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1 Gleamstar (or Stargleam, from Starkit's Prophecy)

Well, let's go.

The person doesn't know grammar or spelling. And three cats love her. And, she got asked to be mates with Graystripe and Firestar when she was a apprentice. COME ON! And she never followed Clan rules. For example, cats can't be purple. Or have a star on their head. Or have rainbow eyes. This person must be three years old, and obviously hasn't seen a cat. And just to add on, she has so many strengths. She defeated Blackstar when she was barely a apprentice, and Firestar said she was too 'good' at fighting to learn how to fight off a fox. It was so ' horrible, I skipped many chapters (AKA paragraphs), and something weird happened...

Well let's get started. The grammar is HORRIBLE, and this person has a problem against gays. ( Some people were born gay, some were born bi, some where born pan, some were born straight, some were born a, some were born star, some were born etc! You should not be ashamed of what gender you like. ) Like one of her 'rules' are '11. NO BEING GAY! 1! 1.' or something like that. Plus, her father is JAYFEATHER?! What?! Just. Stop. Medicine cats aren't allowed to have kits. (( Leafpool had to give up being a medicine cat to be a warrior because she DID have kits. So Jayfeather wouldn't be a MEDICINE cat. He would be a WARRIOR.)) Another problem is, Hollyleaf was NEVER evil, she was just misunderstood. Heck, she is on the bad cats AND the good cats list. Too many cats love her! Like what? Some of that cats already have mates. Examples: Firestar,Graystripe,etc! Make up your mind girl. Let's go onto her CHARACTER. Her character is perfect in ever. SINGLE. WAY! She has more STRENGTHS than she ...more

3 cats love her, Blackstar, FireStar, and Graystripe. She made a typo once and typed "Gaystripe". She's terrible at grammar&spelling. She's too lazy to say "yeah" and types "ya". I don't like this story, it was laughable at the beginning, then it got just plain wrong. WRONG I tell you WRONG

She had at least 7 cats fall in love with her throughout the entire story...enough said.

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2 Obsidianwing (from Obsidianwing's Quest)

This cat is from a not very known story, Obsidianwing's Quest, and almost ties with Gleamstar. Obsidianwing's story starts as Obsidianpaw, and she and Firestar kiss. Jayfeather, Icewing (who is that cat? ) amd Lionblaze also love her. Obsidianwing has a kit, called Tigerpaw, and she kills him because she THOUGHT he was Tigerstar reborn. Poor kit D: She escapes, mates with Blackstar, gets to know Sol (and he changes his name to Sun because he says Spanish is STUPID! THAT'S MY LANGUAGE! ) and goes off to sunset with... LEOPARDSTAR! Then, she goes with Scourge that was somehow revived. She has Blackstar's kit, and Scourge gets her out of BloodClan. Finally, she goes to the Dark Forest with Sol, that somehow died, has three kits with him, and kills herself.

What a crazy life. With all those explanations, you can see how she almost tied Gleamstar from Starkit's Prophecy.

Wow, she is a Mary Sue. - IcetailofWishClan

Icewing is a GIRL in the books! O. O

Obsidianwing is an AWESOME name, too bad it had to be wasted on a Mary Sue. Oh well. Everyone makes a Mary Sue at some point, whether on purpose or not. Part of my OC's name is "obsidian", but I like to tell myself that she is not a Mary Sue. She has flaws, and she is mates with ANOTHER OC OF MINE, NOT CANON CHARACTERS. However, these stories do have some use, as they are good guidelines of how NOT to make an OC.
Don't ship your OC with canon characters,

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3 Dovepaw (from The Dove and the Mountain)

She lives in a Clan called ChocolateClan with a leader called Smilestar. She lives in a camp with a chocolate pond. candy grass and cotton candy dens. There is a food party pile, and she knows how to do the Tango, with a mouse (that's kind of funny...). In her territory, there are Milky Way tree trunks, M&M leaves and candy trees. Basically, her territory is from candy itself. Dovepaw is called by Smilestar to lead the Clan to the Gathering, and Dovepaw TELEPORTS to hunt. She also levitated her caught prey (that were about twenty), a badger comes out of nowhere and kills her, the badger becomes a Kraken, and Dovepaw faints. Dovepaw meets a Twoleg, gets back to life, leads the Clan to the Gathering.

