Top Ten Greek Gods

The Top Ten

1 Poseidon - God of the Sea, Earthquakes and Horses

Poseidon can make hurricanes and tornados which is part of the air domain, Zeus's domain. But he controls it anyway.And he can control earthquakes which is caused by the movement of tectonic plates which is in the earth, so he can control part of the earth to. He can control 3 domains! The shape Liquid can take is limitless. And he was the one who destroyed Kronos not zeus. Zeus pushed Kronos but Poseidon killed him and then zeus cut him to pieces. And the sheer power of a tsunami is more than any deity could manage without there weapons or other objects. And zeus's Master bolt or any lightning would sizzle of Poseidon's cold water like water on a hot pan. If the master bolt did get though it would disintegrate or the explosion would be compressed to nothing by strong water currents. And not to mention all the other gods and goddess that are not capable of what Poseidon can do in terms of power. The only gods that are a challenge for Poseidon Are Gaia, Tartarus, and maybe Zeus and ...more

He is the most POWERFUL GOD OF ALL TIME. When you can summon VERY high tsunamis and can control liquid that's not just water, your invincible. What can zeus do. Poseidon makes hurricanes and tornadoes not zeus. And no amount of air can counter a very strong and gigantic tsunami. And Poseidon should be king of the gods. To be honest zeus is not trustworthy and can't ask for help when he needs it.

I personally think he is the most powerful and the coolest. he is the most powerful because his domain ,water, is in almost any thing so he could control almost anything, along side that with geokinisis he could also control parts of the earth making him even more powerful, and even more he could create tornadoes which is in the air domain. this give him control of all three of the big three's main domains' making him the (in my opinion) most powerful god.

I love him. He is the best. I mean I would take a dip in the beach rather than jump into open air or jump into the ground. Besides, he has courage. He fights man to man with his trident.( Even if he can just use it to cause earthquakes or hurricanes.) Unlike cowardly Zeus who uses a lightning bolt which is a projectile or even worse, Hades who just puts on the helm of darkness and vanishes. Another thing, he is cool. He made horses out of sea foam. OUT OF FRIGGING SEA FOAM! Of course on his bad days he caused earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes and caused volcanoes. But then again we all throw temper tantrums right? By the way, Poseidon was the one who killed Cronus/Kronos. Zeus toppled Cronus/Kronos but Poseidon actually was the one who slew him. So basically, POSEIDON ROCKS. EVERY OTHER GOD (especially Zeus and hades) SUCKS COMPARED TO POSEIDON!

2 Zeus - God of the Sky and Thunder

Zeus is a jerk! He cheated on his wife (who was his sister) how many times? He seduced some girl by being a bull, swan, and a ray of sunlight. I honestly don't know how on Earth that is seductive since a lot of them were humans, but he doesn't seem to really have brains. He was raised by a goat. ;)

The only reason Poseidon is above Zeus is because of Percy Jackson... I mean seriously, Zeus is WAY more powerful. Also, to reply to one of the Poseidon voters, Poseidon was never chosen king. They drew lots and Zeus was chosen... So Poseidon was chosen as the sea god. And he did not give his throne to Zeus, as he never had one.

Zeus singlehandedly dethroned Kronos, and was the most powerful of all the Greek gods. And LOOK AT ZEUS'S CHILDREN! Hercules, Jason, Perseus, and MANY MORE! All of the greatest heroes were Zeus's children! (Please do not include Percy Jackson since he is not really a figure from Greek mythology but from a fictional story).

Zeus controls weather, the sky, thunder, lightning, and storms! His lightning bolt is the most powerful of the godly weapons!

Just because of PJ, people shouldn't vote for Poseidon! Actually THINK about real Greek mythology, and you will see why Zeus is the best.

It was said in the Iliad that if all the gods and goddesses combined had a rope and tried to pull Zeus down, he could pull them up. Zeus is more powerful than all other gods combined. He was also the original, and I consider him to be the real eldest child of Kronos and Rhea, seeing as how all the others were swallowed at birth, and were only freed from Kronos when Zeus saved them. Zeus has proved himself to be intelligent, funny, kind, fearsome, powerful, and respectable. He occasionally does unfair things because they suit him, but he is the only thing really holding Olympus together.

