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1 Poseidon - God of the Sea, Earthquakes and Horses

"i love this god he is so awesome,
I love the sea, horses, and if they don't kill harm or destroy anything I like earthquakes to.

He is the Best as you CAN SAY. I knw that Zeus is the KIng but actually Poseidon was the CHOOSEN KING befoe but just cause He was Loyal to his little brother he gave the throne to Zeus. Hades is laso good as many people think he is bad because they fear DEATH. Zeus is SOMETIMES cruel but Poseidon, I think is the Best. He has his TRIDENT and his name 'Poseidon' means the 'EARTH SHAKER' which means he can cause Violent earthquakes, Volcanoes and also hurricanes and he also has kind of power in the air, He can also cause Tsunami and Violent big Waves. HIs Symbols are the TRIDENT as it is his favourate as well as the one of the strongest weapon ever created in the whole mythology, and his other symbols are also dolphins, horses, sea birds, etc

Although that Cronus ate him, but he is the most powerful because he can shake the earth and create large sea storms, not like zeus with that stupid lightning bolt and not like Hades with a weird helm and keeps hiding in the underworld. Not like Athena with only a brian, not like ares who is hard headed and the easiest to get angry. Not like Hephaestus who only cares about technology, by the way, he is ugly! Lastly, not like Apollo and Artemis who keeps on arguing themselves.

Poseiden is the man! He deserves to be number one plus if his own children can defeat a god [percy jackson vs ares ] it must be easy to beat like five

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2 Zeus - God of the Sky and Thunder

Zeus of Course. How Can Poseidon Be above him There Must Be a Mistake in the Hellonic Mythologicle Meta series Zeus has attained the highest feats in the entire body of myths. He has an/Universe destroying thunder bolt he is more powerful than all the other gods combine he controlls the cosmic sphere known as the sky which houses the universe and in orphic tradition the Entire multiverse He ate Phanes and now can controll all Time and space with any time line he was the ancient greeks pinacle Henotheistic God

he's king of gods! almost got killed once because of Typhon!. but he won the battle anyways! And I love poseidon too but I couldn't make up my mind! And hades OMG! You guys are devil worshippers with all your guns and violence!

The only reason Poseidon is above Zeus is because of Percy Jackson... I mean seriously, Zeus is WAY more powerful. Also, to reply to one of the Poseidon voters, Poseidon was never chosen king. They drew lots and Zeus was chosen... So Poseidon was chosen as the sea god. And he did not give his throne to Zeus, as he never had one.

Zeus singlehandedly dethroned Kronos, and was the most powerful of all the Greek gods. And LOOK AT ZEUS'S CHILDREN! Hercules, Jason, Perseus, and MANY MORE! All of the greatest heroes were Zeus's children! (Please do not include Percy Jackson since he is not really a figure from Greek mythology but from a fictional story).

Zeus controls weather, the sky, thunder, lightning, and storms! His lightning bolt is the most powerful of the godly weapons!

Just because of PJ, people shouldn't vote for Poseidon! Actually THINK about real Greek mythology, and you will see why Zeus is the best.


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3 Athena - Goddess of Wisdom

Athena is the best god she should be at least number four, she is the goddess art, skill, technology, war, battle, and so many more. She is also the favorite daughter of Zeus even though he swallowed his first original wife, Metis in a whole piece because it said a child from Metis would be smarter than him, Zeus

She is obviously a very intelligent and well rounded woman. She is the goddess of crafts and was the one to tame horses despite Poseidon creating them. She also created the Aegis, a powerful weapon that even Zeus likes to use. Also, she is the only one Zeus trusts to use his lightning bolts. She was the only god/goddess not to run away from Typhon and guided Odysseus home despite Poseidon's wrath. She is also the goddess of wisdom, strategy and war fare.

She overcomes all the other Gods. She was the only one on Odysseus's side, and with her help he could beat any god or beast that came his way. I mean, without wisdom, what's the use of all those other powers anyways?

I love Athena she is very intelligent, strong,brave,beautiful, and is the favorite daughter of Zues. Who wouldn't like her?

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4 Hades - God of the Underworld

Ok, where do I even start...
Hades is good, ok? Why do people think he's evil? He may be the God of death, but just think. If he wasn't alive, where would people go when they died? See my point? Good. If not, here's a summary of what I just said. HADES. IS. NOT. EVIL. GET USED TO IT!

