Top 10 Gemstones that Occur Naturally in More Than One Color

Naturally means without artificial color treatment - yes, color can be infused in colorless gemstones usually by irradiation. Also, colors can be changed.
But this list is about gemstones that occur naturally in many colors.

The Top Ten

1 Diamond Diamond

Diamonds are usually colorless but they can occur in many colors - red, yellow, green, blue, black, purple, pink, etc.
Yellow is the most common of all color diamonds and is the most affordable. The opposite is the red diamond - the rarest color and most expensive gem. - Metal_Treasure

2 Sapphire Sapphire

Blue is the classic color of this gem but it can occur in ALL colors EXCEPT RED.

Most often they are blue, green, black, white, pink, purple, yellow, etc. - Metal_Treasure

3 Beryl Beryl

Beryl occurs in ALL colors, including colorless.
Popular varieties of beryl with different colors are:
Emerald (green), Aquamarine (blue), Morganite (pink), Red Beryl (Bixbite), Green Beryl, Heliodor, Golden beryl, Goshenite, Black Beryl, and more. - Metal_Treasure

4 Tourmaline Tourmaline

Green, blue, yellow, red, pink, purple - Metal_Treasure

5 Spinel Spinel

Red, Blue, Green, White, Pink, Purple, and more - Metal_Treasure

6 Topaz Topaz

Colorless, blue, brown, orange, yellow, green, pink, gray, red-ish, reddish pink - Metal_Treasure

7 Taaffeite Taaffeite
8 Garnet Garnet

Garnet is usually deep red to brownish gems, but it can be green, black, pink, purple,... - Metal_Treasure

9 Opal Opal

They can be Black, White, Green, Purple, and more - Metal_Treasure

10 Serendibite Serendibite

Black, Green - Metal_Treasure

The Contenders

11 Pearl Pearl

White is the classic color but they can be black as well, like the one on the picture. - Metal_Treasure

No, jokes on YOU weirdo @FoxyDoxy101.
Black pearls are very rare but not fake - for example, the Tahitian black-lipped pearls. Also, just to let you know, there are natural grey pearls. And because they are very rare, they are more expensive and respected.
I'm honestly sick of "competent" comments. - Metal_Treasure

12 Jasper Jasper
13 Moonstone Moonstone
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