and my brother had the door closed and we faarted all night. I did the worst. I layed off a deadman 10, A LEVEL 10 DEADMAN! That's RARE FROM ME. IT SMELLS 2x WORSE THAN A SKUNK SPRAY TO THE NOSE! I ALMOST DIED UNTIL MORNING! Then we opened the door, and I couldn't smell at all. Also almost just happened to me. I FARTED 20 FREKIN TIMES. I ALMOST PASSED OUT AND DIED!

That's what happens to me every day. My brother has the worst farts ever!

This is a idiotic way to die and WHO TH HELL chokes on farts?

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71 Drowning in poop

Not as dumb as it seems. Say you have to clean a septic tank and the hose leaks. You trip and fall, get a concussion, and subsequently drown in rushing sewage.

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72 Having a vending machine fall on you

Just imagine it: The Doritos gets stuck against the glass. You're furious because you just decided to quit that idet. So you kick the bottom of the vending machine. A groan and then it falls down on you: and you're dead. This happens and then right after the bag of chips comes out. Turns out this kills 13 people a year.

True fact: Since 1978, at least 37 people have died as a result of shaking vending machines to try to get free stuff.

Source - Book of Useless Information

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73 Eating yourself

Yep. That's pretty dumb. How would you eat your own mouth and stomach?

Does it make you twice as big or disappear completely?

But I taste yummy

The human body tastes good... I eat myself sometimes irl

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74 Reading too many Harry Potter books and then trying to use a magic spell to fly

Magic isn't real people so don't believe everything the books say.

Have tried it. Have tried it SO many times. Sadly, to no avail.

I like Harry Potter books but just no please just no

So many Idiots...

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75 Trip on your shoe laces into oncoming traffic

Ok I came here for information NOT some dumb stuff and I mean some of this stuff can happen but really come on

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76 Trying To Lift An 800lb man
77 Attacked by chickens

HAHAA, LAUGH OUT LOUD 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😃😃😃😃😃😃😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😅😅😅😅😅😅 - 05yusuf09

78 Smoking 10 packs of cigars at once
79 Take a selfie with a gun

LOL Then shoot yourself and take the photo at the same time. What do you get? A bloody picture! LOL

Would make a great selfie though.

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80 I wonder, what does this red button do?

Hmm, this red button is totally out of place and not daunting at all... Let's do this!

Means you blow the earth up (self-destruct)

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