Whew! So, you get the idea. Hades isn't evil. Ok, ok, I'll stop saying that. But, in case you didn't know, here's a little story. Once upon a time, a long time ago in Greek mythology, there was a Titan King named Kronos. One day, he had children. Zeus, Posieden, and Hades. "Hey," said Zeus one day. "We should lead a rebellion against our father so we can become the Kings! " "Great idea," said Posieden. "Ooh, I can't wait! " Exclaimed Hades. So it happened. A war, God vs Titian. Well, they all played their part in overthrowing their father. Hades was clever. He snuck past Kronos's armies to destroy Kronos's weapons. After the battle, which the gods won, ...more

He is the best god... With his helm of darkness... Plus he ruled the dead do that just makes him awesome... Next thing he has various people such as Charon working for him

You have admit that Hades is pretty strong for a brother of Zeus and Poseidon he could send his hell hound to attack but ha is pretty strong

m hot

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5 Apollo - God of Light and the Sun

He is also the god of music. That is the main reason that I voted for him in the first place. The god of the sun is also interesting as well.

If you think Poseidon is the most powerful, think about this: Poseidon is extremely powerful. Even more than Zeus I think (he does not make rash decisions or is impulsive). But Apollo can beat Poseidon if he really wanted to. Water is evaporated BY THE SUN. Everyone thinks Poseidon is more powerful because he's part of "the Big Three" or whatever. But truth is, Apollo can eliminate Poseidon's whole element! That's pretty dang powerful. So don't be a Zeus, think about who you vote for, and if you think about it, Apollo is on top.

Apollo is more powerful then poseidon, his power over he sun can burn the earth and the oceans and skies, as seen when Phaethon wore his sun crown. He defeated both ahena and ares to keep them from fighting


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6 Ares - God of War

He puts swords in his shoulders because he doesn't have room for them on his belt!

He made everybody in his family mad & so Poseidon crashes waves on the beaches to remind him to behave. He is the god of war

Ares is god in great power, good part to Ares in serial Xena and Hercules, Ares is attack style, grey costume. Master magy and fighter in weapon zord.

He's a cool man dude fellow

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7 Artemis - Goddess of the Hunt, Forests and Hills, the Moon

OK, First of all I am just going to say why at the time I am writing this is Artemis 7 when Apollo is 5!?! I mean, Artemis helped GIVE BIRTH to Apollo. Plus, Apollo is shy and her arrows kill painlessly and swiftly while his cause sickness. If you have an antidote he can hardly do anything. So Artemis should AT LEAST be ahead of Apollo. Plus in case you haven't noticed right now the top 5 are ALL men. SO if that is a reason that is wrong. Plus she is like the goddess of the moon which makes night like her realm. (Also her brother Apollo is driving that Sun Chariot all day and can't enjoy his part of the day, so Artemis would be like, "sorry bro you can't enjoy the night.") She is Goddess of the hunt and for everyone who voted for Nemesis, change your vote to Artemis because if you know about Actaceon then you know she got total revenge on him for looking at her naked body and he became a stag and was chased by his own hunting dogs. So she has revenge. She is a very fierce fighter and ...more

I think Artemis is ' awesome. She's great with the bow and arrow and is so calm mannered and is calm when everyone is out (I think ). She also hates boys which I think is a plus.

Artemis is awesome she is amazing with a bow and arrow she reminds me of katniss everdeen from the hunger games

I love the moon, wolfs and darkness in general and plus who says a girl isn't powerful. SLAY!

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8 Aphrodite - Goddess of Love, Lust and Beauty

Come on! She should at least be in top ten! Even though she might not have powers that are like ESSENTIAL to your life but everyone wants beauty. And tons of people love lust and beauty... So

Sexy on every picture Plus I love Love, Lust and Beauty. Who doesn't - Alexandr

Come one! She is awesome! Why isn't she one of the top ten!?!?! She was born from the sea and has a famous painting after her birth! She's awesome!

