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1 1+1=2

We (my partner and I) think this question should be number one because in Preschool, what you learn is based off of the number 1. You start with 1+1 and advance to greater numbers from there. 1+1 is basically the building block of numbers, equations, and essentialy the understanding of everything that HAS surrounded us, IS surrounding us, and WILL surround us for eons to come. In conclusion, 1+1 (we feel) should number 2, but number one.

I think this is the easiest question because my niece can do and she is only 2 and if she can do anyone can do it for sure. If someone can't then they must be completely stupid.

I think this is the easiest question of all time because my cousin is hardly two and she can say the answer in a instant

guys its 3

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2 0+0=0

Laugh out loud this is the easiest of them all I wish all math was this easy!

I'm in college and there was a math problem that had times 0 in it and I wondered how they could make it any easier.

It's so easy because you're adding nothing to nothing to get nothing! NOTHING could be simpler! Laugh out loud

This is easier than 1+1

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3 What is 1? 1

It's so easy, all of the other ones are hard compared to it.

This isn't an easy thing to prove. A lot of maths can actually lead you to the (wrong) conclusion that 1 doesn't equal 1. This is silly.

A better statement would be 1 = 1. The problem is already solved for you. You don't even have to think about how easy 2 + 2 is to get 4. The same applies to all other reflexive property statements, 21,497,521,397 = 21,497,521,397 for instance.

This is the only actual problem on here.

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4 1+2=3

These are the easiest math problems ever

My grandma can do it and shes dead

Du stupid this is hard crap you


5 1=1

It is the easiest question because is asks if one thing is the same as the same thing. It is correct though which only rishi would get wrong

That's the most trivial thing, no proof possible, even no axiom needed.. - Flav

I bet that Babies will know this too so that's why I think it is an easiest question in math

No proof is need for this question. Easiest question in the world.

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6 0-0=0

0 is simple for a toddler; even younger!

You piece of bull crap you

If my baby cousin can do it and she ia not even one then think again


7 1+0=1

Well you don't add anything to the 1

Cause it's so simple but 0-0 would be easier

Its pretty self explanatory

Easy! You don't need to think. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

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8 9-9=0

Crappy you this is very hard for three-year-olds

9 1+3=4

Hey you don't no your maths bro 1+3=21 so you just got schooled fool next time check your maths dum head


10 2+2=4

All of these are very easy, but this is the classic "If you don't know this, you must be REALLY dumb" equation.

This should be #1, because it's the first thing a lot of people think of when they want an example of an easy math problem.

Dude I ask all my friends what is 2+2 because it is so easy


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11 4-3=1
12 1+1+1=3

UM... A kindergartener should be able to do this

Why is this a list?

Easy for me but not for kinder gardeners and 1st graders

Crap you this is very hard

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13 100+100=200

That is true

Pretty much 1+1.

14 How many fingers do you have ?

Not everybody has ten fingers but I do

This is without doubt the easiest!

This is one of the easiest. - Minecraftcrazy530


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15 5+5=10

Bruh this is so easy it's for babies who haven't even been born yet

16 a^2+b^2=c^2

This is unsolvable because you don't know what the variables mean. Even though that's probably not what you're getting at.

I've learned this. It is definitely not the easiest material but it's understandable.

This is too complicated.

This is just pythagoras' theorum. Easy. - IronSabbathPriest

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17 H(x)=(x^2)+1 and K(x)=-(x^2)+4. If K(H)=0, what are the roots/solutions?

Make it understandable for lower primary kids.

X = 2 and x = 0 not that hard

Solutions are x = 2 and x = 0. Not too difficult.

Very easy

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18 k(a+b) = k*a + k*b

That should be very hard to people up to 17 but I think whoever can't do this aged 19-35 are very dumb so If u don't know then GET A LIFE

19 What is 9 Squared?

If you are reading this you are stupid

This problem is like 1+1!

9 to the second power


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20 x^0=1 V 2 Comments
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