Zeus single handedly killed Cronus, a Titan, freeing all the Gods and Goddesses. Also he killed Typhon, which was said to be the strongest of the Titans. Also let's not forget that one tie when the son of Apollo almost doomed the world, and Zeus one shot killed him with his thunderbolt (CRITICAL). He also had to grow up with only a mother, whom wasn't battle trained. So he had to train himself. And I agree with all those people that said it should be Zeus instead of Poseidon. Poseidon (No offense) isn't that powerful of a god. And he technically can't control the water very well without having to hit the floor. Also Poseidon seems to only being voted because of Percy Jackson... get over yourselves and actually read about real Greek Mythology.

3 Athena - Goddess of Wisdom

Not much to say. Athena, or Minerva as she is called in Roman mythology, goddess of wisdom could probably figure out how to control the elements.

And much more. Almost everything sprouts from wisdom. She is probably the goddess of truth because truth comes from wisdom. There are few wisdoms like physical and spiritual and mental, but she could do with less anger and ego

She is the ultimate independent, intelligent woman. She is wise but ruthless in battle, making her a terrible enemy to have. Others might make mistakes because of anger, but Athena would formulate a plan to bring you down, one that would not fail. Her Roman counterpart, Minerva, is more of the goddess of crafts. The part of Athena pertaining to war is pretty much erased, which erases a part of her personality. I think Athena's Roman counterpart is a good example of how good Roman women were supposed to behave compared to Athena, which is what every girl is or hopes to be on the inside.

Athena is the goddess of wisdom and strength. She is also the goddess of war but this is rarely acknowledge because of Ares (Who has been beaten multiple times by Athena). She is also used Zeus lighting bolt and is the favored child in the Olympian family (Well with beating Ares and Hephaestus was throw off Olympus so she is clearly the star child). She is also a very smart goddess and is basically the goddess for boss women. She is also the goddess of battle strategy which makes her a very valuable. She is not the most power but: Zeus is a jerk. Hercules was the produce of that. Poseidon is cool but kind of overrated because of PJ I love PJO but even I can admit he's quite overrated and everyone think Hades is the devil (Which he totally isn't).(Sorry for spelling/grammar mistakes)

I think that Athena should be the best goddess because she is the goddess of wisdom. If wisdom didn't exist, we wouldn't know annything and our kind would be extinct in the first 5 seconds the first human was born. Her mother, Metis, which literally means "wisdom", bore Athena when she was inside Zeus' head. She sprung to life while Zeus was fighting Typhon, and I bet beating Typhon would've been a lot harder if Athena wasn't there. It would've been harder to beat Typhon because Athena is goddess of strategy, and her plan was the one that finished Typhon once and for all.

4 Hades - God of the Underworld

Everyone always tries to make Hades the bad buy because he's the god of the underworld. He didn't get to choose his position like the others! As part of mythology, it is left up to people to write stories and others to read them. They never get to speak up for themselves so gods like Hades are left to be the antagonists

Hades is actually the oldest god, he is treated as the youngest because the gods count age in the order they were barfed out in. Besides, he controls all monsters, death, and eventually all dead souls.

Hades is misunderstood. He had to have Persephone. He had to have Her. Hades is a and excellent and honest judge. He is misunderstood because his personality is brutally honest.

Hades controls the dead and tartarus he can summon the dead and also ingulf people in darkness
He can send your soul to the fields of asphodel or to the fields of torture he could inflict deadly diseases or with his helm of darkness he could fool even Poseidon at number one plus if only the underworld is acsessable by the dead or people who get past the guards against re those who are allowed in how could anyone even get close to him? Unless he came out

5 Apollo - God of Light and the Sun

Apollo is a god that I love most. Yes, he did screw up some times but who cares? Everybody makes mistakes. He is also the only one who got his powers taken away from him but still survives and that proves that he is strong and can live up to challenges. Go APOLLO!

Apollo is God of Light. And he is the Lord of Stringed Instrumental Performance because he could play the LYRE like no other.

We need the sun to live. Everyone likes music. A lot of people would be dead without healing. I also judge from Trials of Apollo. Go Apollo!