No much more of the story has been published, but we can be sure Dovepaw must be one of the top positions in the list. She doesn't beat Obsidianwing as Obsidianwing has lovers, while Dovepaw has no lovers.

It sounds to me like a Charlie and the chocolate factory fan fiction.

Is this a troll? Is the whole clan a troll? Please be a troll I'M BEGGING YOU PLEASE!

"Dovepaw has no lovers" Wrong. I'm a lover. I think it's cute and creative.

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4 Cleardawn (Cleardawn's Silence)

I hate this character, she killed her OWN MOTHER just because her mother wasn't strong enough to take care of her, like what, whats wrong with her?! Her mom begged for forgiveness and she was like nope I'm just going to murder you.

Yeah, shes PERFECT isn't she? Shes good at everything, shes a total Mary Sue. And speaking of her killing her mom, she didn't even feel sorry for her mom, it was like she liked to be a murderer. Very bad character

Ginger and white fur, blue eyes, I bet her kits wont even look like her or her mate, they'll probably be born rainbow, I can't believe how short tempered she is too, like if you make me mad ill kill u.


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5 Lunarmoon (The Lunar Destiny)

First off, they copied Luna from Sailor Moon, which is like the best Anime ever. Second of all, she has an incredibly stupid name. And lastly, I bet she has a prophecy, doesn't she? Where she saves the clans? Where she has power beyond belief? You know what I'm ranting about.

Lunarmoon, aka the deep purple almost black furred she-cat with a crescent moon mark on her forehead(I think), is an atrocity of a Mary-Sue and DESERVES to be on this list.

She sounds like a copy of Luna from Sailor Moon - SeeU

Also, what kind of name is Lunarmoon? Lunar means "of, determined by, relating to, or resembling the moon." Moon is, well, moon. So no dip that the moon is lunar! Her name is basically 'moonymoon'. Just... why? Great StarClan, when will it end?

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6 Rubypaw (TROLLFIC! Rubykit's Quest)

How is this not number 1? No cat can kill a bear, especially a cat as young as a apprentice or a kit

Her mentor is the leader. The start of the mary-sueness. She lives in a Clan called BUTTERFLYCLAN, she kills a fox on her first day and Hopestar, ButterflyClan's leader, begins training her to become a leader, even saying that when Hopestar dies Rubypaw will become leader. She also has fire powers, and she has a sane sister that is un-perfect, like all Mary-sues. Also, with her powers, she killed a random BEAR in the forest.

Rubypaw must have a position in this list, as she discovered she had a power when she was only, killed a fox, a bear and she has a prophecy.

Rubypaw is a total mary-sue, she kills a fox with ease and has fire powers that killed a random bear that she didn't even smell. She named one of her kits ABBAKIT (what? ) and hated her sister just because she followed the warrior code (again, what? ). She also becomes evil and enjoys seeing Snowblaze sad, and she kills her mate T. T

7 Snakepaw (Snakekit's Omen) V 2 Comments
8 Empressglitter (The Glittering Empress)

This story was meant to be a joke, so this was intentional. - Ku

I hated this book. Loved the ending tough, where she was brutally murdered. And I love how the author hated tis character because it was a trollfic

Lol I think Tansy's trolfic was funny.I mean Empressstar(three s' ) dies at the end and everything gets back to being sane.

I loved this one! I read it till the end, even with the (intentional) bad writing! I actually got involved! I loved Smartstar and shipped him with Niceisactuallyevil since the begining! And I loved when Empressstar was killed and how everything was fixed!

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9 Beautifulfur (The Adventures of Beautifulfur (And her kits, too))

Was this a troll story? I can't think of anything else. Her and her kits are COMPLETE mary-sues. Do they also crap rainbows too?

Does this... THING... get killed by the end of this story? I sure hope so, so every thing can go back to sane.

