Top 10 Video Game Series with the Hottest Girls

The Top Ten
1 Darkstalkers
2 Tekken

Probably the game with the hottest girls and definitely the one with the hottest girl, the only one, Nina Williams.

3 Dead or Alive
4 Super Smash Bros
5 Street Fighter
6 Mortal Kombat
7 King of Fighters
8 Soul Calibur
9 Sonic the Hedgehog
10 Pokemon
The Contenders
11 Rumble Roses
12 Blazblue
13 Megaman
14 Final Fantasy
15 Overwatch
16 The Legend Of Zelda
17 Kid Icarus
18 Super Mario Bros.

You've got Peach, Rosalina, Daisy, Pauline etc. For a family friendly video game, Mario has some very attractive women.

19 Under Night In-Birth
20 Star Ocean
21 Crystar
22 Seven Deadly Sins
23 Metroid
24 Suikoden
25 Mario
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