I'm sorry if I am just judging him from The Trials of Apollo, but Apollo rocks. I know what he did in the Trials of Apollo may not be actual Greek mythology, but...YES APOLLO.

6 Ares - God of War

Simply because I'm an Aries, ruled by Mars (God o war in Roman Mythology)
I understand why no Greek God loved him, he was an outcast from the beginning, he resembled all that they hated, peace-loving hypocrites is the lot of them, Aries was always suffering because of his nature, always ridiculed by the like of Athena, because she was more "restrained" and to their liking.
Aries, however is not a one bland God, as many people might think, nor is he without strategy, Aries can use deception, because he learned that brute honesty and raw integrity is a threat to those who which to hide behind a mask of pretense and call themselves warriors of peace, if you're a warrior you're always at war, and you'll always have defeats and victories, Ares has had his full share of defeats, but that makes his victories all the more bloody-sweet.
My vote to Ares forever.

Easy decision in terms of being a best god. Ares favored the underdogs of the Trojan war unlike the rest of the gods, and while Athena was a much better strategist, and was on the winning side, Ares on his own was unbeatable in hand to hand combat. He was a bloodthirsty savage when fighting and was easily angered, but he wasn't dumb by any means. He is considered to be a picture perfect soldier and was worshipped by the Spartans, the most skilled soldiers in history. I don't know why poseidon has so many votes, he just hides with the fish while Ares is battling for days at a time.

Have you ever pooped in cabbage soup. It makes it taste way more yummy. Although it hurts when it comes out your butt. But if u use lots of pills and you numb your butt with ice cubes it will not hurt at all. Or maybe you have to shove ice cubes up your butt because that's where is comes from.
I'm going to try that. It will be loads of fun.

Ares he is powerful and may I remind you he is also the god of fear and father of all amazon warriors that, that was fo the girls about the amazons, amazons were women. And had place in the Trojan war

7 Artemis - Goddess of the Hunt, Forests and Hills, the Moon

She is absolutely amazing, should be one of the first few AT LEAST. I feel like people are just flocking around Poseidon because of Percy Jackson, but in Greek myth Poseidon was supposed to be one of the haughtiest of the gods. Artemis is so cool, she totally embodies tomboyish nature and adventure and skill. My favorite of the Olympian gods and goddesses.

I chose her, because she does not let you tell her what she has to do although she is a woman, she promised to be the virgin goddess, for ever. She is a very brave woman who, I think, would be a perfect example for all, because she shows that there is not only one way to be a woman, and not one way to be a man. Conclusion

OK, First of all I am just going to say why at the time I am writing this is Artemis 7 when Apollo is 5!?! I mean, Artemis helped GIVE BIRTH to Apollo. Plus, Apollo is shy and her arrows kill painlessly and swiftly while his cause sickness. If you have an antidote he can hardly do anything. So Artemis should AT LEAST be ahead of Apollo. Plus in case you haven't noticed right now the top 5 are ALL men. SO if that is a reason that is wrong. Plus she is like the goddess of the moon which makes night like her realm. (Also her brother Apollo is driving that Sun Chariot all day and can't enjoy his part of the day, so Artemis would be like, "sorry bro you can't enjoy the night.") She is Goddess of the hunt and for everyone who voted for Nemesis, change your vote to Artemis because if you know about Actaceon then you know she got total revenge on him for looking at her naked body and he became a stag and was chased by his own hunting dogs. So she has revenge. She is a very fierce fighter and ...more

In my opinion Artemis is the most "Amazing and Proper goddess like Athena". Artemis was a very beautiful tall and strong goddess who can defend herself. She even helped her mother Leto give birth to her twin brother Apollo. Artemis even APPEALED to Zeus which is pretty boss. Athena and Artemis are both very similiar Goddesses they also do not like Men because she was a virgin goddess like Athena and Hestia. Artemis did not like the idea of showing of her body or her beauty because she encourages Girls that they do not need Men to save them that's why I think she is strong and powerful.

8 Hephaestus - God of Technology, Blacksmiths, Craftsmen, Artisans and Volcanoes Fire

Hephaestus is amazing even though people say he looks ugly and his wife Aphrodite says he is ugly as well, he is stil the best God because he is good at fixing things and he can make the best armor. He is the God of volcano fire though I just think fire, and fire would be an amazing time thing to control if you were a demigod that is a son of Hephaestus. Vote for Hephaestus and secondly vote for Poseidon he is great as well to!

