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1 Maths

I love math because it's completely logical and its essentially a puzzle to solve. It's candy for my brain and allows me to think about things logically. While I value the importance of reading and writing, I hate how subjective it is, especially when I need to pick the "best answer" for the standardized tests. Math is objective and equally as important as reading and writing.

It is just so damn good when you get it right.

Maths so easy.

No, it's the worst take it off the list, who ever put this here is a dumb ass

2 History

Best subject by far.

History is the best school subject in history!

My history teacher is from ohio and has acne all over her face, she is annoying and history is juuust essays, dropped it and glad to have made that decision - english-

Learning about past history is key.

Without it, we will simply repeat ourselves, as history shows has happened time and time again.

3 English

This needs to be number 1. Books take you on an amazing journey that you can't find in any other subject. Math? Really? Yeah, putting numbers together and then separating them is so fun (note the sarcasm). Actually, I love math, but WAY LESS than English! When reading, you can escape the horrible truth that is reality. When reading, you can make interesting friends who'll never go away or judge you. When reading, you can defy the impossible! I can go on and on, but why trouble you when you can just go read?

And that's just the reading part. It gets even better with...

WRITING. You can be the ruler of your own kingdom. You can make all of your dreams come true. You can do anything, anything at all, without fear of being hated. You can make up your own countries, worlds, even universes! You can change a person's life with only the power of words. You have control over EVERYTHING. You make your own rules. You make your own life, or another person's life, or even a friend ...more

I love English! My grandma
used to love it and now I do too!

Oof, english right now we are studying beowulf and that is the most boringest stuff ever, my next book is antigone. kill me - english-

I love English! It involves a lot of interpretation and freedom, as well as observation of human nature and making an entire world out of scribbles on a page... But grammar structures really get me. My grammar isn't bad, but parts of speech and stuff like that-too structured around systematic and logical thinking for me! - keycha1n

4 Music


Music is great, I can't play an instrument but I do like to sing. The problem is I'm to shy to sing in front of anybody. Anyways, I do enjoy this subject. - ivylee

Everyone else on this site is a music lover so I think they would love this school subject.

Yah, like chopin etudes the most (classic)

5 Physics

I do agree that physics is probably one of the most difficult subjects to pass but it is without a doubt the most interesting and fascinating subject there is. Physics is basically Algebra and Trigonometry mixed together and it creates from things like how gravity and the universe works to the advanced meaning of life. If this does this not intrigue you and get you interested in Physics, nothing will.

Yes the best

I would rather do biology and Chem. Biology because my teacher is nice. Chem because experiments. I'm in the 6th grade so - english-

Physics, the study of nature, the fundamental underpinnings of everything that we see, the highly counter-intuitive observations of objects being in two places at once and hypothetically retaining information instantaneously from intergalactic distances, the mysteries of the universe's birth, evolution, fate, and that of everything within it. If that doesn't fascinate you, what will? - PositronWildhawk

6 Chemistry

Chemistry is my favorite subject.


7 Biology

The best subject

This should be number 1.

I love science in general, but biology is just god tier. My all-time favourite subject.

I actually find it kinda interesting.

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8 Geography

The best one - ElSherlock

The best of it is the countries. It's not so hard as it seems, you can easily know them and their capitals if you it in one way like I do. Per example in Europe I divide it in European Union and rest of Europe and it becomes so much easier to learn. - tiagocowboy11

Geography is an interesting subject in which we get to know about various parts of the world. The climatic conditions, vegetation and other properties of about different countries makes it exciting.

I knew where every country was by second grade so this subject was insanely easy for me. Even cultural geography in college was an actually easy course. - NuMetalManiak

9 Art

I love art

Math is gay


Why is it low on this list? Its fun

10 Science

It's better than math

it's good.

Science is cool lot of experiment to do and is very cool to do also like chemistry

Yeah everything else


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11 French

Personaly is my favourite subject ♥

12 Physical Education

It is the best

Its sad about how everyone prefers maths over P.E. it's just stupid

Don't need to learn anything, just exercise and play soccer with the lads!

I love PE!

13 Technology
14 Sports

Sport is really fun to play and it gives you lots of exercise! There are lot's of sports you can choose from so don't say you don't like sport BE ACTIVE!

How is this a subject?

It Is Really Fun And You Can Also Learn New Things About It. - DavidNejc

Sports are so much fun

15 Economics

It is nice sub in all schools

16 Theater Class

Theatre is the best

17 Psychology

BEST. CLASS. EVER! There's nothing more fun than trying to figure out what makes people do weird and random things and finding out why you like doing weird stuff and why your family likes to do annoying stuff!

18 Video Production
19 Reading

Reading is my hobby-Crystal

20 Social Studies
21 General Knowledge (G.K)

General knowledge is the best subject in India

22 Civics
23 Writing

It’s a way to be creative and express yourself. It’s therapeutic and calming.

24 Sociology
25 Food Tech

Wake up people! Much better than geography and is fun to learn - RockStarr

26 Spelling
27 Astronomy

This Should Be Number 1 - Cartoonnetworkfan1990


28 Hindi

I am a Indian and Hindi is really fun

Hindi is fun

29 Computer Science
30 Band

Make this higher! This is my absolute favorite class. - PianoQueen

31 Life Skills


32 Calculus
33 Italian

Ciao, Secondo me l'italiano è il soggetto migliore!

Hello, in my opinion Italian is the best subject!
Ciao Bella!

34 Health

I love health it is the best subject so far

35 Trigonometry

I had to self teach myself this in order to construct small buildings in my early teens. I read the info out of a 1926 plumbers' book.

36 Logic
37 Spanish


38 Cooking
39 Philosophy
40 Geology
41 Media Studies
42 Business Studies
43 Religious Studies

Best subject ever! I love learning about Jesus Christ our Savior.

44 Animation Art

This is my dream class.


45 Algebra
46 Geometry
47 Religious Education

Learn about many religions its not just about Christianity. No one does praying.

48 Sex Ed

We thought it was all ok until we started puberty and learning about diks

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