First off, she is called Beautifulpaw. She is asked to deliver kits without knowing how, and a cat who knew how told her to do it! She gets her warrior name, Beautifulfur, because she discovers who killed the deputy. After all, it was her stepmother, Perfectpelt, who killed the deputy. She also has rainbow eyes, and all her Clan goes crazy after they get drunk and it rains chocolate. She gets pregnant, knows it by ultrasound... She has kits, Orangejuincekit, Sparklykit, Patchkit, Jetkit and Marblekit.

Beautifulfur has this position for her name, her rainbow colored eyes and her kits' names.

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10 Graywing

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11 Shinykit (Shiny Waffles)

Shinykit can hipnotize cats, and everyone wants her autograph. She has sparkly rainbow fur and purple paws. She ate a Nyan Cat, she belongs to CandyClan, she can be even more sparklier, and can glow as a rainbow. She gets her own Cooking Show and knows how to make Catmint Waffles. Anything else you want to know?

Shinykit is a sue, but since there are not so many trollfics, she will be number 8. I'm being nice here.

12 Aquasniff (Aquakit)

This fan fiction was hilarious to be honest... - Ku

Aquasniff has magic powers that enable her to see scents in pretty colors. She had many mentors, as she kept killing them somehow. She fell into a forbidden love and one of her Clanmates reluctantly pretended to be the father. Aquasniff's life was full of weird plot twists, but then, that's what you should expect from a trollfic.

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13 Gempaw (The Right Choice Jessy)
14 Rosekit (Rosekit's Mystical Powers)

She is destined to save 'everybody' (maybe even StarClan)... with a prophecy. Rosekit is a ginger and dark pink she-cat (how can you be ginger mixed with dark pink?!?! ) with crimson eyes (Rosekit, nobody has crimson eyes). She will probably become another sue, and maybe get a higher rank in the list.

Rosekit doesn't have much information, because only the allegiances and the prologue have been released. But, as it was announced to be a trollfic, we know she will be perfect.

15 Angstshadow (The Beautiful White Lies) V 1 Comment
16 Hopestar (Hope of a Clan)

She has color changing eyes and kits with a kit. She was able to make every Clan except ShadowClan vegitarian. Hopestar's Mom's name is Leaffurnace. After becoming an apprentice she almost instantly became a warrior for killing 5 ShadowClan cats even though she had no training. She had her own personalized den. She was even able to ban the leader. She got 50 million billion gazillion lives.

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17 Lovepaw (Warmth of the Heart)

She has magical powers - killed a fox and KILLED THE FOXES GHOST. She's delusional and hears voices. The males fight over her. She makes a CLONE OF HER MATE. That's creepy.

Parting is such a sweet sorrow.

They actually made a second one! But then it was deleted. The second one was so much better than the first one.

18 Thunderstar (Thunderscar, Thunderpaw, Thunderkit)

Yeah he is a Gary Stu. I mean, all of thunderclan KILLS THEMSELVES? Then he becomes leader. If you were trying to make a Gary Stu, good. If you weren't, you actually only need to fix those two parts. Overall, your OC is okay. Also I'm gonna put one up that's my OC so thanks.

Warning! Just putting this to see if you all think my cat is a Gary-Lue.
Thunderkit was born with a sister and parents. He is a grey and white cat with yellow eyes. He states to his sister Nightkit if she tries to fit in with the clan, showing he doesn't try. When he became an apprentice, he gave himself a lightning scar over his eye. Of course, all of Thunderclan (His clan) thought he was insane for doing this. Even his own kin were angry. He became a Warrior, and had a battle with Shadowclan. He and other clanmates were running away. His other clanmates were jumping down a waterfall. Thunderscar told her to go with him, but she jumped and drowned. This told him to train much harder than he did before, and was rewared with a leader place.

19 Perfectkit (Warriors Trollfic Perfect)

Perfectkit is mentored by the leader, while her brother is mentored by a dumb cat, that is called 'Dumbcat'. Also, Perfectkit and her brother becomes apprentices at TWO MOONS. She also belongs in a prophecy: 'Perfect is perfect and will save the Clan'. She is perfect, as her name says, and will probably end as Gleamstar.

Only the prologue and first chapter has been published, so I can't say more. I think she needs to appear somewhere, so I put her in the 9th position.

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20 Gemstar (The Hybrid)
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