He makes amazing inventions and is the push forward. He isn't afraid to deal justice to those who deserve it like Ares, Aphrodite and Hera. He gave weapons, armor and automatons to kings, heroes and gods alike. If an invasion ob Olympus ever happened, he could probably rig the entire Aegan sea with bombs

Hephaestus is a really good god because he can build anything with the palms of his hands. I also go by this quote for Heaphaestus"If you can build things with your bare hands you could rule the world" and that's what I think Hepheastus strives for or rules on.

He is so cool he may be lame but respect him because if it wasn't for him Poseidon's trident Hades Helm of Darkness Zeus's lightning bolt wouldn't be a thing and I have two other reasons why I should like you know

9 Aphrodite - Goddess of Love, Lust and Beauty

I could do without the lust aspect love is not the same thing as lust love is unconditional doesn’t judge and doesn’t get jealous also compassion is the more essential aspect of love . Can charm speak probably starter a bar fight over her beauty lol. Could turn enemies against each other. The eyes of the body see lust / a woman’s boob no love has no conditions but when you let your emotions get the best of you that is when you commit lust . Not much else on her

She is just so beautiful! She ‘nourishes’ love, and she makes things beautiful. She deserves a better spot, although all of the gods are great.

How is Aphrodite 8th?! Without her the world would never exist as it does because everyone would be miserable. There would be serious underpopulation and most of the gods wouldn’t even be needed! Also I like how she was born from the ocean and so is technically the oldest of all the Olympian Gods! I also love her daughter Piper!

Aphrodite is absolutely the best, she must be number one. Without her there would be no love in the world and without love there will only be hatred and war. If that happens many will suffer. She is the reason we love our families and friends, she is the reason that our hearts are not black and the reason this world is full of beauty and wonder.

10 Hermes - Messenger of the gods, god of commerce, thieves, travelers, sports, and border crossings

Hermes moves so fast he would be across the universe before you even begin to blink, if you try to fight this guy it's game over, he delivers billions of punches on you in seconds. He is pretty much the Flash made into a Greek God. He could pretty much defeat every god before they even know he is taking down their relatives. He moves between dimensions, as he has been in the underworld and Olympus as well. Just got a check for a million dollars? No you didn't cause Hermes just ran by and made it his. Nobody stands a chance against a dimension jumping, super speed, theif, juggernaut, god.

He's an underused character and everyone always makes him out to be a joke. Rick Riordan just made him seem like a boring lazy dad

Hermes/Mercury is the best because while all the other gods bicker about power, love, and vanity, and screw around with mortals lives, Hermes just does his job and has fun. Oh, and by the way his job is carrying souls to the underworld. He is the Grim Reaper with more swag and better hair. Also, his wife is the super nutty goddess of magic, Hecate. I mean, come on, why is this guy not #1?

He's basically the Flash of greek mythology, and that's pretty damn cool in my book. He's also likely been in more stories than any other god or goddess acting as the communication between them. All hail the messendger.

The Contenders

11 Hera - Goddess of Women and Marriage

Hera is left handed. Five percent of women are left handed while fifteen percent of men are lefthanded. Need I say more. Hera will defeat Hercules in single combat one day.

Sure, Hera may hay outdated family principles, but as do most gods and goddesses. And do NOT tell me you wouldn't hate the kids of your husband's ex-lovers. Maybe you wouldn't try to kill them, but it's so easy for a goddess to kill people. It's so easy to give in to temptation when you can control the world. Being the queen of godesses is pretty bad ass to me.

Hera is definitely top 5, if not top 10, cause she is the most powerful olympian goddess, even more than athena, artemis, and aphrodite combined, afterall she was Zeus's wife and sister. Aphrodite is the only goddess that can match her power of destruction though

Hera is werry intellect and beautiful female goddess, mystic art Hera of series Hercules. Hera is mother Hercules and husband Hera to be Zeus. Hera is have super spell and magy. Of space to round watching Hera multicolor big eyes, and she is jacket to mysticali black costeem. Hercules be opponent to mather Hera.

