Top Ten Dumbest Ways to Die


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121 Making a happy tree friends reference

I don't even wanna think about it...

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122 Eat superglue

I wonder what this red button do?

V 1 Comment
123 Run into a wall full speed V 2 Comments
124 Attacking a hippo V 1 Comment
125 Snuffing a line of ants while trying to be Ozzy Osbourne on New Year's Eve
126 Killed by a Cartoon Dinosaur

How can that cartoon dinosaur kill me if he's not real?

What if there's a suit for the Dino? And some one just killed you in it

Especially Tina Rex from Gumball. - 05yusuf09

127 Getting sucked down when you flush your toilet

That actually happened to an old lady on an airplane. It sucked out half of her large intestine.

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128 Choking on dog hair
129 Farting in a wrestler's face

Listening to to many toilet puns

130 Not farting for a long time

Seriously you will explode if you do this

131 Celebrating Earth Day by holding your breath all day

Laughed so much when I saw this. Obviously dumb.

132 Using a sword as a toothpick

Lol. Using a sword as a toothpick would definitely get you killed! Using a toothpick as a sword would not kill anybody at all!

What about using a toothpick as a sword?

Who would do this and how would you get the sword by robbing a castle or somthing?!

133 Drinking lava because you think it is soup

Wonder if it's possible that people drink lava?

The lava will just burn everything.

134 Suffocation by Boobs and Butt V 2 Comments
135 Pressing the red button

If always wanted to be that one dumb person in a movie that pushes the red button.

I wonder, whats this red button do?

Does nobody watch movies? - Oliveleaf

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136 When your parents say, "Nuke your food", you get a nuke and blow it up

That is just the dumbest way to die yet. -Maker of this title.

Where would you get the nuke?

They mean, "put your food in the damn microwave"

This is sooo dumb it's funny.

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137 Rob a mafia poker game
138 Dying from Common Core math

Because Common Core is the dumbest thing ever made.

I agree it's not taught good..

so true

139 Tripping over your own feet

If done that many times before. You won't die... (You'll just get extremely embarrassed)

140 Eating fire

This is physically possible and it probably wont kill or seriously damage your skin

Is this even possible?!

That woud be bad

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