Top Ten Episodes That Would Be Created If TheTopTens Was a Television Show

Oh, TheTopTens T.V. , the drama, the romance, the humor... Such a great show. Will it happen? No. but this is just for laughs!

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21 Adopt-A-Dog

My dog is not for sell dreamers. - letdot52

I Think My Dog Would Eat Me. - DapperPickle

Puga's owner puts him up for adoption. Who will he go to? - Turkeyasylum

Puga discovers that this list is full of hate,so she starts a adoption srevice and gives dogs with rabies to the trolls!

22 Slideshow

I like Big Brother, but an episode about forcing other people to like it is going too far. - Minecraftcrazy530

Bigbrotheryestotaldramano and I make a slide show on why big brother is good ans everyone watches it and likes big brother. We brainwash everyone to hate on total drama even TurkeyAsylum after than - SelfisSUCK


A website called, a complete copy of TheTopTens, puts our beloved website out of business and leaves all the users as homeless wrecks. How will we fight back? - Puga

Heck we could say dora yes epic jake no made it to make us all lose are jobs. - samanime

A rip off of the top tens. The users look just like the top tens users, like clones. We aren't enemies but rivals. They think they're site is better. - cosmo

Interesting plot... Would definitely love to make a chapter or two about this story... Probably not. I'll probably just be too much of a chicken and not post it. - Fandom_Lover

We and the admins came to meet the members inrl. We, TopTenners say Freedom! Together. Admin and Finch will say more than us. - kontrahinsunu

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24 TheTopTens: Clue REMAKE
25 TheTopTens in Split

Split into the TopFives and the SixToTens - Hajj

26 TheTopTens/Pretty Little Liars Crossover

A stop stalking Aria, Hannah, Spencer and Emily (the main characters of the show AKA The Liars) and A stars trolling a lot of TopTenners. So The Liars come to TheTopTens to find out who is A - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

No - SirSkeletorThe3rd

27 Puga Eats The TV

He must have some strong teeth in that episode.

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28 A New TopTenner Has Arrived

This would be kind of lame, a new top tenner arrives at least once a week. - Therandom

Sounds like something from smash bros. - aarond9010

This should refer to me! Haha!

A new TopTenner named RandomPerson arrives and is really nice, but everyone is suspicious.

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29 TheTopTens Newspaper
30 Once Upon a Top Tens

It's a crossover with another TV show (Once Upon A Time). It's about Peter Pan that is trying to make all the users trust in him and go to the Neverlands forever. Mary-Margaret, Emma, David, Hook and Regina will try to stop Peter and to find Henry (wich was already gone with Peter) - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

HAHA PERFECT - WonkeyDude98

31 The Wither

Top tens have to survive the wither - Batmaniscole

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32 A New List Takes Over TheTopTens
33 A Not So Merry Christmas
34 A Trip To Idaho
35 Self Destruct Owns Up to How Many Accounts He Has

You know he has more than one how?

36 TheTopTens/The Tomorrow People crossover

The Tomorrow People was meh in my opinion - TwilightKitsune

All the thetoptenners who have less than 25 followers becomes a Tommorow people. A tommorow people is someone from the future that can with their mind
1. Communicate and read each other's thought
2. Move objects without moving our bodies
3. Change place really fast
But it makes problems with the others who aren't a tommorow people, and TheTopTens splits - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

37 Andre57
38 The Most Boring User Ever

I might be the most boring ever - paasadani

This is me. Hands down. - CatCode

Obviously Disney1994

I'm not try a be mean or anything but it's gotta be this guy called MANISHMAHAPRATA because he keeps spamming me and it's getting boring. - AlphaQ

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39 Opposite Bomb

A bomb goes off and releases a gas that makes people the opposite of what they usually are. - Garythesnail

I would be very stupid and messy, while drippy the dog would be very fancy - Curtsies the cat - pupcatdog

So Pickles Become... Gherkins? - DapperPickle

This would be an interesting episode. - Minecraftcrazy530

My opposite personality: rude, loud, judgemental, makeup-obsessed, dumb and bitchy. - Lunala

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40 I'm a TopTenner, get me out of here!

PositronWildhawk in first place, Britgirl in second, Wolftail in third (surprisingly, haha,). I don't know about the rest of them. - Wolftail

Britgirl and positronwildhawk came no where in the real version. - gemcloben

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