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1 Season 12

I use to think that season 9 was the worst, but I think I changed my mind. At least season 9 had some pretty decent jokes, but season 12 is just plain awful.
It started out good, with "finder's keepers" and "vestigial Peter", but a lot of its recent episodes were very bad.

Let me give out a few examples:
Life of Brian: the one where they temporarily kill of Brian. it was just sad and depressing.
Mum's the word: wasn't funny. The ending was just horrible and depressing.
Fist full of Meg: violent and awful. I can't believe they let this one air.
Peter problems: wasn't funny. most of the jokes were just stale and boring
Brian's a Bad Father: Had absolutely no funny moments. the ending with Peter in a wheelchair was just disturbing.
Fresh Heir: Ever wonder when Family Guy will go too far? Well, it happened here. Peter tries to marry Chris. HOW IS THAT A GOOD PLOTLINE?

Well, I think that Season 12 is way, way worse than season 9. it's just awful. please, Seth MacFarlane, stop screwing up Family Guy!

2 Season 10

Here's why

Seahorse Seashell Party: Meg says her family is right and not her at the end. They are the problem, Meg is normal and is the PUNCHING BAG. Poor her!

Screams of Silence; The Story of Brenda Q: this pisses me off so much that Brenda wants to be with Jeff despite he is abusing her.

Stewie Goes For A Drive: (no that bad of a episode but... ) Ryan Reynolds says he's not gay though he was acting gay around Peter.

Amish Guy: Ezikiel is a dickhead.

Cool Hand Peter: (would've been a good episode without this) The retarded police man arrests the gang for nothing.

Livin' On a Prayer: I hate the Christianity-obsessed parents of the scotty fella because they say that the lord will help them live! You need medical care at least some time in your life.

Tom Tucker; The Man and His Dream: James Woods back again! Why didn't they get rid of this dick forever, I was very happy he died in And Then There Were Fewer but when I saw this, I felt like going mental.

Be Careful What You Wish For: Billy has a few good laughs but he's still very annoying.

Burning Down the Bayit: Joe keeps trying to find out who burnt down Mort's pharmacy.

Killer Queen: Charles can't accept he's defeated and tries to kill Chris.

You Can't Do That on Television, Peter: Seems too similar to many other episodes of Peter's wacky antics.

Family Guy Viewer Mail #2: Boring stories unlike the first one which was 10x better.

Internal Affairs: Joe cheats on Bonnie and Bonnie acts like a whore.

3 Season 9

I hated this season because they had the worst characters like Jillian, the minimart guy, and the foreign twins. And the songs were just terrible

Seahorse seashell party sounds more like a name for Spongebob episode.

4 Season 13

This is the season where I feel like Family Guy became irrelevant. It was already garbage since around season 6 or 7, but this season is where they just tried to stay with modern times.
After Season 12 went full on edgy and insulting, where they wrote horrendous content one after the other, this season is just that same garbage, but more lame, tired, and boring.

I can't tell when it became borderline unwatchable but this season is just terrible. The jokes fall flat and feel even lazier than usual.

As bad as 12 was at the very least it was more memorable. Season 13 was desperate and forgettable

5 Season 17

This season is just plain awful. It relies on poor "relatable" humor, bad pop culture references, and the characters don't even feel real anymore. They break the 4th wall so much to the point it feels incomplete. There were a few decent episodes in the beginning like when Stewie and Brian turn small, but pretty much all the late season episodes are either mediocre, or just downright terrible. Do you guys remember when this show was actually good about 10 years ago.

By far the worst season of family guy yet. The jokes are poorly executed and the entire show has forgotten its quality of making fun of all groups equally as it now panders towards leftists

6 Season 1

Why in the hell is this season in here the modern family guy season 8- the last season, season 1 was always a classic for the griffins and other characters like quagmire, joe, and more

7 Season 11

The last few episodes were kind of boring.

8 Season 7

This was the last of the "good seasons" 1-7 were the overall best seasons. All the other seasons after are okay at best

9 Season 8

It's the worst cause it lacks development and Cleveland left.

This is where the quality started to decline. Probably because Cleveland left

10 Season 16

Season 16 was just horrendous. It was mostly full of annoying parody episodes. I grew increasingly frustrated with the amount of parody episodes to the point where I almost gave up all together. I think this season also had that episode with that annoying Life is a Highway joke that was beaten to the ground. The joke was funny at first, but they just kept going and going with it that it got super annoying.

The first 5 episodes were not very good. They didn't seem very focused. Luckily they got a lot better after episode 6.

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