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1 Fear of death

This is not only the most feared thing, it's also that thing EVERYONE fears.

Everyone will die. We only live once you know. - Userguy44

Look at all the rest on this list. Sharks, snakes, heights, spiders, wasps, and vampire bats? Those are scary indeed, but dying is another thing. You literally never know what happens to you when you die or after you die. No one really knows. I have other fears too, but I fear death the most(though it's pretty interesting and you will never be able to avoid it). - supervg123

I don't fear death, just dying in a bad way. - Therandom

2 Fear of sharks

Don't go into a sea or ocean. - Userguy44

When ever I go in a pool or the sea I'm always really scared of sharks, it's mainly because of movies such as: Jaws and because if one person gets attacked by one the news is spread really quickly, but it might turn out the man that got "attacked" by a shark just had a shark near him

Fear is in your mind - Mewtwo_

3 Fear of spiders

I used to hold spiders and play with them. Now they're like my worst fear. - Catlover2004

I hate spider even little and teensy weensy ones

4 Fear of the dark

My mind plays tricks on me in the dark. I see things that I am not supposed to see and they scare me out of my mind. - Daviddv0601

I defanetly don't have this fear - Nateawesomeness

5 Fear of snakes

I once died of a snake bite!

I just can't stand snakes

6 Fear of wasps

Whatever you do, do NOT let a wasp/bee land on you. - RoseWeasley

Makes sense. - Userguy44

7 Fear of loud noises

Autistics can relate to this my typical autism

8 Fear of vampire bats
9 Fear of dogs

Dogs scare me when they bark at me. - Martinglez

I'm sometimes scared of dogs, specially whent they bark at me - Martinglez

10 Fear of heights

I'm afraid of heights only when it's possible for me to jump or fall, like one time I went high up in the mountains or something, and there was a cliff side that freaked me out because all it takes is one leap and your gone

It's really only when I am looking over a ledge that looks down multiple floors, but, BOY, do heights freak me out then. - BKAllmighty

When I got on a plane I checked my belt 11 but then it was epic!

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11 Fear of being alone

Is it bad that I like being alone? At family gatherings I'm always away from everyone. At parties I'm also away from everyone too. But if my best friend is there me and him just stay away from everyone and just talk - SirSkeletorThe3rd

I' not afraid to admit this. I'm only human. No one wants to be alone. - Britgirl

Being lonely makes me happy in class. - SamuiNeko

I just started getting terrible nightmares about everyone dying and me being the only one on earth :/ desperately trying to run away from the killer, the disease or fire, (it's a new way to die in every dream -.-) but also hoping they kill you. I don't care about being alone in my room. It's just the thought that you will be totally alone, no one there to help you, or protect you. I kind of have a phobia of close people dying too :/ - SansTheComic

12 Fear of fire


13 Fear of Ebola

I'm not making an Ebola joke,but Ebola is the most feared disease,so that's why it's here - Nateawesomeness

14 Fear of war

We cannot have a WWIII we already had WWI and WWII, a third would wipe us out like dinosaurs. Don't live in the past.

War is horrible. - Userguy44

15 Fear of clowns
16 Fear of publicly speaking

What kind of idiot makes someone public speak?

Awful. Just awful

17 Fear of drowning
18 Fear of toothpaste

Who's afraid of toothpaste

Haha, Does anyone ever hate mint? - kontrahinsunu

I hate and am scared of only mint toothpaste

What,who's afraid of toothpaste? whoever added this probably likes to have bad breath - Nateawesomeness

19 Fear of ghosts
20 Fear of people attacking you
21 Fear of needles
22 Fear of confined spaces
23 Fear of the unknown

This is obviously number one.

24 Fear of snakes in the toilet

I think this is extremely rare to happen.

Isn't this another word for really long turds? - SirSkeletorThe3rd

Sorry,just snakes,not the toilet - Nateawesomeness

25 Fear of poop

Wait. This exist? - Userguy44

26 Fear of tornadoes

Oh oh. - Userguy44

My brother is

27 Fear of ducks watching you
28 Fear of defecating after taking a shower

Ew disgusting

29 Fear of jellyfish
30 Fear of rats

Understandable - Userguy44

Even if I see a mouse I'd scream and I'm too afraid to be in the same room, and the weird thing is that I'm a teenage boy.

31 Fear of being trapped
32 Fear of being murdered

You don't want to be murdered right? - Userguy44

33 Fear of not learning from your mistakes
34 Fear of lightning
35 Fear of zombies
36 Fear of citrus fruit

I still drink orange juice hahaa drink the brethren of my enemies

37 Fear of HIV/AIDS

No one doesn't have this fear

38 Fear of oblivion

Like Agustus Waters.. good choice I think

39 Fear of vegetables
40 Fear of bees
41 Fear of falling
42 Fear of roaches

Most disgusting creatures in the damn universe

43 Fear of roller coasters
44 Fear of meteors

Well, who isn’t afraid of meteors anyway? - Userguy44

45 Fear of atomic bombs
46 Fear of water

I had this in my youth. - Userguy44

47 Fear of torture
48 Fear of rabid animals
49 Fear of vomiting

I always really, really panic when I feel like I'm about to vomit.

50 Fear of Feet
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