Top Ten Favorite at Home Activities

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The Top Ten

1 Watch TV

This activity is the most popular because TELEVISION IS THE ONLY THING TO DO WHEN PEOPLE ARE BORED. it's a simple as grabbing the remote and turning on the T.V.. Watching your favorite show for an elongated time could damage your eyes which is why many people have eye problems. - koopaiscute

2 Reading

Reading will make you smarter and there are countless good books in the world so why not? - Ajkloth

Many people like to read. That's why books are made, so that people can read books. - koopaiscute

This calms my mind - jmepa1234

Reading is awesome, once you get used to it, you will have fun it’s actually fun! So if your bored at home please read, I always do it! And by the way I can live a day with any devices.

3 Eating

Many people in this world is obese because of the simple fact that we get hungry all of the time in order to survive. This is what people do while watching T.V. and some people over eat, causing obesity. - koopaiscute

I love this too much. But so does basically everyone. - BKAllmighty

4 Playing A Video Game

People love playing video games because people like having fun. - koopaiscute

5 Watch Movies

People like to watch movies so people buy the movies to watch it. - koopaiscute

Did you think I was going to vote for anything else? - BKAllmighty

6 Listen to Music

I listen to music in a lot more places than just home - Ajkloth

7 Working Out

People again can be very obese so people work out to look great and skinny and fit. - koopaiscute

8 Sleeping
9 Text or Play on Phones

There are many things to do on phones. So what do people do? They text and play video games on their phone. - koopaiscute

Why Do You Think I'm Doing This? - Stevenpenguin

10 Sex

You stupid this is not for small people

The Contenders

11 Do Your Hair

People love to do their hair to make themselves look pretty. - koopaiscute

12 Cleaning

No one likes to do chores! People don't like chores so that is why it's the worst favorite. - koopaiscute

13 Drawing
14 Play on iPhone

People have bad taste in fun

15 Put on MakeUp

People make themselves look pretty by wearing make up. - koopaiscute

16 Watch YouTube videos
17 Pet Cats
18 Study

No one likes to do this, but if you’re Asian, this is an activity that is your parents’ favorite and they will constantly force you to do it

19 Go on the internet
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1. Watch Movies
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1. Watch TV
2. Reading
3. Playing A Video Game
1. Watch TV
2. Reading
3. Playing A Video Game

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