She Very cool like she can make people fall in love

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9 Hephaestus - God of Technology, Blacksmiths, Craftsmen, Artisans and Volcanoes Fire

Hephaestus is the best god, he is strong and silent, but also nicer than many other gods. He has created so many great inventions and made the world's first woman!

hephaestus is imense. He can make any thing and could blow up your school and teaches. So vote the god of blacksmiths

Hephaestus is super smart and I consider him to be one of the strongest considering he made the weapons of Zues poseidon and others, and they wouldn't be anything without them

He's is the coolest god because he can easily fool other gods and he came back after his mother abandoned him and know he's one of the best gods

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10 Hermes - Messenger of the gods, god of commerce, thieves, travelers, sports, and border crossings

Hermes moves so fast he would be across the universe before you even begin to blink, if you try to fight this guy it's game over, he delivers billions of punches on you in seconds. He is pretty much the Flash made into a Greek God. He could pretty much defeat every god before they even know he is taking down their relatives. He moves between dimensions, as he has been in the underworld and Olympus as well. Just got a check for a million dollars? No you didn't cause Hermes just ran by and made it his. Nobody stands a chance against a dimension jumping, super speed, theif, juggernaut, god.

Hermes is a greek mythological god and is the god of commerce, thievery and travel. He is the fastest of all Gods. Hermes also has rescued Ares.

He's basically the Flash of greek mythology, and that's pretty damn cool in my book. He's also likely been in more stories than any other god or goddess acting as the communication between them. All hail the messendger.

Donald Trump likes this man

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The Newcomers

? Khione - Goddess of Snow


? Amphitrite - Goddess of the Sea

I think she is the best Greek goddess

She is awesome

The Contenders

11 Hera - Goddess of Women and Marriage

I hate Hera she needs a "Perfect Family" she threw Hephaestus of Olympus.

Sure, Hera may hay outdated family principles, but as do most gods and goddesses. And do NOT tell me you wouldn't hate the kids of your husband's ex-lovers. Maybe you wouldn't try to kill them, but it's so easy for a goddess to kill people. It's so easy to give in to temptation when you can control the world. Being the queen of godesses is pretty bad ass to me.

Hera's cool, but is a jerk to all of Zeus' kids. Like, it's not their fault!

Hera just gave me a blowjob last night!

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12 Helios - God of the Sun

Helios is awesome even though he is a titan
Plus son of hyperion
And one of the few good titans

He is so fit he has blonde hair and blue eyes. He is always smiling and how cool is it to be able to change the weather and mess with the elements so cool

Helios is amazing! he can kill any god with the power of the sun he can blind them and then set them on fire the only reason he died in god of war was because he was wounded and he couldn't stand up helios is AMAZING

Um I like helios because I was righting a thing about him so then he liked to help others and
he did not treat his wife not that good

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13 Cronus - God of Time

Cronus was not a god, he was a Titan, father of Zeus and other Olympians dimwits...

He could stop time and all his enemies would freeze so he could pick them of with ease.

Cronus not a god but still if zeus lost his master bolt he would have no power over any one but cronus is so strong he could kill zeus then take is right ful place has king of the gods and the titans so that's why cronus is the strongest

It can be spelled Kronos, Cronus, or Cronos

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14 Demeter - Goddess of Crops and Fruit

Demeter (Ceres in Roman version), sure knows how kick yo' butt! She rescued her beloved daughter Persephone from the grasp of that creep Hades. During her quest to find her daughter she came across a king and queen (by that time Demeter morphed into an old woman). The kind couple saw how worn out Old lady Demeter was and took care of her for a couple of days.
The queen had a baby son, and Old lady Demeter offered to mind him for the queen (even Queens need breaks), and placed him in the fire (don't worry, this didn't hurt the child as Demeter used her magical powers to make sure the fire didn't burn through the boy). Her method was that because the King and Queen showed her great hospitality, she decided to repay them by making their baby son grow up to be a powerful hero.

Guys, she is the eldest goddess that still has a throne. She is the goddess of nature, the earth, seasons, agriculture and harvest. She could defeat the other godsin a thousand ways without even blinking, she could(ready for this) starve them, strangle them with vines, send them to the core of the earth, bury them and suffocate them, she could poison them with plants, slice them up with her golden swords and scythe, she could roast them with her dragons, send animals to destroy, and so much more! She is MUCH more powerful than people think.

I can't believe that Persephone is so beautiful I remember in school we done a project on Greek gods In six grad she is awesome because she saved her own daughter and she didn't quite kill hades.

