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1 Star Wars Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back

The prequels are pretty bad to many, but good in other parts, have you seen the planets in the creativity put in them, the planets in them are unlike anything anyone has ever seen, Coruscant, an globally urban planet with miles tall buildings, weird creatures and floating vehicles, Kamino, an aquatic world with no land, but still a terrestrial planet, Geonosis, not much creativity, but it's a rocky planet with rings and a lot of moons, Utapau, a green planet with so many giant sinkholes, so many large moons, and so many weird looking creatures, and Kashyyyk, the least creative, but still interesting planet, the wookie creatures were very inspiring, including Chewbacca.

Planets during the Order 66 attack include Mygeeto, an unusually weird planet, Felucia, an exotically lush world with weird looking plants, Cato Nemoidia, a planet with cities on giant bridges, Sameucline, a planet with giant bulb shaped plants and Mustafar, a hell world of lava, which Darth Vader burned on and ...more

You think this movie's the best? Then wait until you see Star Wars Episode VII - The Force Awakens, as everyone says, and believes, it will totally beat The Empire Strikes Back and all of the others in every way possible, and not only that, it will beat every other film, it will be number 1 in every review, and it will be mentioned by everyone, even pastors and preachers, as it will be the world's greatest movie of all time, and it will also beat Avatar to become the highest grossing movie of all time, yet it is also the most anticipated of all time, yet the most mentioned, and all of Disney's classic movies s well as all of the other movies will be shadowed and smashed by this monster that we call a movie, it will even eat every other movie up, and never get satisfied, you SHALL SEE THE FORCE AWAKENS if you think Empire and The Godfather are the best movies, IT will change everything forever.

This was great, but for really seriously epic, atmospheric, emotional and powerful Star Wars movies, there's Revenge Of The Sith, A New Hope and The Force Awakens, All 3 are more powerful in many terms, Serious fights, planets blowing up, and many creative places to explore, Hoth and Dagobah were kind of boring compared to planets like Coruscant, Geonosis, Utapau and Mustafar.

Even Bespin was unique, no one ever saw a city floating on a gas planet until this movie, which made Bespin a redeeming quality of creative planets.

Imagine if you were in those worlds, wouldn't they take your breath away? Plus, The Force Awakens hit everybody's lives, their reactions were something you cannot even put words into, The Jericho finale description perfectly fit with their reactions, they weren't being whiny brats who are obsessed with money, they really loved it, as well as the other two, but especially The Force Awakens, That movie had the most epic fights and violence, The Empire ...more - nelsonerica

The Characters have grown up, the story much more complex, the special effects are here for the story, not for themselves! The Strongest dialogues of the saga. With Jabba and his court, it would have been THE perfect movie ever!

I don't know y but I just love it, it's got all my favourite characters in like boba, bossk, obviously Chewie and I love the battle of hoth because the walkers r awesome

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2 Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith

The ratings of this list is exactly how I rated the movies. There all entertaining, personally though this is the most intense one of the entire Saga, The Acting of Hayden, Ian and Ewan are great, Sad all around, especially the epic battle, The most emotional score from John Williams in the Star Wars universe, astounding make up, Brilliant choreography, and the tying notch that really wines together well in a galaxy far far away. - Drewstar

I grew up with the prequels it was my generation. I never really liked episode 1 and 2 there were alright I guess but I found them boring. But I went to see this one in the cinema and it was everything I wanted. There are so many battles in this and twists and deaths. It's got everything then darth Vader been (born) at the end. I think every Star Wars film has its downs but the only down really in this one is Natalie Portman I just don't like her as pad me she never fit the role. 7. Phantom menace. 6. Clone wars. 5. New hope. 4 empire. 3. Force awakens. 2. Jedi. 1. Sith

This is not the second best star wars movie, stop lying to yourself, from a dialogue standpoint it is atrocious, but Lucas never was good at writing dialogue so I find that forgivable. My problem what this movie is it's atrocious acting (Haydan Christiansen), lightsaber battles that are choreographed so well that you feel no tension, no emotion, it just looks like a staged dance, one of the worst romances ever put to screen and the fact that it relied on special effects and space battles to insist that it is entertaining. This is not to say that I don't like this movie, I do, it's a b movie, the scenes with Palpatine tempting Anakin are great and the special effects are enormously better that the first two prequels. I would never think to watch it again but it kept me entertained for a time. To rank this movie over episode 4, 7 and 6, even Rouge 1 is a travesty. We don't like star wars for it's cool space battles lightsaber fights and lines, but for their intriguing characters, ...more

