Top Ten Fanfiction Warriors Mary-Sues

The Top Ten

1 Gleamstar (or Stargleam, from Starkit's Prophecy)

I think it's a troll, because no one is actually that horrible at writing. Characters killing themselves because Mary Sue rejected them, love dodecahedrons overhauling the so-called plot, what little plot there is being dropped for the sake of promoting religious beliefs the author shares, spelling and grammar worse than that of My Immortal, the entire world of Warriors and everything that is canon being distorted beyond recognition, AND more out of character than I've ever seen! PPC where are you!?

She even made a sequel called Starkits propechy two: The sequel
go on starkits wiki by fandom to check it out and read it

Well, let's go.

The person doesn't know grammar or spelling. And three cats love her. And, she got asked to be mates with Graystripe and Firestar when she was a apprentice. COME ON! And she never followed Clan rules. For example, cats can't be purple. Or have a star on their head. Or have rainbow eyes. This person must be three years old, and obviously hasn't seen a cat. And just to add on, she has so many strengths. She defeated Blackstar when she was barely a apprentice, and Firestar said she was too 'good' at fighting to learn how to fight off a fox. It was so ' horrible, I skipped many chapters (AKA paragraphs), and something weird happened...

Well let's get started. The grammar is HORRIBLE, and this person has a problem against gays. ( Some people were born gay, some were born bi, some where born pan, some were born straight, some were born a, some were born star, some were born etc! You should not be ashamed of what gender you like. ) Like one of her 'rules' are '11. NO BEING GAY! 1! 1.' or something like that. Plus, her father is JAYFEATHER?! What?! Just. Stop. Medicine cats aren't allowed to have kits. (( Leafpool had to give up being a medicine cat to be a warrior because she DID have kits. So Jayfeather wouldn't be a MEDICINE cat. He would be a WARRIOR.)) Another problem is, Hollyleaf was NEVER evil, she was just misunderstood. Heck, she is on the bad cats AND the good cats list. Too many cats love her! Like what? Some of that cats already have mates. Examples: Firestar,Graystripe,etc! Make up your mind girl. Let's go onto her CHARACTER. Her character is perfect in ever. SINGLE. WAY! She has more STRENGTHS than she ...more

2 Dovepaw (from The Dove and the Mountain)

She lives in a Clan called ChocolateClan with a leader called Smilestar. She lives in a camp with a chocolate pond. candy grass and cotton candy dens. There is a food party pile, and she knows how to do the Tango, with a mouse (that's kind of funny...). In her territory, there are Milky Way tree trunks, M&M leaves and candy trees. Basically, her territory is from candy itself. Dovepaw is called by Smilestar to lead the Clan to the Gathering, and Dovepaw TELEPORTS to hunt. She also levitated her caught prey (that were about twenty), a badger comes out of nowhere and kills her, the badger becomes a Kraken, and Dovepaw faints. Dovepaw meets a Twoleg, gets back to life, leads the Clan to the Gathering.

No much more of the story has been published, but we can be sure Dovepaw must be one of the top positions in the list. She doesn't beat Obsidianwing as Obsidianwing has lovers, while Dovepaw has no lovers.

It sounds to me like a Charlie and the chocolate factory fan fiction.

"Dovepaw has no lovers" Wrong. I'm a lover. I think it's cute and creative.

Is this a troll? Is the whole clan a troll? Please be a troll I'M BEGGING YOU PLEASE!

3 Cleardawn (Cleardawn's Silence)

I hate this character, she killed her OWN MOTHER just because her mother wasn't strong enough to take care of her, like what, whats wrong with her?! Her mom begged for forgiveness and she was like nope I'm just going to murder you.

Yeah, shes PERFECT isn't she? Shes good at everything, shes a total Mary Sue. And speaking of her killing her mom, she didn't even feel sorry for her mom, it was like she liked to be a murderer. Very bad character

I really, really didn't like this book. It's annoying too, because the author HAD writing skills, but she wasted them on a terrible plot and a terrible character. I will review it:
She's the cliche character. Her personality is basically nonexistant. Her family is super cliche: Father who doesn't care about her, dead mother (this part is possibly the only interesting part in the book), nice sister, mean brother. And she had bloody, prophetic dreams. I also hate how she has a mate, but Flamestar also loved her. It annoyed me when he commited suicide when she didn't love him.
Mostly boring. The prophecy was extremely obvious and stupid. I hate this book.


