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1 Maths

My math teacher is the nicest teacher ever...

I love math, especially geometry and algebra. I'm really good at it too.

Maths is really fun and I am the best in my class in it. My favourite aspect of it is geometry.


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2 English

I love English! It involves a lot of interpretation and freedom, as well as observation of human nature and making an entire world out of scribbles on a page... But grammar structures really get me. My grammar isn't bad, but parts of speech and stuff like that-too structured around systematic and logical thinking for me! - keycha1n

Definitely me favorite. Oh and by the way, learn the difference between your and you're, half the internet. - Puga

Yes! English is amazing, but math always seems to be better than it...may I ask why? English is so expressive and amazing, and, to me anyway, math is just plain dull. My English teacher is so sweet too. She's so funny when she wants to be too.

Fun lesson

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3 History

History is my best and favorite subject. People babble on how math and science are so important but we can't forget how education became or how America stood up against the British or how the Great Depression was Americas worst session.

History is so fun. We have a lot of field trips for this class. And the history teacher is extremely nice. - cosmo

Learning about the past inspires people in the future.

The only reason my history class isn't fun is because of my teacher. She uploaded some dumb history rap like...
" on the euprates River on the Euphrates river...
Every song they put up is somewhat dumb but a true least it wastes a few minutes

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4 Physics

Physics, the study of nature, the fundamental underpinnings of everything that we see, the highly counter-intuitive observations of objects being in two places at once and hypothetically retaining information instantaneously from intergalactic distances, the mysteries of the universe's birth, evolution, fate, and that of everything within it. If that doesn't fascinate you, what will? - PositronWildhawk

Could vote science in general, but Physics is my favorite sub branch. It deals with the fundamentals which all else is built from.

To be able to explain everything in the universe, everything we see... That is really beautiful.

I love it

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5 Music

Music is great, I can't play an instrument but I do like to sing. The problem is I'm to shy to sing in front of anybody. Anyways, I do enjoy this subject. - ivylee

Everyone else on this site is a music lover so I think they would love this school subject.

Yah, like chopin etudes the most (classic)

I hate it because of my nosy music teacher

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6 Chemistry

Chemistry is my favorite subject.

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7 Biology

I actually find it kinda interesting.

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8 Art

Art is really fun because you get to paint, create and get to do much more. You can also learn how to draw things ART IS AWESOME!

Everyone can enjoy it, no matter how much you suck, admit it, it's fun. - keycha1n

You don't have to be the best just be creative

Art is great and fun, although I'm not very good at drawing. - ivylee

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9 Geography

The best of it is the countries. It's not so hard as it seems, you can easily know them and their capitals if you it in one way like I do. Per example in Europe I divide it in European Union and rest of Europe and it becomes so much easier to learn. - tiagocowboy11

I knew where every country was by second grade so this subject was insanely easy for me. Even cultural geography in college was an actually easy course. - NuMetalManiak

This is my favorite. It's easy and can sometimes be fun to learn! - Minecraftcrazy530

Easy, relaxing and interesting to me.
For my friends it is like :Man HOW THE HECK YOU KNOW ALL THIS,it is more difficult than a math test >:0

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10 Science

I love science, it's a interesting and great subject. I love researching and doing experiments, there is so much you can learn and explore! - ivylee

Easily the most interesting subject ever! - gemcloben

I love science

Stay down there

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11 Technology
12 Economics

It is nice sub in all schools

13 Physical Education

Don't need to learn anything, just exercise and play soccer with the lads!

I love PE!

P.E. is awesome. It mustn't be #21 - Animefan12

14 Astronomy

That's NOT EVEN A STUPID SUBREKT - schoolsucks


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16 Sports

Sport is really fun to play and it gives you lots of exercise! There are lot's of sports you can choose from so don't say you don't like sport BE ACTIVE!

It Is Really Fun And You Can Also Learn New Things About It. - DavidNejc

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17 Theater Class

Theatre is the best

18 Reading V 1 Comment
19 Psychology
20 Video Production
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