Best movie ever

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3 Star Wars Episode VI - Return of the Jedi

Star Wars is the greatest Saga of all time and most popular, and this is the greatest of all star wars movies! How can you forget the final and opening scene. The most anticipated unmasking of Darth Vader. Who finally turned good. I like how they edited it, when the new ones came out. Before they had another man to be Anakin's soul at the end. But they edited it to make Hayden Christensen, that was so good. The mastermind of George Lucas is amazing, I think he became the richest man in hollywood or something after this, 20th century thought George Lucas was crazy when he wanted to make the Star Wars franchise, now it is one of the most loved of all.

Return of the Jedi is a great conclusion to probably the best and most memorable not to mention timeless and classic Star Wars Saga. IT is in the greatest movies of all time, it is higher than Revenge of the Sith, which is so overrated by the way. IT shouldve definitely won oscars. I can't believe who overshadowed this movie is.

Harrison Ford and Mark Hammil are great actors and they deserve credit for this movie, This is the one, THE UNMASKING OF VADER. One of the most unforgettable moments in Cinema.

This is one of the greatest. The most action is in this one as well, it packs a lot of it.

This movie is not only, in my opinion the best movie in Star Wars, but my favorite movie ever. It is heavily overshadowed by Empire. However, it used the best effects of the 3 originals, and, chances are, if you're thinking of a Star Wars quote in your head right now, chances are it's from Jedi. "It's a Trap! " "The Emperor is not as forgiving as I am." "Especially for... Sister! " "Let's see what this piece of junk can do." etc. No doubt the best, and most meaningful Star Wars movie of all time.

The best movie of all time. I loved it - Pixtol

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4 Star Wars

This was the beginning of the most popular series of all time! The movie was great overall, with great visual effects and a unique storyline, was a big hit in the 70's and still is to this very date!

One of the most amazing movies of all time. Far superior to Episode V. In Episode V, Luke got his hand cut off, but if that happened in real life, Luke would've passed out from shock and probably die. Also, the story moves along at a snails pace in Episode V. This is far more entertaining. I have to get Episode V credit, though, as it's special effects are better then this. - booklover1

Just the perfect Sci Fi. And without a doubt one of the best movies ever made. It should have won best picture oscar - roblist

It was the first

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5 Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens

"The Force Awakens" has a single major flaw. Which is that it resembles "Star Wars" too much. But not only the first movie, but the Original Trilogy in general. Yet, it doesn't distract from the amazing movie (Unless you only went inside to simply bitch about it).

It has emotion put into it. You feel it everywhere. This movie was made by fans that love this franchise, and those who made it, understood what the Prequels lacked and tried to get you back into the old days. This movie simply played it safe, to get the fans back on track again (That's what I believe).

Now, the hard work that was put in, truly paid out. The acting was phenomenal from all sides (With exception of the Phasma character, yet, she didn't have much screen time anyway), the score was brilliant, though it was so far out in the background most of the times. The practical effects are lovely! You can't help, but love them! If you are have been a fan since childhood, then this movie ...more

This is supposed to be not only the greatest Star Wars movie of all time, but the greatest movie, IN GENERAL, of all time, /it will change motion picture history and humanity FOREVER, and since the actors and directors saw it, they actually cried with joy, joy doesn't even do justice, it should even surpass Titanic as the most emotional movie of all time, as if that movie was extremely emotional, which proves that when it comes out, all humanity will cry, laugh, scream, and talk about it forever, it will be like Jesus's return, but in movie form, it is expected to be the GODFATHER of ALL MOVIES! Many people want good movies with plots, storylines, adventures, action, character development, drama, battles, and emotions, This is what we will all get all at once when we see this movie, even Darth Vader's most famous line, I am your Father, won't even be anywhere near as indescribable as this movie, there will never EVER, not even in INFINITY, be a SINGLE WORD to describe this MOVIE! IT ...more

You're right about the people reacting to this movie, but the movie itself wasn't good, too unoriginal and had a bland score. - nelsonerica

The first in the Star Wars franchise not helmed by George Lucas, Star Wars: The Force Awakens manages to maintain a balance of emotions between an ensemble cast, a combination of cast from the original trilogy and newcomers of the current sequel trilogy. It's a classic telling of a Star Wars adventure, devoid of Gungans, Ewoks, flat dialogue, and an overabundance of inferior CGI. Director J.J. Abrams employs a story you are familiar with insofar as the theme elements, but shows us a few new tricks with storytelling that we haven't seen before in this galaxy far far away.

