Best Grand Theft Auto Radio Stations

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1 VRock

This station was pretty good in Vice City, however in Vice City Stories it was truly epic, and easily the best station in any Grand Theft Auto game. Cousin Ed and Lazlow are truly legendary

Best fictional radio station, no doubt about it!

Wait this has Slayer? Nice.

Best station ever

2 Radio X

I love rock and this radio station is the best I've ever seen in any video game. I hope grand theft auto v has a dlc for this station.

Best songs on the station, funny radio jockey, the best radio station to listen to whilst riding your helicopter over Area 42.


Shouldn't this be at the top?

It's just really good

I think the coolest thing about the radio station is that axl rose voices the DJ

4 Chatterbox FM

Reed Tucker the karate guy is awesome.

5 Flash FM

Best Grand Theft Auto radio ever!

The best music

6 Head Radio
7 K-Chat
8 K-Rose

Real talk: this station put me on to a LOT of good country music whereas you couldn't convince me the genre was any good. But that's the type of dismissive opinion you get after 10 years of hearing bro country on the radio

Actually, I love to listen to country while playing Grand Theft Auto, it's a great experience

9 Los Santos Rock Radio
10 Liberty Rock Radio
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Rodriguez nailed his role as Maurice Chavez!

12 Liberty City Hardcore
13 Radio Los Santos

Best of the San Andreas.

15 Emotion 98.3

Fernando Martinez is the man.

Fernando is god

16 West Coast Classics

I love rap hop

17 Integrity 2.0
18 Wave 103

How is this not at number 1? Probably hasn't been here that long. Gary Numan, Blondie, Depeche Mode, The Cure, A Flock of Seagulls and more, whats not awesome?

True masterpiece, in my opinion. by the way, Debbie Harry did a voice over of the cab dispatcher in Vice City.

19 Anvil
20 Fever 105

"And the beat goes on" enough said...

All fire. It's in my top 3.

21 Liberty City Rock Radio
22 Non Stop Pop FM
23 SF-UR
25 Lips 106
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