She’d be mad about the state of her domain - blackflower

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15 Nike - Goddess of Victory

Just saying, if you're going to vote for Nike, you should probably vote for Athena instead (just my opinion), because Athena is Nike's best friend and Nike follows her everywhere. Then you can have a powerful goddess and victory on your side for the price of one. Also, Nike, the shoe brand has her name not because she's the goddess of shoes (I honestly can see why people might think that) but because they want people to think their shoes will help you win and perform better- winning=victory=Nike.

What's better then having the goddess of victory on your side? I wouldn't make her angry otherwise in a fight... Oh oh!

I mean how can you win against victory and success. Come on how can you seriously argue. HOW DO YOU BEAT THE GOD OF WINNING?!

Yooo this tis the best goddesess in the the whole world

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16 Dionysus - God of Wine, Theatre and Ecstasy

I'm kind of pissed off that everyone is judging him based on the Percy Jackson series. Like really. He can turn coke into fanta? That's ridiculous modern stuff. The Ancient Greek Gods are ANCIENT.

He can change any drink or liquid o another drink or liquid! How cool. He can turn coke into fanta! ( I hate coke and love fanta)

The god of ecstasy and wine, what else matters?

Why is one of the 12 Olympian gods 16th!? He should be at least 1st-12th! He’s only back here because people are judging him based on Percy Jackson movies 😕 I mean don’t get me wrong I love the movies but.. people are here talking about soda pop N stuff like he’s from 2019, Bruh, he’s the god of wine 🍷 not Fanta!

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17 Nyx - Goddess of the Night

She's awesome you should research her she's so interesting

She was one of the first and I love our children

A true form of darkness daughter of chaos and has her own right and dominion in the underworld feared by most and can even make Zeus step back the king of Olympus fears the wrath of nyx

I love her she is so awesome and cool she is also interesting and so pretty

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18 Nemesis - Goddess of Revenge

Nemesis is revenge baby who doesn't like revenge

Even though she is a revenge goddess, I love her. I want to be like her. GO NEMESIS!

Nemesis is not about anger or hate, she is about justice! - rankist

Smite m8 once did 25 kills to 0 deaths with Nemesis so she is good goddess

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19 Pan - God of Nature, the Wild, Shepherds, Flocks, Goats, of Mountain Wilds

Pan is great god to force, and mutant to people and goat foot, devil fire body, big tail and Pan is great power.

You can't not like pan. He is probably the coolest non human looking god

Pan imagine a world without him. No animals none of them are unique but Pan he is what makes every single animal unique to us from dogs, to cats, to sea creatures we don't now exist all come from Pan God of nature.

He should be in the top 15

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20 Thanatos - God of Death

He's the ancient grim reaper. Jades might rule the after life, but where do you think he owes credit too? For creating death

Just what I thought the power of death is a powerful and strongest ability but I also agree with time god time is also a powerful and strongest ability.

He is stronger than Zeus (in my opinion ) he is the strongest God

He's my favorite god he's epic like he could anyone so I vote that he should be fir st cya zues

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21 Hercules

Hercules is overrated to be honest but he is still good but he is a weak God compared to ares Hermes and any around that area he wouldn't even stand a chance against any gods he should just stay a hero

3 words BIG AS CRAP, complete awesome and Zeus loving son the amazing Hercules

Sure he is over rated but he rules, come on, look at those twelve labors he did, and what painful death he had before rising into the gods! Now for my cons, he is a freaky guy, I mean, look at all the people in the underworld because of him! But he is caring, he save Theseus. If you don't know about that, at the end of Theseus' life, he was very foolish. He and his gang went out to find new wives for themselves. He got Helen of Troy, while his friend wanted Persephone! He was frozen to the spot with his friend but was saved by Hercules!

Heracles greastest Greek hero

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22 Lycaon - The Wolf King

The first werewolf- what's not bad-ass about this guy?

Wolves are awesome and he created them whats not to love

Coolest ever god wolves are the best so who created them must also be great

It a pokemon

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23 Gaia - Goddess of the Earth

Come on guys. The only reason all the gods exist is because of this god. She has the power to create and destroy worlds. She is Zeus' grandmother. She is as pretty as everk, and strong she has it all! 10/10

This first comment is rubbish. Chaos is the grand dad of her much stronger

Gaia is just awesome. Sorry, but she is the grandmother of Zeus, the Ultimate Goddess, the wife of Ouranos and Mother Earth! How can you beat that? Oh sure, Heroes of Olympus pass her off as a villain but she's still really cool. She's the mother of Cronos! You can't sideline that. She bore the Lord of Time! Come on!

