Top Ten Embarrassing Things That Can Happen While Giving a Public Speech

The Top Ten

Your smartphone rings loudly

Yeah and you forgot your ringtone was quite um... strange!

And your ringtone is Anaconda.

Imagine I that happens

Someone comes and pulls down your pants while you're engaged in speaking on a hot topic

Then this would rather become a comedy show

Dang that would be tough to live down

That person might get arrested

You accidentally say some expletives out of habit and carelessness

Like "what the...". Something like that.

A rat passes by and you scream and jump out of fear

If I saw somewhan scream about a mouse, I will laugh so hard, I will die laugh out loud

Especially if it’s a high pitched girl scream

You get off topic and start talking about your childhood, your neighbours and their nasty pets

Hi! I'm future president lovefrombadlands. If you elect me, I will quit. When I was 8, people gave me food on the bus. Did you hear what my neighbor's pet wolf did? It made me go off topic in my speech 5 days ago! I never go off topic!

After giving a speech for just 3 minutes, you fall down out of exhaustion
You faint after seeing a huge crowd in front of you

Well good luck living that down

You pee your pants
Your microphone stops working and then you shout at the top your voice and still no one is able to hear you

This would be especially embarrassing if, while your microphone is off and you shout the rest of the speech and then your microphone starts working again...

Especially if you were singing.

Just like Forest Gump...

Coreforce the little devil in...SPEECH SILLIES!

*begins in election hall. backstage, Coreforce, the little devil and other people prepare for the school election speech*

me: "ohh, I'm so nervous! What am I going to say, hmmm how about this, hello, I am Coreforce and th-'

Presenter: and now for the next student, COREFORCE! "

Crowd, *cheers*

Me: ok, here goes...*enters stage*

Friend: "hey, I know him! He put a mouse trap on my seat yesterday! That little devil...I'm gonna get him back! "

*friend proceeds to slip out of the crowd and sneak into backstage, he takes off the wire attached to the power socket connected to the microphone aand...*

Me: "hello everyone, my name is Corefo- *microphone turns off* whaaa, what happened? "

Crowd: *slight whispering* "what's going on? " "That's strange" "that must be embarrassing! "

Me: *in head* hm, I need these people to ...more

You finish your speech and then see the public sleeping

The Contenders

Someone in the crowd stands up and criticizes your speech

This happened to someone I knew. I was there. It was somewhat awkward.

You poop your pants

Oh my lanta - Gehenna

You fart

Everyone laughs

Your voice cracks
You burp
You vomit
The public leaves you alone
You forget what you were about to say
You trip while walking up to the podium
You drop the microphone and it makes a loud screeching sound

And the crowd goes “AGH”

You get an erection

No one would notice since you're behind the podium.

No one has to know though.

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