Top Ten Best Earthbound Characters


The Top Ten

1 Ness Ness

Was there any doubt?

2 Kumatora

My favourite character

3 Masked Man

So evil that you can tell he good guy and cool :D

4 Puala

It's Paula and she is my favorite character because she's similar to Princess Peach, and I love Princess Peach.

5 Giygas Giygas

I vote only the strong and the able. That's Anon.

Downright terrifying

So evil he's cool

6 Jeff
7 Ninten

Ninten was a great character. Despite his age, he fought many enemies while everyone in his family was hiding in their home. He even chose to fight a losing battle against his adoptive granduncle, Giygas, who was a million times more powerful than he was.

8 Lucas

He's definitely better than Ness but I don't know about the original game series.

He's my favroite

He's just cool :D

9 Flint

Flint Eastwood - xandermartin98

10 Everdred

The Contenders

11 Porky Minch
12 Claus

Definitely the most unique character. I want to repaint a lucas amiibo too look like claus!

He's also cool :D

13 Alle

She is the little white-haired girl in Mother 3 and she is cuute.

14 Mr. Saturn

Why is the messiah so down on the list :(

15 Ana
16 Duster
17 Boney

Best dog in the Mother series. Ness’s pet dog, King, is still cool though.

18 The Hippie
19 Teddy
20 Lloyd
21 Flying Man
22 Queen Mary
23 Salsa
24 Travis
25 Poo
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