She sucks like the book started out pretty good, but it kept slowly slowly getter badder because of the character. She is a very bad character, the prophecy was SO obvious, it was like something about the clearest dawn, and BOOM you just exposed her warrior name, and she is the most important cat in the whole book, all it focuses on is HER. And by the way she is very mean, selfish and rude imao

4 Obsidianwing (from Obsidianwing's Quest)

This cat is from a not very known story, Obsidianwing's Quest, and almost ties with Gleamstar. Obsidianwing's story starts as Obsidianpaw, and she and Firestar kiss. Jayfeather, Icewing (who is that cat? ) amd Lionblaze also love her. Obsidianwing has a kit, called Tigerpaw, and she kills him because she THOUGHT he was Tigerstar reborn. Poor kit D: She escapes, mates with Blackstar, gets to know Sol (and he changes his name to Sun because he says Spanish is STUPID! THAT'S MY LANGUAGE! ) and goes off to sunset with... LEOPARDSTAR! Then, she goes with Scourge that was somehow revived. She has Blackstar's kit, and Scourge gets her out of BloodClan. Finally, she goes to the Dark Forest with Sol, that somehow died, has three kits with him, and kills herself.

What a crazy life. With all those explanations, you can see how she almost tied Gleamstar from Starkit's Prophecy.

Wow, she is a Mary Sue. - IcetailofWishClan

Icewing is a GIRL in the books! O. O

This story... just... like what? What? She's got a bajillion lovers out there and Scourge, Backstar, and Sol are emo/goth/vampire? I don't even know... Sandstorm bawled her eyes out when she saw Obsidian smoochin' Firestar, but then she can't even stay mad because she thinks Obsidian is "smexy" and tries to kiss her also. Just what?

5 Lunarmoon (The Lunar Destiny)

There is a spin-off of the lunar destiny in Cometpaw/blaze's point of view. It's actually pretty cool.

But if this fanfic is the same one by midnight crew, the trollfic was intentional and the author/authors wrote it to be an INTENTIONAL TROLLFIC (...and now I've repeated myself).These authors also do commentaries. Just though I should clear that up.

It's a trollfic.

Lunarmoon is a HUGE Mary Sue. It was so obvious that lunarkit would destroy a cat named cometblaze. She was flawless. And to top it all off, she became leader! She was so naive. She was singing about her shiny teeth... WHEN SHE IS LEADER! Not even a kit would be dumb. Enough to do that! - Robinstar

6 Rubypaw (TROLLFIC! Rubykit's Quest)

How is this not number 1? No cat can kill a bear, especially a cat as young as a apprentice or a kit

Her mentor is the leader. The start of the mary-sueness. She lives in a Clan called BUTTERFLYCLAN, she kills a fox on her first day and Hopestar, ButterflyClan's leader, begins training her to become a leader, even saying that when Hopestar dies Rubypaw will become leader. She also has fire powers, and she has a sane sister that is un-perfect, like all Mary-sues. Also, with her powers, she killed a random BEAR in the forest.

Rubypaw must have a position in this list, as she discovered she had a power when she was only, killed a fox, a bear and she has a prophecy.

Rubypaw is a total mary-sue, she kills a fox with ease and has fire powers that killed a random bear that she didn't even smell. She named one of her kits ABBAKIT (what? ) and hated her sister just because she followed the warrior code (again, what? ). She also becomes evil and enjoys seeing Snowblaze sad, and she kills her mate T. T

7 Empressglitter (The Glittering Empress)

I can't even finish it without laughing - Puppytart

This story was meant to be a joke, so this was intentional. - Ku

I hated this book. Loved the ending tough, where she was brutally murdered. And I love how the author hated tis character because it was a trollfic

Lol I think Tansy's trolfic was funny.I mean Empressstar(three s' ) dies at the end and everything gets back to being sane.

8 Snakepaw (Snakekit's Omen)

This is a young trollfic on, at only four chapters and a prologue. Yet, the protagonist seems to be the biggest Mary-Sue I've ever seen. I have several quotes to add, "She soon flung himself up and miraculously landed on her paws."
Bramblestar said this in Chapter 2: "Shankkit, sou shall be Snakepaws...Snakepaw I shall be yohe mentoe."