12 Cronus - God of Time

Oh my word! Since when has Cronus been a god! Chronus is the god...while CRONUS is the titan! Whoever said "Don't get mixed up with the titan Chronos They're spelled differently, but anyways Cronus could freeze time, and kill his enemy faster than they could blink! " please learn your facts. Not trying to be rude but seriously that is false information!

This is the titan Cronus (also spelled Cronos or Kronos), Chronos is the time god. Either way, he is awesome. Cronus singlehandedly overthrew Uranus, but it took Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades together to overthrow Cronus.

Don't get mixed up with the titan Chronos They're spelled differently, but anyways Cronus could freeze time, and kill his enemy faster than they could blink!

Cronus was not a god, he was a Titan, father of Zeus and other Olympians dimwits...

13 Helios - God of the Sun

Helios is amazing! he can kill any god with the power of the sun he can blind them and then set them on fire the only reason he died in god of war was because he was wounded and he couldn't stand up helios is AMAZING

He is so fit he has blonde hair and blue eyes. He is always smiling and how cool is it to be able to change the weather and mess with the elements so cool

Helios is to by final episode 5 season to Xena princess warrior. Helios is big mythology male. Helios is blond hair and shaine eyes, he is red jacket.

He's so cool as he's a really good hunter and he has a charriot that he rides. He can also change the weather and control fire wind ice and so much moree

14 Dionysus - God of Wine, Theatre and Ecstasy

welcome to party city, where women get to rip their own sons into shreds while high off their minds. also he's a god of gnc people and I think that's very sexy of him 10/10

I'm kind of pissed off that everyone is judging him based on the Percy Jackson series. Like really. He can turn coke into fanta? That's ridiculous modern stuff. The Ancient Greek Gods are ANCIENT.

Dionysus is the best. He married that great goddess ariadne. I don't like the whole thing with prosymnus but he should be number 1. He is way better than zeus. He is always based off of Percy Jackson. He is as some. No doubt

He can change any drink or liquid o another drink or liquid! How cool. He can turn coke into fanta! ( I hate coke and love fanta)

15 Demeter - Goddess of Crops and Fruit

She should definitely be higher! She is responsible for the fruit and vegetables you eat! And if you really think about it, she is the reason behind greek myths. We would never have records of them without paper, which comes from trees

Demeter (Ceres in Roman version), sure knows how kick yo' butt! She rescued her beloved daughter Persephone from the grasp of that creep Hades. During her quest to find her daughter she came across a king and queen (by that time Demeter morphed into an old woman). The kind couple saw how worn out Old lady Demeter was and took care of her for a couple of days.
The queen had a baby son, and Old lady Demeter offered to mind him for the queen (even Queens need breaks), and placed him in the fire (don't worry, this didn't hurt the child as Demeter used her magical powers to make sure the fire didn't burn through the boy). Her method was that because the King and Queen showed her great hospitality, she decided to repay them by making their baby son grow up to be a powerful hero.

Guys, she is the eldest goddess that still has a throne. She is the goddess of nature, the earth, seasons, agriculture and harvest. She could defeat the other godsin a thousand ways without even blinking, she could(ready for this) starve them, strangle them with vines, send them to the core of the earth, bury them and suffocate them, she could poison them with plants, slice them up with her golden swords and scythe, she could roast them with her dragons, send animals to destroy, and so much more! She is MUCH more powerful than people think.

Demeter was never unkind unless you deserved it and if she did punish you she ALWAYS gave you a chance to go. Demeter is a creater. While Athena was fighting with Poseidon destroying cities, Demeter gave birth to life and gave us people food. DEMETER DESERVES TO BE UP THERE! IT IS A DISGRACE TO SEE THE OTHER GODDESSES UP THERE! Demeter was the nicest goddess, she made a prince a god because his family and him tried to help Demeter. The other kind goddess was Hestia but she isn't even up there. WHO ARE YOU MEAN PEOPLE!

16 Persephone - Goddess of Vegetation

Persephone is the Queen of the Dead and Lady of the Seasons because she is Demeter and Zeus's daughter, the former being responsible of growth of grain and primitive law giving..

She was a young goddess - no more than the nymphs she used to hang out with. Then, Hades married her and she expertly stepped up to being the queen and part ruler of the underworld!

