Top 10 Gemstones that Go with Platinum or White Gold Mounting

Precious gems need and deserve precious metal "frames" (mounting).
First things to consider are: color and shade of the gem, design/shape, skin tone.

Platinum and white gold may look similar but they are two very different metals. Platinum is a naturally white metal and is more dense and durable. White gold is yellow gold with rhodium plating to make it white and it will yellow without repeated rhodium plating.

The gems on this list look great in a Platinum or White Gold mounting:

The Top Ten

1 Colorless Diamond Colorless Diamond

They always look great in a white metal mounting but they look great in every mounting and in every metal. - Metal_Treasure

2 Blue Star Sapphire Blue Star Sapphire

White precious metals and Blue Star Sapphires were made for each other. Yellow gold and rose gold mountings would look awful and tasteless. - Metal_Treasure

3 Emerald Emerald

In the image you see a high quality emerald from Colombia sold for 5.5 million dollars not long ago. It is with the classic Emerald Cut in a classic mounting - white, of course. - Metal_Treasure

4 Purple Taaffeite Purple Taaffeite

Dark intense colors look better in a white metal mounting than pale colors (except for diamonds that look great in everything) - Metal_Treasure

5 Star Ruby Star Ruby
6 Blue Sapphire Blue Sapphire

Deep blue gems look amazing in a white mounting - Metal_Treasure

7 Black Diamond

Long ago I added an image to it, the image got approved and appeared on that list but now I can't upload it on here because it doesn't show up in the options I can choose from. I can only choose from songs titled Black Diamond. Hmm... And this happens very often. I add images that I can't use later (images of gems, animals, fruits, etc) - Metal_Treasure

8 Alexandrite Alexandrite
9 Tanzanite Tanzanite

Only those with deep colors though - Metal_Treasure

10 Red Spinel Red Spinel

(aka the daughter of ruby; it's with a great hardness as well: 8/10).
Its red color doesn't have yellow-ish hues and it looks very good in a white mounting. - Metal_Treasure

The Contenders

11 Red Diamond Red Diamond
12 Musgravite Musgravite

All its deeper color hues - Metal_Treasure

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