She was made an apprentice three moons early, she caught a huge fish, she killed a bear with "7 heds 14 harkms 14 lehs huge claws and a body 10000x bigger than a normal cat's. It's skin was hard and leayhery, it was very uard to beak into..." with one light swipe.

Also, she is a, "Small green she-cat with a snake-like tail and huge black eyes."

Not convinced? Look at it yourself. She is also a favourite of Bramblestar.

Snakepaw/Snakebite/Snakekit/Snakestarstar... where to begin? Probably the oddest part of this character is how she lets herself be controlled by her emotions and feelings, and she has a perfectly normal name. However, she is a green she-cat with black eyes. She once prayed to have Bramblestar be her mentor, so did Clawkit, and Snakekit and two siblings of her's all got Bramblestar as their mentor, at three moons old. Right after her ceremony, a bear with seven heads, fourteen legs, fourteen arms and a body 10000 times bigger than a normal cat's came into camp. Snakepaw killed it in one swipe. Without training, Snakepaw also managed to catch a giant fish, that flew onto Squirrelflight's head in camp, by swiping her paw into the water. Bramblestar is Snakepaw's fangirl as well, asking her to be his mate in the fifth chapter. Bramblestar decides to make her a warrior, then his deputy right after that. But, before that, they both survived a landslide. Then, Snakepaw is rapped by ...more

9 Gempaw (The Right Choice Jessy)

Soulds ground

10 Perfectstar (Worst Warrior Cats Story(Perfectstars Prophecy))

The Contenders

11 Beautifulfur (The Adventures of Beautifulfur (And her kits, too))

It's a parody, a trollfic, really funny, and Mary Sue

Was this a troll story? I can't think of anything else. Her and her kits are COMPLETE mary-sues. Do they also crap rainbows too?

Does this... THING... get killed by the end of this story? I sure hope so, so every thing can go back to sane.

It's based on a worse story

12 Shinykit (Shiny Waffles)

Shinykit can hipnotize cats, and everyone wants her autograph. She has sparkly rainbow fur and purple paws. She ate a Nyan Cat, she belongs to CandyClan, she can be even more sparklier, and can glow as a rainbow. She gets her own Cooking Show and knows how to make Catmint Waffles. Anything else you want to know?

Shinykit is a sue, but since there are not so many trollfics, she will be number 8. I'm being nice here.

13 Aquasniff (Aquakit)

I also have a cat name aquaclaw but she has no powers - Aquastar_of_DewClan

Aquasniff has magic powers that enable her to see scents in pretty colors. She had many mentors, as she kept killing them somehow. She fell into a forbidden love and one of her Clanmates reluctantly pretended to be the father. Aquasniff's life was full of weird plot twists, but then, that's what you should expect from a trollfic.

"Akwakitt" forced her dog-baby on a weird.

14 Angstshadow (The Beautiful White Lies)

She is a sue. no buts.

15 Lovepaw (Warmth of the Heart)

She has magical powers - killed a fox and KILLED THE FOXES GHOST. She's delusional and hears voices. The males fight over her. She makes a CLONE OF HER MATE. That's creepy.

Parting is such a sweet sorrow.

They actually made a second one! But then it was deleted. The second one was so much better than the first one.

16 PeppaPigstar (Mary Sue Stories)

Please, I want a link for this.

The story of PeppaPigstar is actually in one story that has multiple different Warriors trollfics in them.

When she is born, she is named Starkit; she is white with a yellow star in her forehead, and has pale green eyes with stars as 'eyeshine'. (Keep in mind that the author of this trollfic wrote that it was based of Starkit's Prophecy. It has no official name, either, because its in a "pack" of trollfics.)

Then their medicine cat, PETALBUTT recieves a prophecy that was so obvious you could tell it means that the character will destroy another "evil" Clan.

Oh, and don't forget she has 3. TOMS. AFTER. HER. (LOVE SQUARE ALERT! sort of..) And you couldn't have guessed, the were BRAND NEW APPRENTICES, and she was still a LESS-THAN-HALF YEAR OLD KIT.

