Top 10 Gifts for Michael Jackson Birthday

The Top Ten Gifts for Michael Jackson Birthday

1 Opus Book Collection

Michael Jackson will always remain the best in everything, no matter what it is... There is only one, any thing Michael touched, wrote, is #1 EVER!

Nothing can begin to come close to perfection as Michael Jackson, should it be his OPUS Book, or Just His Name is the most magnificent of anything anywhere, Michael Jackson... The world Loves Michael Jackson...

I ordered mine more than a month ago and it is still back ordered and I might not be able to get it all... :( - love4mjj

OMG the ultimate MJ Gift is this... Love to have it and want to have it... xo MJ - love4mjj

Yes deffiently the best present mine is on its way carnt wait :) The place to get it, if you still can guys is (TICKETMASTER) - princessbev28

2 MJ Sneakers

It's really rare in the world. It's issued by - sarahsmith

It such a great idea for all MJ's FAN around the world! love you forever MJ muah - MJstimemachine

Michael's ultimate gift is his love for children

I can do moonwalk


You'll never miss it if you are a true MJ fan! - sarahsmith

WOW!... CD CD CD!... atleast you can HEAR his magic - SmoothCriminal

4 MJ T-shirt

They are really wonderful! - sarahsmith

5 MJ Concert Ticket

I think this would have been the best gift for my birthday... But when he was alive and was doing concerts. Wish it could happen again.

I'd never experienced watching MJ Concerts live! But having a concert ticket of MJ is a great gift I think!

;) - MJstimemachine

I never saw Michael Jackson live:(

It's really precious now! - sarahsmith

6 MJ Purse

I would love to have on of these

7 MJ Mug

Waking up in the morning to see mj face on your coffee mug... Things couldn't get better.

8 MJ Poster

There are many classic MJ posters in the world. They are worth of your collection! - sarahsmith

Already have posters of him I love mj

I want one so bad!

9 MJ Magazine

There are many magazines featuring Michael Jackson. Did you get some? - sarahsmith

10 MJ Handbag

It's never out of fashion when you take a MJ handbag - sarahsmith

I live you Michael rip

The Contenders

11 MJ Cassette

Old fashioned! ----You might not know what to do with MJ cassettes! - sarahsmith

12 MJ Cake

A cake is the most important thing for a party.

13 Moonwalker (Movie)
14 Kids

One called Michaelina and the other called Michael Junior!

15 The Silver Billie Jean Glove

I mean, this is the best thing that's related to MJ that I could ever receive.

16 Michael Jackson's This Is It (Concert Film)
17 White Cream
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