Greatest Thing Ever on Video

Top 10 list for the greatest thing ever to hit moving pictures -- I mean out of any movie, tv show, documentary, etc.

The Top Ten

1 Band of Brothers

Greatest. Thing. Ever. Made. Freaking. Period.

Nothing in the history of moving pictures as a whole can even come close to this masterpiece. It is the greatest war-time series by far, and surpasses any movie, tv show, or anything else.

It is the reason I made this list.

And, I mean Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg! Tom Hanks being the GREATEST actor of ALL TIME hands down, and Spielberg being one of the greatest actors of all time.

So that is why this wins as the best video/moving-picture/whatever EVER made. - rrpaul

2 Toy Story

One of the greatest series ever created. - rrpaul

3 Crash

My favorite movie. That's why its second lol. - rrpaul

4 Saving Private Ryan

Two words. Tom hanks. Lol.

Seriously though this is a very close second, on the greatest movie ever made. - rrpaul

5 Scrubs

Greatest TV series ever made in my opinion. Zach Braff is phenominal. - rrpaul

6 Harry Potter Series

Although its not my favorite thing in the whole world, it made some awesome, awesome movies. - rrpaul

7 The Lord of the Rings: The Motion Picture Trilogy

One of the greatest things to hit video. - rrpaul

8 Family Guy

Favorite comedy thing in general to hit moving pictures.

Best cartoon out of ANYTHING, yes surpassing any anime, and crap like that. - rrpaul

9 Titanic
10 The Matrix

The Contenders

11 Pulp Fiction
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