She actually had significant power in the Underworld and made some very important decisions.

She is the deepest goddess... Mystical, insighfull, beautiful, with an inner power, that is not visible superficially...

17 Thanatos - God of Death

Thanatos is the god of death and death trumps everything but life. So theoretically death is like, the second stronegst god. Just because zues if the dad of gods doesn't mean he can't be killed. Death can only be defeated if it is turned to life so he can only be defeated by the god of life. Death begets death begets death. GOD OF DEATH RULES!

Just what I thought the power of death is a powerful and strongest ability but I also agree with time god time is also a powerful and strongest ability.

He's the ancient grim reaper. Jades might rule the after life, but where do you think he owes credit too? For creating death

He is stronger than Zeus (in my opinion ) he is the strongest God

18 Hecate - Goddess of Magic and Witchcraft

How is she not at least top 10?! She is not only the goddess of magic, but she's also the goddess of choices and ghosts. She helps Hades with the spirits of the dead, and she could easily defeat most of the "Most powerful" gods that these idiots have voted up. She also controls the mist, and could fool almost any god or goddess in any way. Plus, she has torches, scary dogs, and knives. Also, most modern-day Pagans worship her, because Zeus is a useless womanizer, Poseidon does not care about anything but the sea, Hades probably hasn't seen the sun in centuries, much less know about our present day world. as for the goddesses, most of them would rule Olympus better than any god. personally, I vote for Hera, Hecate, Athena, Aphrodite, Demeter, Gaea, and Hestia to be in charge together. with Hera's and Athena's logic, mixed with Aphrodite's and Hestia's kindness and emotion, plus Hecate's and Gaea's pure power and Demeter's caring nature, there is no way anyone could run things better.

How could anyone skip Hecate? She is the most interesting out of all Greek deities. She is goddess of necromancy and magic. She has also been described as the Greek Goddess of crossroads; a truly iconic occult figure who bears torches to help illuminate the shadows. She helped in locating Persopheone when she had been lost to the underworld. Her origins might even be far more ancient than that of the other gods and older than some titans as well.

Hecate is the goddess of magic, crossroads, ghosts, and necromancy. However, she was also given sway over a great number of other aspects. In some cases she is a Titan but it depends on the source material.
Zeus gave her control over the realms of the sky, seas and the earth (as shown in the Theogony by Hesiod), while also being thought of as a chthonic (or underground/underworld) goddess. This means she holds power over Zeus’, Poseidon’s AND Hades’ realms.
Also, being a triple goddess means she has three aspects, sometimes thought to be Selene, goddess of the moon, Artemis, goddess of the hunt and nature, and Persephone, goddess of spring and the underworld.

" Hecate is easily the best, cause she is THE TITANESS/GODDESS OF MAGIC! Sure, she was a Titan, but if there is no Hecate, who controls magic? She is kind ( alright, sometimes ). She helped Demeter find Persephone, and she works with Hades, as she is also the Titaness of ghosts. Get rid of Hera, and make Hecate the Queen of the Gods/Titans!

19 Nyx - Goddess of the Night

She was one of the first goddesses in Greek myths but sadly she doesn't appear in many Greek tales but also she should be higher ranked!

Nyx is the goddess of the night, which is one of the reasons I voted for her. Night is my favourite domain, so that's why I voted for Nyx(and Artemis.) She's also really pretty and she's a primordial goddess, so she's pretty strong. She was old before the titans were infants. Technically, she isn't the goddess of night. She is night. So, she's pretty bad ass. Period.

The night is honestly beautiful. Mysterious and true darkness with some light from the stars. Nyx is awesome. Period.

Nyx was born before Gaia and is the true concept of darkness. From Nyx and Chaos came Akhlys the goddess of misery, older than Gaia.

20 Nemesis - Goddess of Revenge

Even though she is a revenge goddess, I love her. I want to be like her. GO NEMESIS!

Love this goddess, she is one of the coolest miner goddesses

Nemesis is revenge baby who doesn't like revenge

Nemesis is not about anger or hate, she is about justice!