And then the book just screams, "SHADOWCLAN ATTACK (insert 5 million 1' and!'s here)! " Then a warrior kills a warrior who is much more expierenced and prepared then them with ONE ...more

Hahaaahaha BOi DOES THIs FANFIc LOOK FUNNY. Also, where did you come up with the idea that Peppa Pig transmitts her soul and star heart gets her nine lives? I have a trollfic called “glitterkit’s prophecy “ and when the main character, glittersparkles, gets her nine lives, she gets a tenth life by stargleam ! She grows wings, rainbow eyes, a unicorn horn, and a BUNCH of new powers including the power to shape shift, to become invisible, to fly, to talk to non cat animals, and the weirdest all, teleportation. And that’s not even all of them! She got hundreds of new powers to!

17 Crystalpaw (Shiny Prophecies)

I wrote that, and I hate Crystalpaw. Shiny Prophecies actually is cancelled and I deleted my own account, but I know there are people that liked the story so the end will be told here:

Happly, Brindlepaw and littermates turn in warriors (obviously after Crystalkit, that is named Crystalshine). Pastelpaw is Pastelstripe and turns into Crystalshine's mate. Mossystar is killed by a twoleg and Crystalshine is appointed deputy. After some moons, she kills the leader and turns in a tyrant, creating PerfectClan. Brindlefur is tired to be in silence and speaks up in the garthering, ending exiled, and forms a group of rebells with other cats and dogs who hated Crystalstar. Brindlefur meets a friendly dog named Gold, who ends to be her mate. PerfectClan raids the rebell camp and a insane Crystalstar kills half of Brindlefur's pups. Enraged, she murders Crystalstar and everything goes back to normal.

Ugh. She is horrible! Crystalkit bullied her siblings, making they angry in a point to the poor underrated kits and the pup defend yourselves, then, Mossystar says that their apprentice cerimony would be delayed and CRYSTALKIT GETS ALL THE PRAISES!

In ya first day as a apprentice she caught a FOX!


I hope that Brindlepaw puts a end in that brat!

18 Rosekit (Rosekit's Mystical Powers)

She is destined to save 'everybody' (maybe even StarClan)... with a prophecy. Rosekit is a ginger and dark pink she-cat (how can you be ginger mixed with dark pink?!?! ) with crimson eyes (Rosekit, nobody has crimson eyes). She will probably become another sue, and maybe get a higher rank in the list.

Rosekit doesn't have much information, because only the allegiances and the prologue have been released. But, as it was announced to be a trollfic, we know she will be perfect.

19 Hopestar (Hope of a Clan)

How is this not in top ten... How?

She has color changing eyes and kits with a kit. She was able to make every Clan except ShadowClan vegitarian. Hopestar's Mom's name is Leaffurnace. After becoming an apprentice she almost instantly became a warrior for killing 5 ShadowClan cats even though she had no training. She had her own personalized den. She was even able to ban the leader. She got 50 million billion gazillion lives.


20 Thunderstar (Thunderscar, Thunderpaw, Thunderkit)

Yeah he is a Gary Stu. I mean, all of thunderclan KILLS THEMSELVES? Then he becomes leader. If you were trying to make a Gary Stu, good. If you weren't, you actually only need to fix those two parts. Overall, your OC is okay. Also I'm gonna put one up that's my OC so thanks.

Warning! Just putting this to see if you all think my cat is a Gary-Lue.
Thunderkit was born with a sister and parents. He is a grey and white cat with yellow eyes. He states to his sister Nightkit if she tries to fit in with the clan, showing he doesn't try. When he became an apprentice, he gave himself a lightning scar over his eye. Of course, all of Thunderclan (His clan) thought he was insane for doing this. Even his own kin were angry. He became a Warrior, and had a battle with Shadowclan. He and other clanmates were running away. His other clanmates were jumping down a waterfall. Thunderscar told her to go with him, but she jumped and drowned. This told him to train much harder than he did before, and was rewared with a leader place.

21 Perfectkit (Warriors Trollfic Perfect)

It's in the name!

Perfectkit is mentored by the leader, while her brother is mentored by a dumb cat, that is called 'Dumbcat'. Also, Perfectkit and her brother becomes apprentices at TWO MOONS. She also belongs in a prophecy: 'Perfect is perfect and will save the Clan'. She is perfect, as her name says, and will probably end as Gleamstar.

