Top Ten Things That Make You Feel Good On TheTopTens

Some things feel so good when joining the site. By the way if you are interested in the top tens award ceremony message asap or blog about it. Thanks!

The Top Ten

1 Making Your First Friend On The Site

My first follower was Patrickstar. - OhioStateBuckeyes

My first friend was PositronWildhawk. - funnyuser

My first friend was Wolftail. Now I've made more and I have more friends online than in real life. - AnonymousChick

I don’t know who mine was.

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2 Getting A Featured List

I think I missed it. I don't even know which list of my was selected as a feature list - zxm

I'm like one of the most underrated users on here. I barely get on any lists... - MorganChambz

That would be amazing, but my lists are not good enough to be featured.

How's it feel to not get on ANY list? Ask me! - BetterThanYou

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3 Getting A Spot On A List

It feels very nice when you find out you are appreciated by fellow members - happyhappyjoyjoy

I haven't found myself on a list yet, but I just joined so it will take time! It is now my goal on the top tens to get a spor on a list, even as a contender, just to know somebody actually likes my lists! - AnnaOfArendelle332

Sometimes people put me on their lists.

It happened to me once. - Animefan12

4 Creating 100 Lists

It's actually a pretty big deal if you like to make lists because if you're anything like me you never thought you were even gonna get there. - happyhappyjoyjoy

I hope I reach 100 lists soon. I've currently made 74 lists. 74... Hey..74! That was my house number! - Animefan12

I have 79 lists, I will make my 80th list today! It will be a bad list but it will be cool!

Booya! I got 100... But I didn't get any user ranking points for that - AnonymousChick

5 Getting 100 votes

To imagine that many people looked at my lists - happyhappyjoyjoy

6 Being On The Site For A Year

I signed up about 1 year ago. But I am using it for about 6-7 months - zxm

I joined November 11 2017, or November 10th... I just go with the 11th.

My anniversary is in December of 2015... So I've got a while. - Minecraftcrazy530

Been on here for 2 years. Still not noticed. - MorganChambz

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7 Getting Compliments On Your Lists

That would be just glorious!

8 Feeling Like Part Of A Family/Community

I can honestly say the members of this site make me feel very loved - happyhappyjoyjoy

9 Getting Your Account

Haha I was on the site for a couple of months and it was great finally creating the account - happyhappyjoyjoy

10 Watching The Improvements

Whether it's to the site or the lists it's really nice to see everything grow and develop - happyhappyjoyjoy

The Contenders

11 People Defend You On the "Overrated Users" List.

That list is removed. - Animefan12

I deserve to be 1.

12 When a User Says They Like Your Lists

Sounds excellent.

13 When a New User Says They Like Your Lists Without Knowing You

Do new users like my lists?

14 Seeing Everyone Hate Nicki Minaj
15 Finding a user who has similar interests like you

Sounds lovely! But I only know a couple people who like Halsey.

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