She is awesome, without her we woulden’t be here!

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24 Notch - God of Minecraft

Lol little kid put this on here

Is he a god? Jesus christ what the hell is this doing here

I am notch, the god of minecraft


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25 Hecate - Goddess of Magic and Witchcraft

How could anyone skip Hecate? She is the most interesting out of all Greek deities. She is goddess of necromancy and magic. She has also been described as the Greek Goddess of crossroads; a truly iconic occult figure who bears torches to help illuminate the shadows. She helped in locating Persopheone when she had been lost to the underworld. Her origins might even be far more ancient than that of the other gods and older than some titans as well.

She should be #1! She can cast magic! If she went against Zeus or Poseidon or any other "powerful" one, she could block all their attacks and then cast a spell on them and turn them into a pig or something small and helpless like that.

" Hecate is easily the best, cause she is THE TITANESS/GODDESS OF MAGIC! Sure, she was a Titan, but if there is no Hecate, who controls magic? She is kind ( alright, sometimes ). She helped Demeter find Persephone, and she works with Hades, as she is also the Titaness of ghosts. Get rid of Hera, and make Hecate the Queen of the Gods/Titans!

The magic goddess, super cool - blackflower

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26 Tartarus

He is stronger than gaea he can destroy every other god or goddess easily

He is the best no one can defeat him

God f the massive pot of tartarus and can own any god on this list except gaia

He easily beat bob, hyperion,krios,small bob,maneionian drakon and damensen. father of the giants and the pit himself.he is stronger than every god and godess and tied with gaea and ouranos

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27 Kratos - Personification of Authority

He is now god of war. NO GOD can beat him even THOR

Most badass god probably not the strongest but he's cooler than the rest

He is a fake god from a video game...

It sucks lolololololololololololol NOOBS I'm 9 by the way

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28 Eos - Goddess of Dawn

The dawn holds the beautiful rising sun

The dawn means the new day is here what is not to love

You guys can't forget about this dude. He's a flying baby with love arrows.

Hump me

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29 Morpheus - God of Dreams and Shapeshifting

He could literally just turn into Zeus or another powerful god and then he would just have their powers. And he literally too out a whole city just by walking around.

I think he is awesome since he can turn into anything. I mean really why would you want an army when you can turn into a dragon. Also he can turn anyone to sleep which is really handy

Why don't you like him? He could literally be anything!


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30 Hypnos - God of Sleep

Who doesn't like sleep. Your website was horrific!

I love to sleep.

Sleep, what's not good about that

Annabeth even quoted herself,“If you ask me this is the most dangerous cabin, at least in the Ares cabin you can lear; where the land mines are.”

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31 Eros - God of Love

Everybody in the mythology is scared of Eros even the gods because he can shoot you with one of his arrows and you could fall in love with ANYONE or ANYTHING.

Eros is Aphrodite's son and technically Cupid.

He is the god of love who doesn't like love

Eros and Psyche! Love them!

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32 Thalia - Goddess of Comedy


Well played

hi wasssup

33 Iris - Personification of the Rainbow and Messenger of the Gods

She's like the female version of Hermes...she's AWESOME!

Goddess of rainbows and messenger of the gods

If she is the goddess of rainbows she is awesome

My favourite God is chaos, and favourite goddess? Iris. - astroshark

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34 Boreas - God of the North wind

Boreas is by God of the North Fuji. I compare this god Boreas offer Boreas of serial Xena: Warrior Princess. In Xena, 4 season, 1 and 2 Episode his Boreas, stay big power fighter, friend Xena. Boreas, God North Fuji discover of many episodes Xena, and he is me great power.

How come everybody hates this guy because he sided with the Giants in heroes of Olympus, but you should be blaming khione(who was the one who made him do it). And another thing, HOW THE HECK IS DIONYSUS (the god of drinks) HIGHER ON THIS LIST THAN THE gOD OF ICE AND SNOW, boreas is way more powerful than people think.

