Top Ten Episodes That Would Be Created If TheTopTens Was a Television Show


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181 TheTopTens Marching Band

Imagine it being like Band Geeks that would be super awesome cool - Lunala

Oooh! Primal Groudon floatie for me! - aarond9010

182 TheTopTens/Drake and Josh Crossover

Drake and Josh, is one of my favorite nick shows. I hope I get a role in this. - nintendofan126

183 TheTopTens: Amazing Race

Here are the teams:
SevenLizards and EpicJake
Britgirl and Keyson
PatrickStar and Garythesnail
PositronWildhawk and Kiterersunu
Nintendofan126 and Danteem
Turkeyasylum and OhioStateBuckeyes
Angelofdarkness and AnonymousChick
BigBrotherSucks and TotalDramaSucks
Puga and CardboardBox
Letdot52 and username34
Andre56 and SammMinajj
SelfDestruct and JackieEvanchoSucks - Turkeyasylum

Good. Also, note that I like the character of Pat up until the 4th season, in pre-movie and the movie he was great. - Garythesnail

184 Caillou Doesn't Like

Before he leaves, we'll kill him! - JaysTop10List

That whiny brat wouldn't even last a minute on here! - RiverClanRocks

My chainsaw would be in my hands at all times - QuarterGuysApprentice

I would send caillou to hell - Lunala

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185 Get Along

One day, while Britgirl and Keyson is sitting at the bench at the park, Briboy comes up and apologizes for trying to traumatize their relationship. Britgirl accepts it but however not Keyson. It's up to Britgirl to make Birtboy and Keyson get along together - JaysTop10List

186 Britgirl Goes To Taco Bell

I think this is based on the Gravity Falls fan story, Dipper Goes To Taco Bell. Never read it. - Garythesnail

Why would we want a 20 minute episode of a user having diarrhea - simpsondude

This idea is actually so dumb - PatrickStar

Oh god why. Based off "Dipper goes to taco bell". Never read it unless you want to be disturbed. I hate my curiousity. - Lunala

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187 North Park

This could be a South Park parody of TheTopTens. It would be considered TheTopTens, but South Park at the same time. - Turkeyasylum

Even though I've never watched it I love south park and this is a really cool idea

188 The Art Of War

This would be the final battle between Puga and SevenLizards. The battle ends in a draw. - Turkeyasylum

189 Justin Bieber's Account

As long as they delete it.

190 TheTopTens: No Lies Account
191 Nintendofan126 Prank Calls Microsoft

After seeing a commercial, of Microsoft insulting Nintendo. Nintendofan126, decides to prank call Microsoft. - nintendofan126

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192 How I Got Pooped On
193 Truth Or Lair?
194 Shuffleboarding: TheTopTens Style!

I don't want it like the SpongeBob episode with the same name. - FasterThanSonic

Hopefully whoever adds JB to every list gets arrested. (jb sucks but still) - Lunala

195 TheTopTens: Christmas In Puerto Rico

Why would anyone want to talk about personal things? I for sure don't want to talk about mine. - Wolftail

196 The List
197 The Angel
198 Complainers
199 LoboMaloso The Killer

Um Jeff the Killer. - cosmo

Is this a parody of Jeff the killer? - nintendofan126

200 New Romance

Lovely idea! Battle of the Couples " which duo can make the best Duet List" - Curti2594

Britgirl and Keyson were thought of as the only couple of TheTopTens... until 2 new couples form. - Turkeyasylum

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