Top Ten Easiest Logos To Draw

The Top Ten Easiest Logos To Draw

1 McDonald's

Well to define easy we would have to ask the creator of the word. He died in 1359, his name was Callum de Francis. Thankfully he did explain its meaning saying " Easy...easy...well if I were to simply draw something...say an M, that would be easy." Therefor I bit for the big M - --ChadBlake--

Vote for the big M* - --ChadBlake--


I love eating a McDonald’s

2 Nike

It’s pretty much draw a line and you’re done. You don’t even need to colour the background. - 3DG20

3 Target Target Corporation is the second-largest discount store retailer in the United States, behind Walmart, and a component of the S&P 500 Index.
4 Pepsi
5 Domino's Pizza Domino’s Pizza, Inc. is an American pizza restaurant chain founded in 1960. The corporation is headquartered at the Domino's Farms Office Park in Ann Arbor, Michigan. In February 2018, the chain became the largest pizza seller worldwide and in the United States based upon global retail sales.
6 Chicago Bears The Chicago Bears are a professional American football team in Chicago, Illinois. The Bears compete in the National Football League as a member club of the league's National Football Conference North division.
7 Apple Apple Inc. is an American multinational technology company headquartered in Cupertino, California, that designs, develops, and sells consumer electronics, computer software, and online services.
8 Marvel Marvel Comics is the common name and primary imprint of Marvel Worldwide Inc., formerly Marvel Publishing, Inc.

You literally just put the word MARVEL with a rectangle around it. Pretty easy :P

9 Instagram
10 Mercedes

Just draw a peace sign but without the middle line on the bottom. - HoldenFanatic

The Contenders

11 YouTube YouTube is a global video-sharing website headquartered in San Bruno, California, United States. The service was created by three former PayPal employees in February 2005. In November 2006, it was bought by Google for US$1.65 billion.
12 Chicago Blackhawks The Chicago Blackhawks are a professional ice hockey team based in Chicago, Illinois. They are members of the Central Division of the Western Conference of the National Hockey League. They have won six Stanley Cup championships since their founding in 1926.

I just crawled it! - --ChadBlake--

13 Queen Queen are an English rock band formed in 1970. Members were Freddie Mercury (Vocals and Piano), Brian May (Guitar, Vocals), Roger Taylor (Drums, Vocals), and John Deacon (Bass Guitar, Vocals). Before forming into Queen, Brian May and Roger Taylor had played together in a band named Smile. Freddie Mercury more.

It may be hard by the way it looks, but If you crawl it, it should be easier.

so easy

14 Facebook Facebook is a corporation and an online social networking service headquartered in Menlo Park, California, in the United States.
15 Chevrolet Chevrolet, colloquially referred to as Chevy and formally the Chevrolet Division of General Motors Company, is an American automobile division of the American manufacturer General Motors.
16 Burger King Burger King (BK) is an American global chain of hamburger fast food restaurants. Headquartered in the unincorporated area of Miami-Dade County, Florida, the company was founded in 1953 as InstaBurger King, a Jacksonville, Florida-based restaurant chain. After Insta-Burger King ran into financial difficulties more.
17 Chuck E Cheese’s

I have the loudest brithday in 2019

18 Disney The Walt Disney Company, commonly known as Disney, is an American diversified multinational mass media and entertainment conglomerate headquartered at the Walt Disney Studios in Burbank, California.
19 Disney’s Hercules
20 It (2017)
21 Rugrats Rugrats is an American animated television series created by Arlene Klasky, Gábor Csupó and Paul Germain for Nickelodeon.
22 Caesars Palace Las Vegas
23 The Mirage
24 Macy’s
25 Disneyland
26 Walt Disney Pictures
27 Walt Disney World
28 Pampers
29 Las Vegas Las Vegas, officially the City of Las Vegas and often known simply as Vegas, is the 28th-most populated city in the United States, the most populated city in the state of Nevada, and the county seat of Clark County.
30 Six Flags
31 NBC
32 CBS
33 ABC
34 Toon Disney
35 Atari Atari is a corporate and brand name owned by several entities since its inception in 1972, currently by Atari Interactive, a subsidiary of the French publisher Atari, SA.
36 Circle K
37 Total Television Productions
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