Top Ten Funny Genuine Voice Recognition Fails

Evolution has given man fingers and the brain which invented the keyboard long before voice recognition software, so don't become a strange creature that can't use your fingers. Don't rely entirely on voice recognition, because it is SO stupid.
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1 Me: "Tell Mum I'm leaving for school." Android: "Here's your message saying 'I took a piss on the stool.' Click to send."

This list is... Would the words amazingly hilarious be insulting? SO difficult to choose! :D

2 Me: "Wake me at 7:00 hours." Siri: "OK, you're alarm's set for 700 hours." (The alarm was set for a month later)

I guess in one way that was my fault. But hell's bells, I had an exam that day!

This list is funny, I wish I can vote all of them.

Too funny to choose just one!

3 Me: "Where's the nearest Starbucks?" Siri: "Here's what I found on the web for 'Best Sharp Cocks.'"

Those cocks might come in handy for cutting food though.

4 Me: "Add new contact." Android: "I don't understand 'Add you bomb crap.'"
5 Me: "Count down from two hours." Siri: "Countdown is on at 4:00."
6 Me: "Play Underworld." Siri: "Sorry, I couldn't find Udder Curd in your music."
7 Siri: "Here's your alarm for 15:00. Shall I create it?" Me: "Of course." Siri: "I found fifteen swimming pools."
8 Me: "Japanese restaurants." Siri: "Here's what I found on the web for 'Japanese Breast Fronts'"
9 Me: "Tell (my brother) we're running late." Android: "Your message to (my brother) saying 'We're dumb with fate.'"
10 Me: "Open Wikipedia." Siri: "I don't understand 'Hope and lick amoeba."
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11 Me: "Give me a pick up line" Siri: (Starts naming pickup trucks)
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