Force is not one for those who expects a constant continuity of plot, as there are quite a few plot gaps with this film taking place three decades after the conclusion of Return of the Jedi, but is rather an emotional powerhouse that rises above any shortcomings. Any plot hole or slow-moving portion of this movie is overcome by its ultimate outcome.

The Force Awakens is a cinematic adventure that FEELS ...more

I checked the IMDB site and I found out this film got a 8.1 rating. But I was surprised when I went through first 50 review pages. About 90% of the reviewers have given it a 1-4 star rating reacting negatively calling it a massive disappointment, A disney money grab, A overrated remake and the worst Star wars movie ever. Then how the hell did this movie got a 8.1 rating? Judging by the reviews at average it could get a 4/10 star rating at best. Is disney really paying off the critics and website for getting a good rating? Can someone please explain it to me?

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6 Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones

So underrated, has some amazing action scenes, and is one of the most important films in the saga. Everything that happens after this happens because of the events in this movie. Sure there are some cheesy "emotional" scenes and the acting is sub-par but... the acting is of low quality in the ENTIRE SERIES! The Originals vs Prequels debate will go on forever. The points people make against the prequels are usually valid in the originals as well but nostalgia clouds their vision. All 6 movies are great and 2 is the underdog and the best of them all. - evoxpisces

The funny thing is that it was actually the first time I ever watched a Star Wars film (it was on DVD but whatever) and it was the time when I was a little kid and it was reason that I've become a Star Wars fan. Even though today I still think that the prequels are disappointing except Episode 3 and I prefer the original but it doesn't mean I don't like Episode 2 even to this day. Sure it does in fact suffer from lousy dialogue and some cheesy romantic scenes but I feel that this movie is quite underrated and better that Phantom Menace cause it had better action sequences, the visual effects look more sharper and detailed than the cartoonish like CGI in Phantom Menace. it had some good moments and even though the romance in the movie is cheesy but there were some parts that made me like ''that's kinda sweet you know''. 7/10

I grew up with this movie so I will obviously defend it. I like this movie you know what I love this movie and here is why. Although over usage of cgi is used you cannot deny there is some cool action scenes in it. Although the romance is poor it was not there main focus. Padme is a better character than Leia as she is actually beautiful and Natallie Portman is a better actress than Carrie Fisher as she can actually cry etc. Anakin on the other hand is awful and whiny.

Awesome movie! But didn't like the following one.

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7 Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace

Lol honestly I bet if the prequels came out first then the originals everyone would love the prequels and hate on the originals

The greatest action film of all time! This movie has amazing effects, and is good in bringing back the Star Wars world to life!

As much as I believe this is the worst of the saga, we can all admit that the obi wan v Darth Maul v qui gon lightsaber battle is amazing

Jar Jar and Pod Racing are what screwed this movie. The fight scenes were cool, and Darth Maul was a way cooler villain than most of the other franchise villains (Count Dooku, Kylo Ren, etc.) - Bodanski

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8 Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

This is a great movie, up there with the best. I loved VII, but this has it beat because it's not too similar to the originals, it's not as predictable, and it's more mature and gritty. It shows the hardships and sacrifices of war, and that not everyone will make it out okay. Vader was used brilliantly, he wasn't used too much but his scenes were epic. Character development could've been better but I enjoyed each of them and was sad to see them die. K2, and Jyn were the saddest deaths in my opinion, but they were moving. It showed how willing they were to put everything on the line to fight against the Empire. Overall it was an amazing movie and will forever be one of my favorites in the Star Wars franchise.

This movie is fantastic. The only problem it had was the lack of character development. Really though. It was far better than the Force awakens, so emotional and hard hitting, this is up there probably just below Empire Strikes back, and maybe above Return of the Jedi

Rogue One is another epic Star Wars movie that people will not stop talking about until the next one. Good amount of Darth Vader and enjoyable characters make this Star Wars ride a thrill! Check it out, I am sure you will have a blast.

