10 Elaborate Ways to Get Rid of or Annoy Your Neighbour

Not recommend for those who are labelled as "neighbour's"

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1 Build a replica of their house in the middle of an nuclear test site with a road leading to it

Works if your neighbour IS an complete idiot for not reading the warning sign - Ptikobj

2 Put a fake ticket of a trip to Hawaii on their mailbox
3 Train their dog to blow up their house

Rest in Pieces Doo-Doo Dog... - Ptikobj

4 Hack a satellite and use it to create chaos on the neighborhood and blame the incident on them
5 Hide your phone under their sofa with their most hated song playing continuously
6 Dress up as an cop and arrest them under the absurd pretext "Being gay"
7 Record their annoying laugh on loop and play it on max in the neighborhood
8 Plant a mannequin's head under the lawnmower and report it to the police

LOL that’s just hilarious!
“This is the police, come out with your hands out! ”
Neighbor: “but I have done nothing wrong! ”
“You were reported with having a human head under your lawn mower! ”
Neighbor: “uh oh...”
It would be even more elaborate if you dye the area around the head red with food coloring😂

9 Perform an ISIS abduction prank on them

If they retaliate, just say "it's just a prank bro" - Ptikobj

10 Send in an army of termites to eat their house

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11 Act like Steve Urkel
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