Top 10 Dumbest Ways to Get Hurt


The Top Ten

1 Put your hand in a boiling pot of water
2 Fall off your bike on purpose
3 Cut yourself on purpose
4 Fall on a flat surface
5 Purposely piss off a dog or cat

Don't piss me off! - Pug

6 Jump off a big rock
7 Eat a poisonous berry
8 Get into a slap fight with a girl

More specific... the drunken, messed up Lindsay Lohan - Turkeyasylum

9 Playing mercy with a friend
10 Do the splits

Let me do my motto : Sticks and stones won't break my bones, but doing the splits probably will. - funnyuser

The Contenders

11 Put your head in the wall
12 Jump off a skyscraper
13 Step on a lego.

Sorry if you did this by accident. You'll be missed. :'( (Unless you're the Terminator, then you survived. :D)

14 Jump into a swimming pool of lava.

How the heck is a pool filled with lava? Wouldn't it melt?

15 Fall in a rabbit hole.

We know Alice lived, but how safe could Wonderland be, exactly? Hmm...

16 Fall in a meat grinder

It's pretty obvious why this is dumb...

17 Eat a Carolina Reaper

The world's hottest pepper! Watch Rhett and Link eat them on YouTube. I was scared they were gonna die! D:

18 Stab your own rear end with a fork
19 Consume a gallon of ice cream

This is not as good of a thing to do as it sounds. You'll get sick.

20 Stand on a grill
21 Do a cartwheel on a tightrope
22 Trip on a banana peel
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