Top Ten Episodes That Would Be Created If TheTopTens Was a Television Show


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101 The Walking Tens

I can't believe this has this many votes! I'm GONNA BE FAMOUS! - errrr

A zombie apocalypse comes to the website and a few survivors remain, and they go out to find who did this...LISTS.COM - errrr

102 Remember Remember

The 5th Of November (V For Vendetta Reference) - JPK

103 TheTopTens: The Mole

16 TopTenners would be in The Mole. One of them is a saboteur trying to ruin the group's effort from making any money, without being noticed. Who is the Mole? Is it:
Britgirl, a 23 year old decent human being,
Keyson, a 20 year old professional video game tester,
PositronWildhawk, an 18 year old high school student and future physicist,
Cameo, a 61 year old retiree,
Turkeyasylum, a 13 year old percussionist,
Sillykitty, a 15 year old making people smile,
Garythesnail, a 13 year old SpongeBob fan,
Wolftail, a 13 year old Warriors fan,
SelfDestruct, a 37 year old unemployed person,
MoldySock, a 14 year old person who doesn't wear moldy socks,
BlueDiamondFromNowhere, a 13 year old Pretty Little Liars fan,
Andre56, a 14 year old who is "a actor",
Funnyuser, an 11 year old randomness expert,
HezarioSeth, a 17 year old certified junior snob,
SuperHyperdude, a 13 year old annoying prick,
or OtakuGamergirl, a 13 year old otaku? (Wow, lots of us ...more - Turkeyasylum

Jay12: a 12 year old gamer. - Jay12

BorisRule: A 15 year old farmer
(Not my real age) - BorisRule

Cast : Me, Britgirl, Alexandr, EpicJake, Simpsondude, CoolCat999, SammMinaj ( guest star, short cameo) PatrickStar, Turkeyalysum, Finch, Admin, SelfDestruct, CerealGuy, PositronWildhawk and Kiteretsunu - JaysTop10List

104 Buckeyes, Buckeyes, and More Buckeyes

I like this idea. It should be about me and TurkeyAsylum getting sideline passes to the Ohio State vs Michigan football game. Ohio state is down 35-21 with 2 minutes left in the fourth quarter. We go over to JT Barrett, Ezekiel Elliott, Devin Smith, and Joey Bosa to encourage them to not lose their ground. At 1:53, JT Barrett throws a 65 yard touchdown pass to Devin Smith and they cut the lead to 35-28. At 1:01, Ezekiel Elliott runs 80 yards for a touchdown and ties the game. In the final seconds (0:09) Michigan attempts a 53 yard field goal but it's blocked by Joey Bosa and he pitches it to Michael Bennett and he takes it all the way for a touchdown and he goes all the way for a touchdown. Buckeyes win 41-35! - OhioStateBuckeyes

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105 The Thing, The Thing, And The Thingy

Before you complain about the title, let me explain. SevenLizards begins to break down in the episode because Puga hates him. He them creates 3 fake friends, Thing, Thing, And Thingy (He couldn't think of a new name). He then gets an apology from Puga, and the two become friends. - Turkeyasylum

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106 Hollywood Haven

TheTopTens gets greenlit as a Hollywood movie. This makes the users begin to change. Who will get them back to normal? - Turkeyasylum

I guess some of us will become kind of like what happened to Miley Cyrus well not exactly like that we wont ride naked on a wrecking ball - simpsondude

107 TheTopTens/Regular Show Crossover

I would LOVE to meet Rigby - BorisRule

This idea is quite unique. - Garythesnail

Me and benson would get in a fistfight - QuarterGuysApprentice

You know who else would like this idea? MY MOM/MUM!

If you keep adding Justin Bieber to every list YOU'RE FIRED! - Lunala

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108 Trapped Inside On Christmas: A Comedy
109 Cool Cat V 1 Comment
110 The Pollympics

TheTopTens hold a competition to find the best lists. - Puga

V 1 Comment
111 TheTopTens/Wizards of Waverly Place Crossover V 2 Comments
112 Release The Beasts
113 XXXX

It's not porn, is it?

Pugs makes a porn list.

Xixixi would be of great tape recording for glourious leaader to see it - CerealGuy

It's obviously kisses, guys - Puga

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114 The Strings Of My Heart Are A Tangled Mess

I know the reference! I know it! - Wolftail

I know the reference. - Therandom

Ok... But how the heck is that name fitting? - Garythesnail

Britboy tricks Keyson to kiss Britgirl (A Flagpole) in the winter. Now Keyson's tongue is stuck to a flagpole. Who will save him? Also, side note, anyone get the reference I made in the title? If you do, message me! - Turkeyasylum

115 TheTopTens: Trapped In Iceland

I've always wanted to meet Bjork. However, it might be hard to get there. Their long-named volcano took down air travel across Europe. - ethanmeinster

This would be awesome! Can we go see Of Monsters and Men perform live? :D - Wolftail

I've always wanted to go there

116 TheTopTens in Spanish

TheTopTens in Filipino would be more awesome!

V 2 Comments
117 We Love You

Don't let this have any relation to Barney! - RiverClanRocks

V 1 Comment
118 Gender Bender

Let me guess. All the users of TheTopTens switch their genders, and the boy users become Girls, and all the girl users become boys? Sounds like something a fanbase would do? - nintendofan126

No more periods, have it easier to find decent clothes instead of running into dresses and makeup every 5 seconds, etc. - Lunala

119 TheTopTens War

Somehow, an argument erupts in TheTopTens Community, splitting the town into 3 pieces. - Turkeyasylum

120 The Amazing Adventures of RiverClanRocks

I love that idea! - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

Just a show about my ordinary life. Nothing special. UNTIL THE SEASON 1 FINALE! I read a Warriors book and get transformed into my OC Royalpaw and get to be in the Warriors books but with my own 4 Clans: EmeraldClan, PegaClan, LilyClan, and WaterClan. In the end I turn back to normal but at the end of every season something extraordinary happens that cannot happen in real life. - RiverClanRocks

Wait. I forgot that this was a episode thing. Not a series thing. Sorry! But the Warriors thing would be a season finale special. - RiverClanRocks

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