Top Ten Flame Wars that Shouldn't Exist

This is the list of the Top Ten flame wars that are really stupid, and it should not exist.

The Top Ten

1 Minecraft Sucks War

Geez, people in the internet need to stop starting flame wars when it comes to an opinion. I mean, seriously, I quit Minecraft because of people argueing if Minecraft is best game or not.

2 Is Anime a Cartoon War

It's up to you. To me, it's not a cartoon, but people would yell at you if you say so. It's whatever you think people.

Please enlighten me on what differentiates "anime" from "cartoons", or does coming from a different part of the world somehow make it deserving of its own genre of animation, despite the fact that shows from China or Korea aren't held to this standard. - The_Crimson_King

3 Master Race Console War

To me, there is no such thing as a master race. The master race to me is which console is more suitable for you. To me, it's all of the good Nintendo consoles (yes, including Wii U), but to some other person it's the PS4. It's an opinion.

4 Metal vs Pop War

I like both! Both metal and pop need to stop bashing each other and stop calling each other "idiot". It's just a person's taste in music okay?

5 Bring back the Old "whatever" War!

"Bring back the original Teen Titans! "
"Bring back the original Powerpuff Girls! "

Yes, I hate Teen Titans Go and the Powerpuff Girls reboot, but if you keep doing that, then you are going to make it worse.

6 Anime vs Cartoons War

None is superior. It's just an opinion. enough said.

7 Katy Perry vs Taylor Swift

Yes, they are on a feud, but you fans actually may have made things worse. Sometimes, fans may have spark up a feud. Calm down, you may make things better.

8 Five Nights at Freddy's War

Cringe to you or not. The FNAF hater and fanboy need to stop arguing with each other and leave the opinion to the person who likes it or not.

9 SAO is a good anime War

Just an opinion. I like Sword Art Online, but I respect those opinions to those who hate it. Don't just shove it down on their throat

10 Mary-Sue/Gary-Stu War

"Bloom (Winx Club) is a Mary Sue! "
"Kirito (Sword Art Online) is a Gary Stu! "

This is annoying. People can think they are or not. Don't just argue if the character is a Mary Sue/Gary Stu, just leave the character alone. It's just a character, and even though the character is a Mary Sue/Gary Stu, you still may enjoy the show.

The Contenders

11 BioTube War

€śBionicle is better than Hero Factory! ”
If you don’t know, this flame war’s about Bionicle Fans fight against Hero Factory Fans on Youtube lasted 2010-2012 or 2013. - ChroniclerMan5

Thanks for making me remember it, this flame war was really stupid

12 Brony Hater War
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