Top 10 Examples of Bad Parenting in Cartoons & Animated Movies

Some of the worst examples of bad parenting in Cartoons and Animated movies.
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1 Peter Not Taking Stewie to a Hospital After the Latter Suffered a Concussion - Family Guy

Peter knew all long Stewie was completely unconscious and said nothing until much latter after things already got worst, after Meg tells him that she originally wanted to take him to the hospital but Chris refused he's actually proud of Chris, your proud of the fact that your kids knocked out your infant son and not take him to the hospital and instead tried covering it up, and how does he handle the situation by throwing him under the car as Lois runs him over and Lois is no better either she too wants to cover it and hide the wound and then they finally take him to the hospital and is treated its amazing Stewie wasn't die.

2 Elsa's Parents Locking Her Away - Frozen

The only reason Elsa’s parents locked her away is because the trolls told them to. I’m starting to see why this belongs on this list though.

Instead of helping her they decide to just lock her in solitary away from the outside world which did not help at all and only made her more afraid of accidentally hurting someone with her ice powers locking away your daughter away like a caged animal is not the same as helping her and it also sends a really bad message that if someone you know or a family member has a problem you should lock them away instead of trying to help them.

Why are Elsa's parents just locking her away? They just think she is bratty daughter unworthy of their attention.

That was harsh but they did it with love I guess.

3 Helga's Parents Forcing Her to Walk to School in the Rain Alone - Hey Arnold

Helga's parents are pretty horrible and in this flashback from her childhood she tries get their attention but are more focused on Olga playing the piano frustrated Helga leaves and let me remind you she's just a little girl at this time she's out in the rain with no umbrella and gets mud splashed on her by a passing car and has her lunch box stolen by a dog.

Helga parents are so bad. Her mom is drunk, her dad is too bias and her sister, Olga is the golden child. Helga needs too be taken away by a social worker and adopted by a family who cares😢

4 Peter Relentlessly Bullying Meg - Family Guy

There's too many moments to name.

5 Buck Cluck Throwing Chicken Little Under the Bus - Chicken Little

Instead of supporting his son he throws him under the bus by saying it was an acorn that hit him instead of a piece of the sky and then just stands back as the whole town openly berate, and harass him he even completely shuns him, even after Chicken Little finally wins him over by winning the baseball game when Chicken Little claims seeing a UFO Buck once again throws him under the bus.

After all, he doesn’t care anymore.

6 Hank Forcing Bobby to Smoke an Entire Box of Cigarettes - King of the Hill

If your trying to teach kids they shouldn't smoke then forcing theme to smoke an entire box of cigarettes is possibly the stupidest thing you can do after Hank catches Bobby and Joseph trying to light a cigar with the intent to smoke he punishes Bobby by making him smoke until he gets so sick he'll never smoke again which of course backfires and turns Bobby into a smoker later at a meeting everyone is shocked to hear that Bobby is smoker and are disgusted when he tells him that he;s been a smoker ever since Hank let him smoke an entire box which Hank corrects him and says he made him like that makes it any better.

Ok, that IS bad parenting.

7 Lincoln's Parents Forcing Him Out of the House for Being Unlucky - The Loud House

Everyone knows about this moment after barricading the door to Lincoln's room his parent's and sisters force him to sleep outside all because they didn't want to risk it another note earlier in the episode the parents and his sisters go to the movies and leave Lincoln home alone with no supervision and not caring of the possibility of a burglar or intruder breaking into the house and Lincoln would be completely defenseless the worst thing about this is if child protective service found out about this both parents would go to jail and everyone not just Lincoln would end up in foster care and they would probably never be allowed to see their kids again.

8 Goku Forcing Gohan to Fight Cell - Dragon Ball Z

To be honest Goku has shown to be a real horrible dad in the series in this scene he tags himself out with Gohan to fight Cell and the whole time Gohan is being pummeled by Cell all the while Goku not showing any actual concerns for his sons safety as a matter of fact Piccolo is more concerned than Goku is I know in his mind Gohan is a lot more powerful than anyone realizes but at the same time he ignores the obvious Gohan is still a kid a frightened kid who's being forced to fight with a monster who could easily kill him at anytime while his father just stands and watches Piccolo even states this.

9 Spoiled Rich Teaching Diamond Tiara How to Make Fun of Other Kids - My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
10 Sterling Archer Allowing His Son to Drink Alcohol - Archer
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11 Mr. and Mrs. Read Not Disciplining D.W. for Throwing a Tantrum - Arthur

Another reason why I hate this episode aside from D.W. bieng a jerk for the entire episode her parents never once attempt to put a stop to her bad behavior or even ground her the most we get from them is when Mrs. Reed calmly tells her that her bieng rude to everyone has got to stop and D.W. knows she's not going to do anything about it not even when D.W. says she wants to go to the movies and see a movie that she's already seen twice mom's reaction is "You've seen that movie twice" I think what you meant to say Mrs. Reed is "D.W. because you've been bad your not going to the movies for a long time! ", and Mr. Reed isn't any better who just ignores D.W. when she repeatedly slams the doors.

Al least they do in Go To Your Room D.W. and D.w.'s Baby

12 Finn's Dad Abandoning Him in Another Dimension - Adventure Time

Not even on the list?

13 Butters’ Parent Grounding Him for No Reason - South Park
14 Toph Giving Her Daughters Way Too Much Freedom - The Legend of Korra

Because her parents were always too protective and kept her locked away for the outside world she decided to let her two daughters Su and Lin have complete freedom which sounds good on paper but ended up screwing both of their lives since Toph was more concerned with her job and neither Su or Lin have a father figure in their lives they pretty much had to raise themselves and we all saw how well they turned out Su ended up joining up a gang while Lin followed in her mother's footsteps according to Su she wasn't happy how either turned out than again who's fault is that.

15 Doofenschmirtz's Dad Making Him Stand Outside Dressed as a Gnome - Phineas and Ferb

Heinz' parents where terrible! They wouldn't care if he was falling off a cliff!

16 Dora’s Parents Not Caring If She Goes Exploring - Dora the Explorer

Fiction - Dora travelling on her own.
She. is. A. Fictional. Character. Get. It. Into. You're. Head. If. You. Cannot.
Reality - No one would let their kid travel alone, especially at the age of seven.

17 Homer Strangling Bart - The Simpsons
18 Caillou's Parents Spoiling Him - Caillou

Caillou’s parents should’ve modeled proper behavior instead of spoiling him. For example, they should’ve only responded to Caillou if he speaks in a non-whiny voice.

19 Timmy's Parents Basically Ignoring Him and Forgetting He Even Exists in Basically Every Episode - The Fairly Oddparents
20 Zeus Letting Baby Hercules Play with Thunderbolts - Disney's Hercules

Herc was a baby at the time so it's obvious he would put it in his mouth and try to eat it then get electrocuted from it.

21 Heffer's Original Parents Abandoning Him by the Side of a Road in the Middle of Nowhere - Rocko's Modern Life
22 Gumball Mom Leaving Gumball and Making Him Walk Home - The Amazing World of Gumball
23 His Dad Doing Nothing When Caillou Pinched Rosie When She Was a New Born Baby - Caillou
24 Caillou's Parents Not Minding His Temper Tantrums - Caillou
25 Patrick's Fake Parents Forgetting They Don't Have a Son - SpongeBob SquarePants

He may be dumb, but he doesn't even deserve that!

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