35 Erebus - Personification of Darkness

Th prime evil god of darkness and shadows. This god was suppose ably offspring of chaos. I recommend researching more about this god, he's powerful enough to take chaos, zues and many more gods down.
"This god is worthy of your time and a part of life itself. He is connected to all gods as he watches over them observing their might, always keeping many steps ahead from the others"

I just love him, his name sounds so..unique, and he is literally the God of Shadows technically. Plus he is the supposed offspring of chaos...CHAOS!

36 Janus - God of doors, choices, beginnings and endings

He is awesome and has two faces

Janus is Roman not greek

He's not Greek, he's Roman.

Great god also in smite

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37 Asclepius - God of Medicine and Healing

Without medicine anyone who has a bad disease will surely die

He's nice I like him


He's a dank mufo

38 Hyperion - Titan of Heavenly Light

Yeah, she needs a description as I have never even heard of her! - superboy12

Why do they not have a description?

Brill titan the best in fact

Hyperion is titan of the north and light. He is the most powerful titan. Even more powerful than Kronoc

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39 Aether - God of Light

He is the wind

He is the life force of everything in the universe and the personification of the heavans

Light beats darkness anyday


40 Ananke - Goddess of Inevitability

Wants it and it happens she knows all past future and present is Omni-potent impossible to be beaten if she wants she could kill every god/titan/godly-being

I get the feeling that the title is a bit too vague. To elaborate, "Ananke" is the personification of 'fate', 'destiny' and 'necessity'. Her (its? ) name literally means 'force'/'constraint'/'necessity'. She is considered the 'mother' and controller of the Moirai (The Sisters Of Fate). Her and Chronos (The personification time) are considered the beings that created the cosmos (i.E. everything) out of a primordial 'Chaos' (it's not certain in the myths if this Chaos was a self-aware being) in Greek myth. She's basically the Greek version of "Yahweh". A being that is virtually omnipotent. In Greek myth literally 'everything' that has ever happened, is happening and will ever happen, to the gods and mortals alike, the most awesome things and the most horrific, every act of falling in love, every act of torture, every war, every genocide, every birth, every death... happens because this bitch wants it to happen. She's the "Dr. Manhattan" of the ancient ...more

41 Bia - Goddess of Force

May the force be with you

Use the force Lllkuuuke



42 Pontus - Ruler of the Seas

Pontus was a Titan and ruler of the sea. It's said that he helped Kronos chop up Ouronus (others spell it Uranus, but that just sounds WRONG! )

He came along before the titans and the gods and even Tartarus! Gaia made him to be her lover

Pontus is a protogenos- father of the seas

Pont us coped poseidon I call hacks

43 Akhlys - Goddess of Misery

Even though she is the goddess of misery, she us really powerful.

She should go die in a whole life should be happy

I'm just trying to look for hecules

You mean is*

44 Triton - God of the Sea

Being son of Poseidon, He is awesome! As well Poseidon he is god of the sea.

Is this really true

He is awesome


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45 Eris - Goddess of Discord

Eris is all around one of the more level-headed gods and I love her style.

She is an awesome goddess

46 Adephagia - Goddess of Gluttony

She is the goddess of gluttony


Adephagia,you have a rival: Homer,the god of gluttony,goofing off and procrastination.

47 Rhea - Mother of Zeus

I don't know very much about greek gods and stuff like that but if she is the mother of zeus wouldn't she be the mother of all gods since cronos is the father of all gods

She is mother of all gods and goddesses!

She is the father of Zeus! And isn't Zeus the most powerful god?

I love her she is so amazing she put up with her husband eating her kids NOW THAT IS SOME SERIOUS DEDICATION she is the sweetest of all the titans and gods and she is really really really pretty RHEA YOU ARE AMAZING

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48 Priapus - God of Male Genitalia

He is like so hot ya hot very very hot

Can make yo balls explode.

Why is he not #1 makes no sense can control any one genitals so he is a beast.

Best can suck any ones genitilia

49 Geras - God of Old Age

Why is this before triton

Gears oold

my grampa

50 Metis - Goddess of good counsel

Metis is the goddess if good counsel or good advice. She was swallowed by Zeus and was Athena's mom

She is really cool, she was the mother of athena and died because of her wisdom! Should at least be in the top 15!

She's my grandma true fact and if you don't think she should be top five I hate you😡😡😡😡😡😡

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