Only the prologue and first chapter has been published, so I can't say more. I think she needs to appear somewhere, so I put her in the 9th position.

Perfectkit...Need I explain?

22 Gemstar (The Hybrid)
23 Stonestar (Stonestar's Story)

This is my own OC. While reading these I realized she is a complete Mary-Sue.
She is a orange tabby with white paws, white pelt, white tip of tail, and white tip of ears. She also has red eyes. When she dies, her eyes turned blue.

At the beginning she sleeps for six straight moons. And becomes a apprentice mentored by the leader. A few moons after she starts training she runs into a shadow clan cat at the border and she defeats him but spares his life. Her sisters are WinterPaw and RubyPaw. When she gets back from attacking the shadow clan cat she becomes a warrior very early

She is called stoneclaw

Then her sister WinterPaw runs away to river clan and becomes WinterTail

Stoneclaw gets a apprentice ( witch is branch stars daughter ) and after redpaw becomes red tail, stoneclaw becomes deputy, the next day branchstar dies and as stoneclaw goes to get her nine lives her friend panther pounce askes to be her mate she accepts. And her other friend get super ...more

24 Zazzpaw (Starkit's Prophecy)

She is black with rainbow fur and eyes, and Starkit's promised she would become the deputy of the clan, and she DOES, right after becoming a warrior, not a SINGLE apprentice mentored. What isn't Sue about that?

It's Jazzpaw I think. But yeah, she deserves a place on this list.

It's JAZZpaw
sorry, but, people, remember her name. she is a character in a fanfiction that it horribly funny

It’a JAZZpaw. She deserves her own spin off series! Also to the latest commenter: she’s not black with rainbow, she’s red with a black tail and blue eyes. Still very unrealistic but just thought it should be said.
Also nobody put on Glimmerpaw’s Shadow?

25 Winterfrost (The Making of Destruction)

Winterfrost is not a possible name, this is why my fan made clan Winterclan has an explination for its name, if Winterfrost was an actualy name it would be leaf-barefrost. Winterclan was made my my OC Snowstar who was kicked out of her clan, for an actual reason, became a kittypet, learned some twoleg words then made her clan. - SeeU

Ok, this is a fic I found in Wattpad. And it's not a trollfic! The guy who wrote this did it beliveing that it was something cool and original. So let's start with her story:
It begins with their first day as apprentices. Winterpaw, (by the way, this name is not possible in warrior cats) gets a cat called Poppyroot as a mentor. Normal for now. But then, on the first day of training, she defeats him! Without battle training, she defeats a senior warrior! And then he's like: "Wow Winterpaw, you're the best, you have natural abilities, I'm proud of being your mentor." They get back, and she tells her siblings, Featherpaw, (the med cat apprentice) and Darkpaw, wich of course, don't belive her. After all, who would? But then, Poppyroot comes in and says that they should respect their sister greatly because she's amazing. That same night, she gets a dream from Bluestar saying that she's going to save the clans, and that she has lots of powers that soom enough will be revealed. ...more

26 Swanpaw (The Rise of a Rainbow)

She is repugnant. Your brother Waterkit even said that she is FOREVER UPSET ABOUT SOMETHING! She is rude to Whitekit and complains infinitely when he accidentally stepped in her leg. Warrior life is difficulty! She should run awaya from your clan and turn into a kittypet, she hates everybody!

27 Glitterstar / Glittersparkles (Glitterkit’s Prophecy)

Ok this is a story that I wrote that I never published but anyway, it’s called “Glitterkit’s Prophecy”. To start off with, she is a NEON PINK she cat with a white chest and muzzle, cyan blue eyes, a rainbow tail, and a Golden Star on her forehead. She is the daughter of Gorgeousfur, who has GOLDEN fur. Also her father, Firestarstar (clap clap clap) is the leader of thunderclan. Also she has a brother named Uglykit. but here’s the story in a nutshell. So glitterkit is called on by firestarstar to be an apprentice even thought she is only TWO MOONS OLD! She becomes firestarstar’s apprentice, and her first prey she ever caught was (drumroll please) GODZILLA! How did she kill him you ask? That’s right, with a laser beam coming out of her star on her forehead! She also managed to kill Godzilla’s soul, his soul’s soul, and his soul’s soul’s soul! Straight after that, shadowxlan attacks and there leader, trump star, murders her mom. Glitterpaw also catches her brother, ...more

