Top Ten Best Toilet Paper Brands

The Top Ten
1 Cottonelle

this is amazing toilet paper. I never used it before covid-19. and could not find the brand that I use. but I am so happy I found cottonelle I really like the ripple's very nice!

Cottonelle is very soft on your posterior, and doesn't feel like sandpaper as other brands do.

2 Charmin

Charmin makes me feel nice

The kind I use, it doesn’t taste good, so how is it number 2?

Its Charming and Ultra Soft

3 Angel Soft
4 Quilted Northern

Triple the length, Triple the quality

so soft I am very happy with it

Fit for a King or Queen

5 Scott

I HATE! SCOTT 1000 it has to be the worst toilet paper I have ever used in my life. it's so rough. and thin every time I use it no matter how much of it I use my hand get's wet. I payed $9.99 for this crap toilet paper that I was told was good.

6 DG Home
7 White Cloud
8 Nice!
9 Kleenex

Keeps You Completely Clean

10 Seventh Generation
The Contenders
11 Aldi
12 Marcal
13 Quilton

it's double the length and double the print

14 Home Store

it's from the doller tree. it's a lot better then scott 1000 this is soft. and work's very well.

15 Sorbent

its not just sorbent it's Absorbent

16 Royale

Mmm royale on my bumhole

17 Willow

Feels like sandpaper

18 Andrex

ALoe vEra fixes everything

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