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61 Having a vending machine fall on you

Just imagine it: The Doritos gets stuck against the glass. You're furious because you just decided to quit that idet. So you kick the bottom of the vending machine. A groan and then it falls down on you: and you're dead. This happens and then right after the bag of chips comes out. Turns out this kills 13 people a year.

True fact: Since 1978, at least 37 people have died as a result of shaking vending machines to try to get free stuff.

Source - Book of Useless Information

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62 Choking on air

I can totally do this let me try and have my friend post it on YouTube

I have actually done this before, as well as spit and juice.

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63 Reading too many Harry Potter books and then trying to use a magic spell to fly

Magic isn't real people so don't believe everything the books say.

Have tried it. Have tried it SO many times. Sadly, to no avail.

I like Harry Potter books but just no please just no

So many Idiots...

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64 Trip on your shoe laces into oncoming traffic

Ok I came here for information NOT some dumb stuff and I mean some of this stuff can happen but really come on

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65 Forgetting How to Breathe V 1 Comment
66 Smoking 10 packs of cigars at once
67 Take a selfie with a gun

LOL Then shoot yourself and take the photo at the same time. What do you get? A bloody picture! LOL

Would make a great selfie though.

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68 I wonder, what does this red button do?

Hmm, this red button is totally out of place and not daunting at all... Let's do this!

Means you blow the earth up (self-destruct)

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69 Killed by a Train Right After Watching Dumb Ways to Die

Just.. Just, no... Why world, Why?

I like trains.

70 Burying yourself in the ground and waiting to die
71 Kissing a shark

You can definitely kiss a shark come on people

You can't kiss a shark what! I'm confused here?

Sharks don't have lips...wait, do they?

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72 Getting kicked in a groin multiple times

That is pretty damn funny to watch though

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73 Doing the Harlem Shake

It's very possible to die from the Harlem Shake. Totally... Laugh out loud

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74 Being a white guy and going into a black gang's turf

My gosh this is so racist in so many ways!

People are so mean these days! Disgusting

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75 Your teacher gives you ten tons of homework, and your brain explodes

Sadly, these days this could happen at nay moment!

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76 Blow up a zombies lair

The zombies would zurvive and eat your brainz

77 Drowning in your own pee V 1 Comment
78 Suffocation by Boobs and Butt

That would feel great



79 Sticking a vacuum down your throat and turning it on

Ain't this bout a bitch!

80 Use your private parts as piranha bait

Everything on here is about dumb ways to die

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