Top 10 Ways to Rebel Against Your Parents

Disclaimer: If you get into any trouble by doing any of these things, that's entirely your fault for doing said thing in the first place. I am not responsible for any of your actions or what punishments you may receive from your parents.
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1 Get a piercing they won't allow you to have

I'm planning on giving myself snakebites after I come home from my orthodontist appointment on 1/27/2022. My mom uses my braces as an excuse to not let me get snakebites, but I really want them, so I'll just have to do it at home with a thick sewing needle, some numbing gel, and some bioflex labret studs.

2 Dye your hair if they don't let you have any unnatural hair colors

I'm lucky I'm allowed to have dyed hair, but some people have parents that won't let them dye their hair an unnatural color. My hair is pink and black in case you were wondering.

3 Create an account on a website they have no idea about

I did this on TheTopTens and it actually worked for almost two years until 11/30/2021, when my mom unfortunately found out about my account.

I have an account here on TTT and an account on PicMix, yet my mom doesn't know about either one of them.

4 Flip them off

Obviously, I don't recommend doing this, but if you're really angry at your parents, you can just flip them off.

5 Get a haircut they don't want you to have

My grandma really had the nerve to complain about how my hair was covering my left eye a few times. I didn't care what she said about it because my hair still covers my left eye to this day.

6 Give yourself a stick and poke tattoo

When I was fifteen, I got my first professional tattoo on my forearm. Didn't ask or tell my mom. I just came home with it knowing there was nothing she can now do about it. Lol. Honestly, she wasn't as pissed as I thought she would be.

If you can't get a tattoo but you really want one, this is a great option for you.

7 Say "no" when they ask you to do something for them

For example, if they ask you to give them the TV remote because they're too lazy to get it themselves, just say no.

Do it yourself you lazy son of a. Well another way to make them feel bad that they're the reason your depressed.

8 Hang out with people they don't approve of

Why should I stop hanging out with my friends just because I was told to by parents that are always making you angry.

If they won't let you hang out with certain friends, hang out with them anyways.

9 Have different views and opinions on everything

This is the easiest one to do. My parents most days they always do something that makes me want to kill myself or run away from home so just always have different opinions and say your like this because of them.

For example, I think I would look great with a septum piercing, while my grandma says I'd look like a "bull". I really don't care what she thinks because it's my body anyways.

10 Listen to music they don't let you listen to

Again, my family doesn't have any issue with the music I listen to, but some people have strict parents that do have a problem with their children liking certain types of music (especially anything in the rock category).

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11 Say words they don't allow you to say

I once got my computer privileges taken away for a night when I was 7 just for saying a swear word even though my family said it quite a lot. It was totally worth it.

12 Act like you are depressed

This seems like a good idea to make them feel bad that they're the reason your depressed.

13 Sneak out of the house

I've done this a few times, and the way I do this is I put some pillows under a blanket to make it look like I'm sleeping, then I walk out the front door super quietly. If you sneak out correctly and don't get caught, they won't have a blue's clue that you even went out when you weren't supposed to in the first place.

14 Wear clothing they don't allow you to wear

My folks are pretty relaxed about what I can and can't wear, and don't really have any issue with me wearing those super low rise pants of the 2000s. Unfortunately, some people aren't as lucky as I am and have strict, lame parents who like to ruin all of their children's fun by stopping them from expressing themselves.

15 Watch movies they don't let you see
16 Do drugs

No, just don't. Its bad for your body.

17 Drink
18 Stay up past your bedtime

I've done this way too many times to even count. Hell, I once stayed up until 4 a.m. (it was on the day I skipped school back on 1/16/2020).

19 Never pick up your room
20 Ignore them
21 Pluck your eyebrows if they tell you not to

My mom doesn't want me to pluck my eyebrows since she "overplucked" hers in the 90s, but little does she know is that I've been plucking my eyebrows every few days anyways. I love having skinny pencil thin eyebrows.

22 Dress edgy
23 Wear makeup if they won't let you
24 Become emo
25 Listen to music loudly with earphones and ignore them
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