Top Ten Best Earthbound Characters

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1 Ness

Ness is a courageous boy who is always prepared for the biggest challenges. He is always willing to save the world from any danger, despite knowing that some of his enemies are way more powerful than he is!

Was there any doubt?

FitNESS is best Ness - IceFoxPlayz

2 Kumatora

Is very cool, but I wish she got more development.

My favourite character


The best

3 Masked Man

So evil that you can tell he good guy and cool :D

4 Puala

It's Paula and she is my favorite character because she's similar to Princess Peach, and I love Princess Peach.

5 Giygas

I vote only the strong and the able. That's Anon.

Downright terrifying

So evil he's cool

6 Jeff

He might not possess psychic powers like Ness, Paula or Poo, but with the right equipment and strong weapons such as the Heavy Bazooka and the multi-bottle rockets, he can become one of your best playable characters!

God Reincarnated

7 Ninten

Ninten was a great character. Despite his age, he fought many enemies while everyone in his family was hiding in their home. He even chose to fight a losing battle against his adoptive granduncle, Giygas, who was a million times more powerful than he was.

8 Lucas

Lucas for the win. His personality is unique, and he needs more love.

He's my favourite. I love how his personality grows up. From the emotional boy to brave, determined and strong-willed.

He's definitely better than Ness but I don't know about the original game series.

He's my favroite

9 Poo

Possibly the best character in the mother series. He knows the best PSI move, and he learned the best teleport move first.

10 Ana
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11 Mr. Saturn

Everything he says should be placed in the bible.

From piggy land

Why is the messiah so down on the list :(

12 Porky Minch
13 Lloyd
14 Claus

Definitely the most unique character. I want to repaint a lucas amiibo too look like claus!

He's also cool :D

15 Alle

She is the little white-haired girl in Mother 3 and she is cuute.

16 Flint

Flint Eastwood - xandermartin98

17 Duster

I just like the inclusiveness Duster shows, even cripples can be heroes!

18 Boney

Boney is an incredibly smart animal.
It might be a dog, but it has the mind of a human!

Best dog in the Mother series. Ness’s pet dog, King, is still cool though.

19 Everdred
20 Queen Mary
21 Dr. Andonuts (Halloween Hack)
22 Flying Man
23 Apple Kid (Earthbound)

Apple Kid is the best, who else could help with oddly pencil shaped rocks?

24 The Hippie
25 Teddy

never mind

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