Best Halo: Reach Multiplayer Maps

The Top Ten
1 Sword Base
2 Reflection
3 Countdown

Great map, except for snipers. This is NOT a snipers map. End of discussion. I don't care if you have your look sensitivity all the way on 10 and you can use the sniper rifle like a shotgun. It's boring and stupid! The sniper rifle is a mid/long distance weapon!

4 The Cage
5 Zealot
6 Pinnacle
7 Powerhouse

This is my favourite map on the game

8 Boardwalk

I love Boardwalk. The layout is nice. There's two snipers and it's just big enough to accommodate them. It's different from any other map in the Halo series. Not to mention the colors are really pretty, in a Halo game that's more greyscale than the others.

9 Cliffhanger
10 Asylum

This should be a lot higher

The Contenders
11 Hemorrhage

This is Blood Gulch! The only problem is the Wraiths, they get outta hand fast

My favorite map for team snipers.

12 Spire
13 Paradiso
14 Forge World

It is like Halo 3's sandbox. But BIGGER. Like, MUCH BIGGER! It is so large, so expansive, and you can recreate maps from previous games in it! Like Hemorrhage, which is Blood Gulch from Halo 1!

Hell, just playing the map without editing it is enough for a good game of Slayer!

15 Boneyard
16 Highlands

This map is awesome! It's too bad it's not used in matchmaking anymore (if it ever was? I don't even know...). It's a fairly large, asymmetrical map, based off the Spartan training complex described in the novels. There's a beautiful waterfall that cascades over the edge of the map. Beyond that, you can see a Covenant ship glassing the landscape and it is breathtaking (and gloomy too)! Would be a great map for snipers or objective.

Why is this in last place?

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