Top Ten Deaths in Final Fantasy Tactics

MAJOR SPOILER LIST. Do not read this list if you don't want spoilers for the game Final Fantasy Tactics. This is a game that killed off a lot of characters throughout the game, and it was quite a bittersweet game to play overall. To think I'm still making lists over it. Note that I'm not gonna include Malak/Marach on this list since he gets resurrected.
The Top Ten
1 Teta Hyral

Teta/Tietra Heiral starts this list off at the top spot, pretty much entirely because her death caused the despair in her brother Delita. The fact that Algus/Argath just shoots her right there with zero regard turns Delita rightfully mad against him. It also leads to the separation of Delita and Ramza.

2 Izlude Tingel

Izlude/Isilud Tengille is the son of Vormav/Formarv Tengille, and a member of the Knights Templar along with his father. His death is high on this list because he actually was killed by his father, after attempting to restrain Vormav from using the power of the Zodiac Stone. He was revealed to hold the Pisces stone, which was taken by Alma, and later on, Meliadoul, his sister, attempt to avenge his death before finding out exactly who killed him.

3 Zalbag Beoulve

Zalbag is a troubled character, one who has to deal with Ramza's objections to Dycedarg's plans and then later finding out the truth on Dycedarg. In the end, he gets vanquished, seemingly dead with the Beoulve legacy ended after Dycedarg uses the Capricorn stone to become Adramelk/Adrammelech and vanquish him. He is later resurrected by Vormav/Formarv as an undead vampire attacking Ramza's party, but with enough consciousness to plead for Ramza to end him.

4 Miluda Folles

Miluda/Milleuda is perhaps the first confirmed death in Final Fantasy Tactics besides Ramza's father (who dies of old age), and she is simply defeated in battle against Ramza. However, it's her death that causes Wiegraf to swear revenge with Ramza, even fighting Ramza up to three times. To say how much the characters in-game value their own families is an understatement.

5 Ovelia Atkascha

Ovelia/Ophelia is a princess who you see for much of the game, captured by Delita, brought back, and eventually captured and protected by Delita yet again. Here we have some major spoilers, since her death happens at the end of the game. So sick of being used (or thinking she's being used), she stabs Delita, only for Delita to stab her. In the end, she was basically the last person left that mattered to Delita, and now he's alone because of this.

6 Marge Funeral

Also known as Marcel Funebris, Funeral is the high priest of the Galbados Church, the head honcho of the entity that becomes Ramza's worst enemy by that game. Like most bigwigs, he is eventually betrayed by the Knights Templar and stabbed through the chest because of it just before Ramza reaches the place. Once Ramza finds the dying High Priest he spills the information to Ramza on where to go for the final parts of the game.

7 Wiegraf Folles

Naturally Wiegraf appears on here, as you fight him several times before he transforms into Velius and attacks you there. He's basically an anti-hero throughout the game because of how he fights for what he thinks is right. In the end though, he's become demonized and detached to actually fall as a demon.

8 Gelkanis Barinten

Duke Barinten of Riovanes Castle is an often forgotten character during the memorable Riovanes segment. While he manages to survive Vormav's wrath in the initial cutscene, he is known for what he had done involving Rafa, while shooting at her. Malak takes the blow for his sister, and while it looks like we're about to fight the duke in the final battle at Riovanes, he instead gets thrown off the building by Elmdor's assassins. But it's quite satisfying that this rapist met a rather quick end.

9 Messam Elmdor

Elmdor is a very interesting case of a character death. I already mentioned that he showed up to assassinate Barinten, but it was said in the story that he actually died during battle when an arrow struck him. While this was to be a believable rumor, the end battle at Riovanes Castle proved otherwise, as he shows up with two assassins, quickly killing Barinten and engaging Ramza. He later is confronted in his own castle at Limberry, where he becomes the demon Zalera, which is where we finally kill the bastard.

10 Simon Pen Rakshu

The decisive battle at Orbonne Monastery seals the fate of this old priest, who had kept a major secret from the church hidden, later given to Ramza the heretic. His dedication to keeping the Germonik scriptures hidden, as well as his protection of Ovelia, as well as Alma and Ramza, is the main reason his death is sad.

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