28 Starstarstar (The Story of Starstarstar)

Yep Mary Sues

Starstarstar is a white Tom with golden flame-shaped markings, golden tipped ears, a golden tipped tail, golden wings, and rainbow eyes. He has existed since the time of the ancients, and is leader of all of the clans (that includes starclan, the darkforest, the tribe, bloodcaln, the guardian cats, and the kin. He even somehow was able to revived the great clans some how), which forms a super clan called “Royalclan”. He also has been mates with every cat ever mentioned in the books ( even toms, kits, apprentices, med cats). At the end of the story, Luxo jr (the Pixar lamp) kills him by squishing him. Also, if you want to read this story, I’m sorry, but I never published it.

~ mistpool, author of glitterkit’s prophecy

29 Dawnsparkle (Starkits Prophecy)
30 Spottedstar (Spottedstar x Scourge)


31 Rose Quartz's Death (The Return of Lady LovelyLocks)

This litterally sounds like a Steven Universe crossed over with warriors. what man? - GalaxyBurst

32 Sparklefur (Sparklefur's Sparkliness)
33 Moonsparkle (Moonstar's Destiny)
34 Moonpaw (The New Addition)

White cat, blue eyes, injured and blind... Yes

35 Desuglitter (Desuglitter's Quest, Trollfic)
36 Everfaith (A Change of Heart)

Seriously? Everfaith? Sure cats hate her but I bet something Mary sue is about to happen!

37 Emily Heartman/the Angel Princess (From Let's Fly and Fight!)

Emily Heartman is an energetic girl who has a best friend named Ulysses Phillips/The Demon Prince, she turns into The Angel Princess, an angel goddess warrior.

By the way, she is the main protagonist of the fanfic, and she is AWESOME

38 Sparkleawesomeness (Sparklekits Epicness)
39 Moonpaw (Hidden Prophecies)
40 Bloomstar (Sunclans Prophecy)
41 Diamondpool (Diamondstar's Vision)

Diamondpool/star is from an old fanfiction that I don't think anyone remembers, it's not even on the internet anymore...
Diamondpool is a crystal blue cat with purple eyes. She becomes mate with a black cat with red eyes named Poisonfang, who, apparently, hated everyone in JadeClan except for his daughter and Diamondpool, and has a kit named Echosoul, who is purple-furred with blue eyes.

42 Rainbowsweet (Rainbowsweet`s Story)
43 Brightstar (Brightstar’s Secrets)

I wrote this Fanfiction when I was 9. It’s so bad!
Brightkit is white with sleek, sparkly fur. One of her eyes is red and the other is blue.
When she’s a kit her mother, Riverpool, commits suicide. She’s bullied by her brother, Dogkit, and his friends. Only her sister Rosekit likes her.
Her father becomes mates with Honeyclaw.
She becomes apprentice to Firestar and he rapes her. She falls in love with Crowfeather after Leafpool rejected him.
She gives birth to Firestar’s kits. She hates them. They are stolen by Brokenstar’s ghost, who hides them in the Tribe of Rushing Water. And she starts getting infatuated with Brokenstar and has sex with him. But she still stays with Crowfeather.
Then Firestar makes her a warrior (at age like 7 moons?). She and Crowfeather get caught and one of her two remaining kits (Brokenstar threw the other two of a cliff) is killed by Leopardstar.
She kills Leopardstar.
She, Rosewhisper, and Brambleclaw go on a patrol. ...more

44 Snowstorm of Thunderclan. (Still in My Head.)

White she cat with long fur and blue eyes, oldest warrior of thunder clan, somehow knows every thing that will happen in the future, Golden flowers sister, can use magic, loved by most of the clan, no kits, knows about Jay and half moon, no mate, super important to the clan, can do almost anything with out problems, cross over character, other insane stuff I can't remember, pretty, just the apex of all sues.( exept Gleamstar of course.

45 Motomotostar (Warriors Memetopian Territory)

He is beauty. he is grace. he will bellyflop on your face.

46 Perfectstar (Worst Warrior Cats Story)
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