Jyn erso rules

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9 Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Star Wars Clone Wars reveals the utter triumph and potential of Star Wars. Let's admit it: the first two- Phantom Menace and Attack of the Clones, sucked. The third was okay, but Anakin was a whiner. The fourth had Luke as whiny hero, and Obi-Wan lets himself get killed.
The fifth and sixth do almost defeat this one. They are the peak of George Lucas's career. The seventh, though it hasn't come out yet, also sounds good.
Star Wars Clone Wars has many memorable new characters, such as Ahsoka Tano, Cad Bane, Lux Bonterri, and Duchess Satine. The villains Darth Maul, Savage Opress, Palpatine, and Asajj Ventriss are amazing. Also, lesser known characters, such as Kit Fisto (a personal favorite) have their own episodes.
The clones, such as Captain Rex, are given character, and when they die, you feel sad.
This series also reveals the brilliance of Palpatine's plot, revealing each little step to becoming the Emperor. And in each season, Anakin gets darker. He is amazing- not a ...more

Darth Maul was already killed by Obi Wan in The Phantom Menace, and this show took place between Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith, it doesn't make any sense, but the other parts were excellent. - nelsonerica

But a shadow of past brilliance

Would have done better live action.

And it even has Samuel Jackson as the voise for mase windo - jangofettisthebest

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10 Star Wars: A New Hope

This one is like one of the best it's the first one made gorge Lucas even thinks it's the best that's why he did not sell it to Disney it is for shore one the best one made way better then episode 5 - jangofettisthebest

Dumbest movie of star wars do not having any graphic and not any good stoty it is not having any quality

Bruh why did you pit ep. 4 and star wars original? U make no sense.

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11 Star Wars Holiday Special

This is not a film. This is awful however, this is even worse than Jar Jar, and that's saying something. - Therandom

Quite honestly, it doesn't get any better than Life Day.

I laughed so hard. This is the worst thing to happen to Star Wars, even more than Jar Jar Binks.

Watch this on Youtube, start at 28 minutes into it, you'll be very very surprised. Eh he he.

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12 Ewoks - The Battle for Endor

When did this come out?!?!?! - Anonymousxcxc

Cute spin off

Saw this when I was little. it's not bad. - Stevenuniversefangirl

Whattt. A evok movie on this list. I bet it's terrible

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13 Star Wars: Episode VIII

Spoilers: Rey and Finn get together, and become romantically involved. Finn will give Rey her first kiss.

Idiot. No one knows a damn thing about this movie. It won't come out for a long time! - NoEntranceHere

I'm awfully excited for this movie to come out but with you guys saying spoiler alerts your bad friends

Lol it is being made now in 2015.

The movie has a title now, it's called: The Last Jedi

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14 Star Wars: Episode IX

I come from the future. The Force Awakens becomes a big success and everyone likes it, ranking it just under The Empire Strikes back. Episode VIII is a huge flop, and everyone loses hope in IX.
But IX comes back strong, and becomes the best Star Wars movie of all time.
You heard it here first.

Hope it god when I see it when I'm 14 years old

I hope Rey and Finn kiss or get married in this film. If they do not end up together, I will be highly disappointed.

Coming out in 2019 then we'll have to wait like 5-10 years for another 3 movies - Pixtol

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15 Caravan of Courage - An Ewok Adventure

I don't even know most of these only the new one, the other sequels, the Cartoon Network T.V. series, the originals, and the prequels. - Anonymousxcxc

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16 Star Wars Rebels: Spark of Rebellion

You're joking right. This isn't even a movie. - Anonymousxcxc

It was a movie length episode of Star Wars Rebels.

I think rebels is cool I like the inquisitor brothers/sister - jangofettisthebest

It's not really a movie but still, it's the reason why I watch the show. and the animation is top quality, probably the best there is

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17 Lego Star Wars: Droid Tales

Best movie in all of anime.
R2-D2 is much stronger than Goku
He's faster the the Flash
He can break the 4th wall like Deadpool
He can make Shadow Clone Jutsu, some how,
He has the rinnesharingan.
He can even go to Gear 4th like luffy, and Gomu Gomu No Shock
He can beat Superman in one punch like One Punch-D2 - Hdhs1

18 Lego Star Wars: The Padawan Menace

Terrible spinoff of a movie that already is pretty bad.

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