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21 Candy Crush, Designed to Addict

The video is great, but the title is misleading. The video barely mentions Candy Crush.

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22 How Much Is Minecraft's Diamond Armor Worth?
23 What's Wrong With The AVGN?
24 How PewDiePie Conquered YouTube
25 Why The Official Zelda Timeline Is Wrong

Why the OFFICIAL Zelda Timeline Is you see the problem with this title?

Even if this timeline is confusing, it's STILL ENDORSED BY NINTENDO so you CANNOT SAY IT IS WRONG! Remember how he used Fan made timelines in Mario Is Mental? Yeah, he doesn't know what's real anymore. - DCfnaf

26 Watch Dogs: You're Not Safe! Part 1
27 Rosalina Unmasked Part 1

The worst part is the part about the tree. I'm no expert on trees, but I do know trees can't change their leaves at all.

The hill and the castle area look NOTHING ALIKE! - DCfnaf

28 Is Comic Con 2014 REALLY Worth the Wait?
29 Duke Nukem 80's Action Star

This episode is one of the first theories and one of the best

30 Who is Purple Guy? Five Nights at Freddy's

Naaah. Purple Guy was obviously not Phone Guy:

1. Purple Guy smiles in every mini game he is in (except night 5 FNaF 3)

2. Purple Guy doesn't fear the Puppet at all.

3. Phone Guy put out TRAINING TAPES so OTHER EMPLOYEES knew how to use the suits and about the safe rooms.

4. Phone Guy is killed by Fredbear and stuffed into a Freddy's suit. Purple Guy is killed by Michael and the other dead Kids.

Besides, Purple Guy is William Afton, one of the co founders of the restaurant. I know this was made before this was revealed but I'm just saying. - DCfnaf

31 Why Video Game Movies Suck?

His Only GOOD Episode Is Not On He List? , Rofl - VideoGamefan5

32 Mario is Communist
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