Top 10 Most Fun Things to Do on a Trampoline

Are you bored on your trampoline? Or maybe you have a friend coming over and you want to show them all the fun of a trampoline? Well, you've come to the right place!

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1 Play Dodge the Balls / Bomb Balls

What if you don't have a ball

Forgot to add description! Just add a few balls to your trampoline, agree a number of lives and try not to hit the balls. Every ball touched is a life lost. - EnterUsername

Another classic game is to grab at least 2 or 3 balls (more if possible). Try to make the balls relatively soft. Agree on a number of lives with the person/people you're playing with. Then say, "3... 2... 1... GO! " and try not to touch the balls with any part of your body. Any ball touched is a live lost. - EnterUsername

2 Play Crack the Egg / Popcorn

Crack The Egg or Popcorn is a classic trampoline game and can be played with 2+ people. One player curls up into a ball in the centre of the trampoline while the other(s) bounce around them, trying to make them lie out flat or just not in a ball at least! - EnterUsername

3 Play Zombie

Zombie is a bit of a silly little game. Mostly suited to 3+ players. One person is elected 'Zombie' and closes their eyes and lies down in the centre of the trampoline. Once again, someone shouts, "3... 2... 1... GO! " and the game begins. The Zombie keeps their eyes closed and runs around trying to touch one of the other players. The first person touched becomes the Zombie. - EnterUsername

Love it!

4 Play Stop, Drop, Roll!

Stop, Drop, Roll is a game which is more suited to 3+ players. But you can have a go with 2+ players as well if you want. Elect one person to Stop, Drop, Roll while the others stand around the edges of the trampoline (trampoline net advised). The person elected previously sits in the middle and one person says "3... 2... 1... GO! " and then the elected person rolls around and tries to touch the other players as the move from edge to edge. The first person touched becomes the next Stop, Drop, Roll. - EnterUsername

It is fun

5 Play Rebounce

Rebounce is another game in which participants copy each other. It's a bit like the 'Santa's Sack' game. Agree on a certain number of hints. If you're unsure, you can use a hint. The first person performs a trick. Then the next person does the first person's trick and then adds his/her own. The more players, the harder it is. - EnterUsername

6 Play Roller

Me and my brother played. Awesome game

One person should be picked as the 'Roller' while the other stand at one end of the trampoline. The Roller shouts, "3... 2... 1... GO! " and starts to log/pencil roll across to the other players, who have to jump over the Roller. Repeat this several times. The first person to fail to jump the roller and is touched by them, becomes the next Roller. - EnterUsername

7 Play Routine Making

A fun thing to do is come up with a routine of tricks and/or gymnastic manoeuvres to an agreed song. It might be simple, but it's definitely fun! - EnterUsername

8 Play Don't Drop the Soap

hate this

Gucci I say

This is not a good idea. I feel as if it is a disgrace, even for adults. Whomever came up with this should not have shared this to the public.

Very inappropriate with the rape part

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9 Play Water Trampoline

If it happens to be sunny and very hot, why not grab a water gun and get some water balloons and have a water fight. On your trampoline! Equally, you can bring a small paddling pool onto the trampoline, fill it with water, and have a great time! - EnterUsername

10 Flips

I can do 5 in a row of back flips

I love a good flip as long as I don't break my neck!

All fun and great excercise!

Back flips, front flips they are all fun :D

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11 Wrestle

Its really fun

12 Jump on It Off of a Roof


13 Add Water and Soap

Love to play slip & slide using this method makes the floor really slippery.

Sounds fun

Get some soap, water, and a couple of friends and make a very slippery trampoline! See who can stand the longest before slipping! - littlestpetpet41813

I love adding soap and water to the trampoline because I love doing tricks while it's slippery

14 Play Trick-Off

Trick-Offs are great fun, friendly competitions about tricks. First person does a trick, then the second person tries to outdo person one. It may also be a good idea to have a judge. - EnterUsername

15 Play a DIY Game

If you're still bored, why not make up your own game or activity. It's much easier than you might think! - EnterUsername

16 Make Tick Tocks

It’s tik tok not tick tock 🙄

17 Bounce on It

Haha this is the best thing to do on a trampoline

18 Play Football on Trampoline and Use Trampoline Poles as Net Boarders
19 1, 2, 3 Game

You get a friend and count to three then jump on your backs at the same time

20 Soccer with your hands and feet
21 Jump Off From Roof and Land On Trampoline Full Of Objects

That is lit

Joogsquad does that! Its fun

22 Bouncing Contest

Works best with 3+ people, but 2 works as well. Each person takes turns bouncing on their butt (and then standing up) and when someone bounces out of turn, they're out. Bluffing is allowed.

This sounds very fun

23 Slip & Slide

Wet the trampoline. Then add some soap(optional) then you need 2 or more players to play this game. So once you have 2+ players. Jump around with your friends or family and whoever slips is out the last man standing wins. Double jumps is optional when playing this game!


24 Make Up a New Cheer/Gymnastics/Acrobatic Skill

Little kids can do thisto you can do this with no experiance you could just jump and make upa name vforit.

25 Play Music that You Agree on and Make a Dance to that Song with Water on the Trampoline

Just dance! Have fun!

26 Play Water Balloons and Fill Them Up With, water, glue, soap, more

Get everybody soaked and whoever gets wet five times then get if the trampoline and wait for your turn

27 Try a Double Flip! (Front or Back Flip)

This would be fun if you are a advanced trick artist.

28 Dance
29 Tag
30 Hop Scotch

It is boring

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