Top 10 Fictional Characters Named Steve or Steven

It can be spelled differently. Like Stephen instead of Steven.

The Top Ten

1 Steven "Steve" Rogers (Marvel)
2 Steve Harrington (Stranger Things)
3 Stephen Strange (Marvel)
4 Steven Universe (Steven Universe)
5 Steve Trevor (DC)
6 Steve Stifler (American Pie) Steven "Steve" Stifler is one of the main characters from the "American Pie" movie series excluding its four spin-offs. He is portrayed by Seann William Scott. more.
7 Steve Hale (Full House and Fuller House)
8 Steven Hyde (That '70s Show)
9 Steve (Minecraft)
10 Steve (Blue's Clues)

The Contenders

11 Steve (Over the Hedge)

Steve is the hedge - 445956

12 Steve Smith (American Dad) Anita "Steve" Smith is a fictional character in the animated television series American Dad!, voiced by Scott Grimes.
13 Steve (Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs)
14 Stuck-Up Steve (Horrid Henry)
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