21 Pan - God of Nature, the Wild, Shepherds, Flocks, Goats, of Mountain Wilds

Pan imagine a world without him. No animals none of them are unique but Pan he is what makes every single animal unique to us from dogs, to cats, to sea creatures we don't now exist all come from Pan God of nature.

He is one of the very few gods that are actually decent, no, he is more than decent, he is so COOL! I cried at his death and I not ashamed of it. ANIMALS RULE!

Half-goat, half-man. Also having the patience to tend wild animals to be tame, not too bad. Just to add... He was good looking

Pan is great god to force, and mutant to people and goat foot, devil fire body, big tail and Pan is great power.

22 Hestia - Goddess of the Hearth, Architecture, and the Right Ordering of Domesticity, the Family and the State

She is the goddess of your home, your family, and architecture. If she so chose to, though it is unlikely, she could either crumble your home or make the architecture you are standing under fall apart on top of you. She could possibly rearrange your family. She also has some power over Poseidon and Apollo, past suitors before her oath of virginity. Poseidon being the most ranked powerful god on this site, definitely is a little intimidating. Apollo being the sun god and riding the sun chariot, he could refuse to ride out at sunset and cause us to die, just because he is asked by hesitation, if she was angry or spiteful for some reason. Hestia being the kindest goddess has earned the trust and probably some favors from the rest of them.

Hestia is the best but does not boast about it she prefers to stay quiet and let others be in the limelight... She even gave up her throne to Dionysus so that she could avoid a civil war among the god...she is probably the only Greek god/goddess who is selfless and does not have a huge ego... I think she deserves more love and attention from us

Everyone need to shut up and realize these GODS and GODDESSES still exist to this day they just silently rule waiting for they day to prove everyone wrong who doubts them. everything they do they do for a reason they have to keep things in line and make sure things go to plan and with that I say screw Christianity and there one god belief they are the ones that will burn with Hades.

To all the architects, parents or families and to those who are in somewhere around the world we must vote hestia the goddess of the hearth, architecture, family, and the states hestia is one of the most good goddess to all and vote her ok

23 Nike - Goddess of Victory

Victory’s cool
Ever watched the movie Spider-Man into the spider verse?
Well I love it
Especially the soundtrack

Evil will never prevail, suckers
What is real will never fail to prosper
Came from the ground to the top, helicopter
I go hard just like the shell of a lobster

-ski mask the slump god and JacqueEs
Save the day

Just saying, if you're going to vote for Nike, you should probably vote for Athena instead (just my opinion), because Athena is Nike's best friend and Nike follows her everywhere. Then you can have a powerful goddess and victory on your side for the price of one. Also, Nike, the shoe brand has her name not because she's the goddess of shoes (I honestly can see why people might think that) but because they want people to think their shoes will help you win and perform better- winning=victory=Nike.

So weird. Nike is a company name, also a god? weird. Victory? Thought it was the Goddess of sports. Lol. Should have known it is a goddess before my whole wardrobe is full of Nike sports things.

Bruh... In my opinion Nike should be at the very top. The only reason gods/goddesses like Zeus, Apollo, and Athena are on top is because they are more well known, and not many people have heard of the goddess Nike.

24 Gaia - Goddess of the Earth

I'm not being byist because the heroes of Olympus series but seariosly the literal earth! she could pull my Olympus into the ground

Gaia is just awesome. Sorry, but she is the grandmother of Zeus, the Ultimate Goddess, the wife of Ouranos and Mother Earth! How can you beat that? Oh sure, Heroes of Olympus pass her off as a villain but she's still really cool. She's the mother of Cronos! You can't sideline that. She bore the Lord of Time! Come on!

Come on guys. The only reason all the gods exist is because of this god. She has the power to create and destroy worlds. She is Zeus' grandmother. She is as pretty as everk, and strong she has it all! 10/10

Gaia is awesome. She created all the gods, so she is the most powerful. And let's not forget that she made the titains as well. She is the best

25 Eros - God of Love

Everybody in the mythology is scared of Eros even the gods because he can shoot you with one of his arrows and you could fall in love with ANYONE or ANYTHING.

He is the most influential person in Greek mythology and also who can live without love

Eros or his other name Cupid is still today worldwide considered the symbol of love

He was separated from Psyche and he deserves to be loved the way he lets others be.

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